God wants the souls of all people on earth, irrespective of their religious beliefs, class, creed, colour or if they have no belief at all.
There is no division in God's world. 
We have made the divisions'.

Larry Cummins

In 1986 during a healing Mass in Waterford, Ireland, I had a conversion and since then my life has been transformed. I have had many spiritual experiences, which continue to increase. By the power of the Holy Spirit Our Lady guides me through an inner voice or inner locution. Our Lady's mission, through me, is to pray for the Holy Souls not at peace, unbaptised and evil situations. I have been given the spiritual gifts of prayer and discernment of spirits to know peoples' concerns or problems, so they can be helped.
Over the years, I have received thousands of calls and letters from people all over the world who have contacted me because they have seen a ghost; unexplainable things are happening in their house; road accidents are reoccurring in the same area; unexplained illnesses or reoccurring tragedies in their family, or simply want to know if a loved one is in heaven, to name a few...
These things appear threatening, but there is no need to be afraid...they can do you no harm. These experiences are fully explainable and can be 100% solved simply through the power of prayer.
In my experience there are two reasons why these happen, it is either
1) a soul in purgatory trying to attract attention because they need prayer to bring them to heaven
2) an evil situation causing unrest which needs to be cleared
Our current modern society, where spirituality and prayer is considered unpopular and antiquated, has become unaware that prayer is the most powerful tool for solving the most horrendous situations. Everybody can be helped, irrespective of their beliefs. The kingdom of Heaven is very powerful and nothing is impossible to God.
In 2000, Our Lady asked me to share my experiences with as many people as possible, and the following books were printed.

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If you are experiencing an unusual situation where you can't get logical answers, contact me and through the intercession of Our Lady,
I will endeavour to bring peace & healing to your situation.

In Jesus & Mary we trust...

'Please Pray For Us... We Need Your Help - The Holy Souls in Purgatory' Learn how Larry received his spiritual gifts through Our Lady and his mission, why souls end up in purgatory and how to help them and real life stories from people who have encountered souls looking for help .

My latest book... Evil & Its Effects on People in Everyday Life
Real life stores from people who have encountered evil and how to easily protect ourselves

The Stations of the Cross and other useful prayers for The Holy Souls in Purgatory
A prayer book created to support Our Lady's mission through Larry to help the Holy Souls