Chapter 4 - Advanced Warning of a Death or Accident

Jim (a close friend of the family) was a semi-retired farmer. The family bought a new tractor and it gave a lot of problems especially starting it. They took it back to the dealer to have it fixed, but it came back with the same problems. One Sunday morning, he was going to herd and it was raining and he decided to take the tractor. It was parked on a slope facing between two concrete piers. He had to start the tractor on the ground with a wrench. The door of the tractor was opened, from the front. Once he started the tractor it leaped forward as it was in gear and he was crushed against the pier and the door and he died instantly. Kathleen and myself had been out milking the cows and when we came back in to the house, all the doors were closed. When we entered the kitchen, there was a young robin flying around and also a great smell of diesel fuel. It was 9.30am. I instantly knew there had been an accident and I first thought it was my son, because he was away for the weekend and was due home around this time. I was very concerned, but I didn't let this be known. I got a message from Our Lady, that there would be a phone call and later that morning, the phone did ring. My wife Kathleen answered the phone and I was tentatively listening to the conversation. I could hear 'it happened at 9.30' and with the bits and pieces that I could hear discovered that it wasn't my son, but Jim. He didn't need to be prayed for, as he had been to Mass that morning and was a very good living man, but Our Lady was letting me know of the tragedy in this way.

Tom phoned me from Dublin, to let me know that his brother, Frank was ill with cancer. He was concerned about his spiritual well-being. He was living in a flat and was being looked after by friends on a continuous basis. We prayed a Novena to Our Lady for him and after the 9 days, Tom called me again. I was told that Frank would not be around for long, which I related to Tom. I asked Tom to pray (along with his friends) the Stations of the Cross this particular Sunday and to continue to pray for him as much as possible. I asked him to let me know if anything happened to Frank. The following Wednesday evening, I turned on the TV to hear the news at 6pm. Instantly I heard 'Frank is dead' coming from the TV. Tom phoned me the following night to let me know of Frank's death, and I was able to tell him I already knew! He had died that Wednesday at 2pm and he didn't need any further prayer.
I would often be drawn to pray for people before they die. This has happened about 16 times already.

My Father - John
In September of 1994, I got a direction from Our Lady that I was to pray for my father, as he wouldn't be long around, even though he seemed in perfect health at 92. He was quite active, didn't have a wrinkle on his face and his intellect was as sharp as a person of 21. I shared this with the rest of the family and some of them were a bit disturbed by this news. He died in April 1995.

He always took off his cap and prayed the Angelus irrespective of who was in company and whether they could answer it or not! He would spend an hour in prayer each night before he would go to bed and would pray again the following morning.

My mother Ellen, died on 12 December 1985, 10 years previously. It wasn't until the following year, that I started having these experiences. She worked very hard looking after her family of 11 and on the farm. She was a prayerful person and had high moral standards.

My Uncle Tommy died in March 1995. Three months previously I was asked to pray for him too. One February, I was drawn to pray for a man that I had sat beside in our local pub. I would often get a burning sensation on the part of my body that would be nearest to the person I would be drawn to. This man died on the following Easter Sunday in April, two months later. I was also asked to pray for a neighbour who used to kneel behind me at Mass and each Sunday subsequently, I would pray for him when he'd arrive. He died one and a half years later. That was the longest time between being told and the person's death. On another occasion I was in a restaurant having Sunday lunch when I got a burning sensation in my back. I turned around and there was a couple sitting behind me. I was told to pray for the man as he would not be long around. I recognised him, but he didn't know me. He died four months later.

We have a great custom in Ireland, where neighbours and friends attend funerals and many people bring Mass Offerings/Cards, which is a powerful help to the deceased person. It's so important to pray for the deceased person at a funeral you may attend. If everyone in church prayed one Rosary, what a benefit it would be to releasing that soul! I will always know after a requiem Mass whether the soul is at peace or not. A soul is helped greatly by the funeral Mass.

A son of my friend was killed in a tragic car accident. At the funeral, when the coffin was being carried past me I heard a voice appealing for prayer and help and I knew it was coming from the coffin. I prayed about this and I was given direction by Our Lady that his family were to pray for him. Even though it wasn't outwardly obvious, I could sense scepticism from some but all the directions were carried out.

I attended the funeral of a 19-year-old girl who was also killed tragically in an accident in the locality. As the coffin left the church, I heard her say, 'Pray for me, I never knew the grace of God'