Alternative, Complimentary Therapies

There has been an escalation in the amount of cases involving people becoming ill from complementary therapies and alternative practices.

Evil has the Power to Heal
There is a growing number of people offering alternative/complimentary therapies. They are offered by very good living people (including religious), with good intentions and big hearts who have a desire to help those in need. Some medications can have side affects, and these therapies are seen as a natural way to help heal problems. In some cases, practitioners will learn how the therapy is linked in ‘medically’ with science etc. In a lot of cases, there will be no basis for this.

A lot of these therapies have their origins in the occult. Naturally this information is never mentioned during their course. Evil has the power to heal and therefore, these therapies can appear very deceiving. Practitioners will have well known religious pictures in their rooms. These therapies are very relaxing, enjoyable and clients are very likely to have a nice experience. Practitioners will see great results and customers will be delighted, coming back for more or trying another therapy.

However, there are hidden side-effects to these therapies and Satan is the master of deceit. It’s only months or years afterwards that the curses from these therapies kick into action and start causing problems, no differently than curses of old affecting later generations. Possession by demons can also occur. These are the hidden curses in our modern society. Satan has great ability and can take on many disguises. Stay clear of anything to do with any sort of healing energies, bioenergy, symbols, stones or crystals.

It’s important not to condemn anyone offering complimentary therapies as unknown to them, they have been tricked into thinking they are doing some good works (a great deceit). They feel they are offering a good service and will definitely have seen ‘results’. Don’t interfere; privately pray for those involved in these therapies that if their work is not of God, that it will be revealed to them.

It is important to discern before you book one of these therapies. Remember, there is only one true healer - Jesus Christ!

Addicted to New Age Therapies
Testimony from Joanne who used to be involved in New Age...
A very good friend of mine Deirdre, offered to do Reiki on me. At the time, I was in my twenties and open to lots of ‘new things’. Deirdre was a very good person, went to Mass, sang in the choir and went to prayer meetings regularly. Reiki sounded like a really natural way to bring healing to others and you could heal yourself - this was fantastic stuff! I signed up to the first stage of becoming a Reiki practitioner. During the session, one lady claimed to have seen a vision of Jesus (Satan in disguise) while doing Reiki. I was really impressed. I was speaking to Larry, not long after this and he immediately got a direction from Our Lady, which said ‘this is not of my spirit and you are not to practice it’ loud and clear. That was fine and I didn’t practice it, however two years later, I got very ill, lethargic, depressed, lost my appetite and was hit with an unexplainable illness that left me with very little energy. Medical tests came back normal and when I went to a consultant, I was told that I had a virus. This continued for a year with no improvement. Someone suggested I try reflexology. I went to a Reflexologist and everything got cleared up in four weeks. I couldn’t believe it. I was so amazed that I studied reflexology and started to practice it. I had often tried out crystal healing, energy healing, went to fortune tellers etc. I attended mind/body/spirit weekends and spiritual workshops. Ten minutes after leaving one workshop, I suddenly became very anxious and I had a car accident. Luckily I wasn’t hurt. A year or two later, I became depressed again and couldn’t work out why as I was a very bubbly, sociable person and was content in work. Recently, I was at a talk where someone mentioned about the effects of alternative therapies and they explained what I had been doing. I subsequently had a deliverance ceremony which included praying prayers of forgiveness to close my chakra points and third (physic) eye to clear the effects that evil had caused. Joanne Healy, Laois

After reading the above story, in the earlier version of this book, James wrote to me. He had been practicing reiki for a number of years along with other practices, however something in the story rang true for him. He said an open prayer that if this story had truth that he would be told and he would stop. Suddenly he noticed that his chakra points started to close up and he felt a great sense of peace. He couldn’t believe what had happened and realised that this was the truth and stopped practicing.
Reiki can cause huge problems for people as it opens what’s called chakras, (doorways through which evil spirits enter the body). Seven energy points or Chakras are identified on the body and it is claimed that when all are in balance, you feel in full health.

Reiki being practiced in the Parish Centre
I visited a priest friend at his Parish Centre on the edge of Limerick a few years ago. When I was there, I was getting terribly affected by something in an adjoining room. I asked him what takes place there and he said it’s just a meeting room. I asked if it’s used for anything else and he said that twice a week it is used for Reiki sessions. Many parishes offer Reiki as a ‘healing’ therapy and many nuns and those in religious circles are involved too apart from lay people.

Relaxation CD that caused Pain and Anxiety
Lorraine had just come back from holidays on the continent, but couldn’t get to sleep. She felt very restless, anxious and was getting affected by pains in her arms and shoulders. She found this strange as she had been for some massage sessions on the beach while on holidays and had felt very relaxed. When I prayed about the root cause, I was directed that the relaxation music played during the massage, was linked to reiki. The therapist didn’t practice reiki on Lorraine, only massage (which is okay), but it was the music itself that caused the subsequent problems after she returned home. This type of relaxation music is very common and seems to be used in Hindu worship. She prayed the prayers of protection in the back of this book, to specifically block the effects of any evil she picked up from the relaxation CD and all symptoms gradually eased away.
Regular massage is safe however John Gillespie has been directed to warm us against aromatherapy massage in particular. The oils themselves are probably okay and are often almond or olive oil based. However, the origin of the scent that is subsequently added can often be from eastern sources and have been prayed over with native chants which has affected people later.

Machinery affected by Pilates and Yoga Matt contacted me because one of the production lines in his company broke down. This wouldn’t be unusual and normally the on-site maintenance technicians would sort out the problem, but they couldn’t get to the cause of the break down. They eventually had to ask the supplier company to send an expert on the machinery. They flew in from abroad and they too had difficulty getting to the root cause. After we prayed, I was directed that one of the girls working on the line, was attending Pilates & Yoga and unknown to her had carried the spirit of evil with her from the class. This came with her to work and started causing havoc with the machinery. We prayed and I taught him to pray the prayers of protection in the back of the book to block any satanic influence coming from his colleague from affecting the machinery getting fixed. As soon as the deliverance prayers were said, first thing the following morning, they found the reason for the breakdown. The spirit had cause the breakdown but also prevented them from finding the root cause.

Yoga by definition in the dictionary is ‘a Hindu spiritual and ascetic discipline, a part of which, including breath control, simple meditation, and the adoption of specific bodily postures’. Yoga, of itself is not exercise, but is used as such. These postures are the positions adopted by Hindus who worship their gods. Unknown to anyone participating in Yoga as a form of exercise, they are also worshiping Hindu gods, false idols who don’t bring blessing. This is a subtle deception of Satan and participants are inviting evil into their lives even those they have no knowledge of Hindu, idols or false gods. There are different types of yoga but one of the most dangerous types is the invoking of the Kundalini energy that is said to bring spiritual awakening, access to a higher consciousness’s and then enlightenment where you become your own guru and control your own destiny. Chakra balancing has the ability to allow evil spirits to enter your body however John Gillespie whom I work with, dealt with a man who was possessed by an evil spirit from invoking the Kundalini spirit. It presented in the form of a snake and it took a while to deliver the man from the spirit. Yoga is not from God and doesn’t bring blessing. Why not replace yoga with aerobics?
Energy Healing Lamps and Crystals Gem Stones

Energy Healing Lamps are generally made from crystals and sold to promote good health and create positive energy. Because they derive from crystals, they are in fact generating negative energy and bring bad luck. I was directed that human intervention with the stones to make them ready for sale, creates the bad luck.
Genevieve regularly felt an oppression or heaviness that she couldn’t explain. To add to her woes, she stumbled on her patio and broke her hip just before a big religious event that she was organising. I visited her to see how she was and noticed the lamp in her kitchen. A friend recommended her to get one. She threw away the lamp and went around the house throwing holy water and blessed salt. She contacted me 4 weeks later to say she was recovering well, was in great spirits and there was a great sense of peace in the house.

Crystals gem stones have long been associated with the occult. They were used to bring power, protection or take away negative energy. We remember that fortune tellers use them to acquire knowledge, often false knowledge. Crystal stones set into jewellery are okay…it’s crystal gemstones are the ones to watch out for.
Prevented from Praying because of Crystals
I met John after a talk I gave in the west in 2008. He came to me to seek direction. To start with, I usually pray three Hail Marys, however on this occasion; I couldn’t get the words out of my mouth. This hadn’t happened before and I was enlightened to ask him if he had something in his pocket as it was preventing me from praying. When I asked him, he suddenly left the room and building without saying anything. I was surprised and wasn’t sure if he was coming back. Later he did come back and I was then able to pray with him, this time. I asked him again what had he in his pocket and he said ‘a crystal stone’ and it was now in the car. I was directed that he was not to throw it over the fence, but take it straight to the dump. About a year later, I met his sister and she told me that this incident had a dramatic positive effect on him.

Religious Gift Shop selling non-Christian items
On another occasion in March 2011, I met a lady who owned a gift shop. While I was praying with her, I was directed that there were ‘two things’ in her shop that she shouldn’t have. She mentioned a number of items, but when she mentioned ‘a Buddha statue’ and ‘Crystals’ I was affected. Again, I was directed that she was not to put them in the bin in the shop, but take them straight to the dump, so that they would be away from people.

St John of God, Brazil
Andy called me one evening. A trip to St John of God in Brazil was being organised by a local group and they wanted to check if he was bona fide. He is a Spiritual Healing Psychic Surgeon in Abadiania, Brazil and is known for performing visible surgery. There have been a few documentaries shown on TV. He seems to have special healing powers and some people have claimed to be healed (and evil can heal), but this man is not of God. One man, who went over on a trip from Ireland, noticed a terrible smell the whole time they were there. When he came back, he could get the very same smell in his home. He was eventually prayed with by a priest in the deliverance ministry and the smell disappeared. The priest became terribly affected while he was praying with him and suggested that anyone who goes out there should be prayed with afterwards.

I don’t have any personal knowledge of these therapies only that I know they are not of God’s Spirit. You can’t say you practice your faith and allow evil into your life, because there is only one true healer. If you entertain even one of these practices, no matter how small, you are giving Satan a foothold into your life. I know of one lady who sought pray from myself and other people in ministry to solve her spiritual problems. After many months of prayer, I couldn’t understand why she still wasn’t cleared. I later found out that, we had cleared her spiritual problems, but they kept returning as she continued to attend energy healers and new age practices while also seeking Gods help. She was undoing all the blessings she was receiving. We can’t ask Satan AND God to heal us. Satan is very deceptive. He is the prince of lies. He has the ability to con even the most intelligent of people! The book of Isaiah, tells us that the ‘angel of light, Lucifer’, was thrown from heaven to earth, not hell as we have been led to believe. He brought with him a limited ability and power. Therefore the unseen spirit of evil is on earth and had the ability to influence us. Satan was able to tempt Jesus in the dessert by offering Him the Kingdoms of this world (Matthew 4:8). He wouldn’t have been able to do that unless he was the ‘prince of this world’. These complementary therapies can heal, but it will only be temporary. In addition, you will receive hidden curses that will remain silent until they activate at a time in the future, often resulting in a worse illness. I’ve seen this several times.
For those of you who want to do more research, the Vatican Website and other church files state that the following practices and organisations are New Age/Occult practices and are therefore banned by the Catholic Church.

Enneagram, Reiki, Yoga, Rebirth, Biofeedback, Sensory Isolation, Holotropic breathing, hypnosis, mantras, sleep deprivation and transcendental meditation, Reincarnation, Channelling, Psychics, Mediums, Ascended Masters, Nature Spirits, Higher Self, Crystals, Feng-shui, Geomancy, Gaia, Human Potential Movement, Shamanism, Paganism, Druid, Wicca, Freemasonry, Neopaganism, Spiritualism, Witchcraft. This is to just name a few.
There are many who will say that the Catholic Church is ‘not with the times’ and need to be open to these practices. The reason these practices are banned, is because the Catholic Church understands the hidden dangers behind these practices and are trying to protect us from unseen forces.
“ My people are destroyed for lack of knowledge... since you have forgotten the law of your God” - Hosea 4:6

What can we do to stop these practices in our area

Pray a prayer of protection for them and include them in your daily prayers so that one day, their works if not of God, will be revealed to them. These people are children of God who
  have been caught up in bondage of evil
· Ask the Lord to bless them
· Sprinkle blessed holy water and salt around their premises (where possible)

If I have been involved in these practices or feel possessed, what should we do?

Seek discernment
· Say prayers of protection and arrange to have a deliverance ceremony carried out, to clear you and your family of any indirect effects
· Go to confession, to renounce and apologise for your involvement in these practices (prayer at the back of the book)
· Continue to say prayers of protection

I have noticed that the spirit of evil seems to have become more aggressive in the world and can transfer easily. People are becoming ill by simply meeting someone involved in these practices. This is also happening with objects that represents evil or contains evil which I’ll cover now in the next section.