Chapter 8 - Animals Feelings

Animals worry, get hurt and suffer pain just like us.

My personal feelings towards animals have greatly changed since I had the following experiences.

In October 1986, I began to sense how animals feel. I would know how they would react to being treated. If cattle were brought in from the farm for an annual round of tests (Brucellosis or TB) from the vet, there would be a wave of fear coming off them in the collecting yard. I could also sense when animals were sick, especially if they were severely affected. I would experience the pain of loss or fret, when a calf would be taken from the mother, especially if it was with the mother for some time. I would feel it from both of them and sometimes if that animal was outside in the dark, I would know were it was standing, even though it wasn't making any noise.

~ ~ ~

Local boys were shooting up at crows in a rookery a few years ago in the month of May. It was about a mile away and I could sense the fear from the birds even that distance away. I felt a burning sensation on the side of my body that was facing them.

~ ~ ~

Some swallows' nests were knocked off the end of our house by accident. It was late in the year and we discovered that there were young birds in one of the nests. As the nest fell to the ground, I could feel the pain of fret and worry from the parents as they flew around. The animal world has feelings and suffers in the exact same way as humans do, but they probably get over the trauma quicker. Animals need to be treated with gentleness in everyway and they react to that.