Grandfather was cursed by Neighbour
Georgina contacted me in March 2016 as her 10-year-old Son Philip was suffering from a problem with his eyes. He would say to his mother that there was something inside in his eyes, yet when she checked there was nothing apparent. When I prayed about it, it was revealed that his grandfather had been cursed by a neighbour. His son had a similar issue with his eyes too and now his grandchild was being affected in the third generation. The effect of the curse was lasting through the generations. John Gillespie encounters many incidents like this too, where unresolved issues from ancestors were not resolved or atoned for and cause sickness. To this day, curses or un-forgiveness, can result in sickness in this generation, especially cancer.

Male members of family cursed - October 2010
Testimony from Philip Carroll:
My sister Nadine left a phone message one evening to say her husband Terry was attacked by a dog and was in hospital. When I rang her back, the phone was engaged. I phoned my other sister Carrie to find out how things were, to be told that my brother John had been taken to hospital also, with a suspected heart attack. While we were talking, she said her son Sean had been suffering severe headaches that week and her husband had a near miss at work with a large metal beam that would have killed or seriously injured him. I rang John’s daughter, Deborah, to see how he was. While we were speaking she said she didn’t contact my mother (her granny) because she was on her own. My brother Cathal lives with her and it turned out that he too was in hospital with severe abdominal pains. The same week another brother-in-law was involved in car accident and I had been suffering from a toothache, which I rarely get. I rang Larry and he prayed over the phone with me. He said there is something sinister going on alright, but needed to pray a bit more to get direction. I was asked to say a rosary and call him the following day. When I rang him back, he said that a curse had been put on my father over 30 year go in 1979. The effects of the curse was now surfacing and affecting the male members of the family. He told us to contact a particular priest who prayed over the phone to lift the curse. After that, everything returned to normal, the swelling reduced in my jaw, John was taken out of intensive care, Cathal was sent home and Terry recovered well from his injuries. Philip Carroll, Co Louth

Farm with a number of problems to be cleared - 2010 Offaly
Alison phoned me to say the family were having difficulty with the dry stock on the farm. The animals became frightened anytime someone came to herd them. It became almost impossible to move them out of the field. They would go in different directions and would go everywhere except through the gate. This was ongoing. They eventually rented out the land to other people, and the new tenants had the same problem with their animals. After we prayed, I was directed that in the early 1900s a work man was killed over a dispute with the owner of the farm of the time. A mass of atonement was arranged for that situation however the problem still remained the same. We prayed again and another situation arose. It was linked to tenants being evicted in the 1800s. The tenant cursed the landlord of the time and the land. I was shown small fields, the holdings of the tenants of the time. Mary confirmed that there used to be small fields there but after they bought the farm a few years ago, they bulldozed the ditches into a larger area. A deliverance ceremony to break the curse and a mass were celebrated in the house to deal with this situation, however the situation still continued. After further prayer, I was directed that children prematurely born to tenants around the time of the famine who lived on the land were not baptised. There were nine in total that needed baptism and this was also carried out.

Horses with acute respiratory problems - 2006 Fermanagh
In 2006 I was contacted by a young man called John with great concern about horses who were suffering from acute respiratory problems. The situation was so bad, that some of the horses couldn’t walk seven or eight steps and were ready to collapse. Of the stable of horses he had, eight of them were affected and the rest seemed unaffected. The vet had visited but the treatment was ineffective. I prayed a Hail Mary to see if there was a problem situation and felt it was as a result of an evil situation. I asked if he has any problem with neighbours, or buying a horse from someone they had a problem with, or was there a disagreement with someone over the sale of horses etc and he said no. We prayed more and there was still an evil source that we hadn’t picked up. I asked if there was something specific about these eight horses that were affected with this problem as the rest were fine. He mentioned that they had bought them at a sale in Co. Kilkenny. When we prayed further, it seemed the problem arose at this sale. I asked if one of the animals was rated far superior to the others and he said yes. Another customer was interested in this particular animal and came solely that day to buy it. John had outbid him fairly and he was highly annoyed. He put a curse on them as a result of not getting the animal he wanted. He didn’t know who this person was. I advised him to have a deliverance ceremony carried out on the animals and suggested a particular priest to carry this out and Mass celebrated. After four days, he called back to say the horses were getting better and they were over the moon with delight.

Female Line of Family Cursed
I have a friend called Billy Jones in the north of Ireland, who also has the gift of discernment and is guided to help those in bondage too, i.e., people who have been subjected to the force, power, or influence of evil. Here are two of his stories relating to curses and there are others later in the book.
I work closely with Larry on many issues and all sorts of problems seem to come to me. A family in our area was affected by a lot of tragedy. It seemed to be affecting the female line to a greater degree. I discovered that there was a curse put on this family in the past. It transpired that a neighbouring woman was to marry one of the sons in this family but his mother didn’t like her and put a stop to it. After speaking with Larry, we discovered that this woman cursed the family, especially any woman who married into it. This curse also seemed to affect the women in later generations in the family. We both prayed the Pray of Protection for Freedom from Curses & Evil over the phone a number of times to deal with the curse. We had masses of atonement said for the neighbour who placed the curse as she is now deceased. All seems to be fine with the family now. In another case, a local farmer purchased a farm from a neighbour. It was the talk of the locality at the time. No one could figure out why the farm was sold in such a hurry and probably cheaply. Over the years the animals on the farm would often take sick and wouldn’t thrive. The farm passed on after the farmer’s death to his son who continued to keep animals there. These animals also suffered from various illnesses and ill thrift. It became clear to me that something was wrong and I discovered that the original owner was cursed by a neighbour after a dispute and he sold the farm because he couldn’t take any more losses. A priest was contacted and performed a ceremony on the farm and masses of atonement were offered for the neighbour. All seems to be well now. Billy Jones, Northern Ireland

Affected by her local seaside
Teresa from Co Kerry is now in her 70s and came to me in London with her husband in November 2010. She was born near Dingle Bay, by the sea, but for all her young life, she found it very stressful to go the sea or stay there for any length of time. If she went to the seaside, she would get very physically affected and would find it almost impossible to breathe and would have to leave. In later years she moved to England and when she went to the seaside over there, it had no effect on her or on other seasides in Ireland if she came home to visit. We prayed about that and I felt it was coming from an evil source. Going back a couple of generations on her granny’s side of the family, there was a dispute over a boat and lobster fishing with a neighbour. Whatever happened in this dispute, her Granny’s family got cursed. There was a lot of tragedy in her family subsequently. Her dad was killed with a horse & cart when she was quite young. Her uncle was drowned while fishing at the age of 15. Her brother died in an accident in America. Another brother died tragically too at home. I asked her to have a deliverance ceremony carried out to lift the curse put on her family. I also asked her to forgive the neighbours who put the curse on her family, and to pray for them as some of them were still not at peace. She was happy to carry this out. She is the only one of her family to survive the curses.

Problem with Lame Bulls, Tipperary
Jeremy called me in 2010. Over the previous few months, he had gone through a series of stock bulls. He would only have them a few days or weeks and they would get lame. Each time he bought a replacement bull or got the loan of another and again they all got lame. In total, he had the services of five bulls. After we prayed, I was directed to a situation that went back to his family in 1935 when the family were breeding pedigree bulls at the time. Some bulls broke out into a neighbour’s field and caused a lot of hardship. The neighbour was very annoyed over the disturbance and cursed the animals. Jeremy went to a priest in the deliverance ministry and got the curse lifted. I was speaking to him again in Feb 2011 and there has been no problem with subsequent bulls.

Ten Day Old Calves dying in South Tipperary
Josephine called me in February 2011. For the last 10 years they had consistently lost about 25% of their calves. All would have died when they were about 10 days old. As farmers, they were very conscientious and looked after their animals very well; however the calves would suddenly get sick and die without a cause. The vet had no answer for the problem. Up to February 2011 they had already lost two calves out of 10 cows. Some of their animals were beef cross and they normally sold these calves. After we prayed, I was directed that, 10 years previously, unknown to them, one calf they had sold to somebody, died not long after the owner bought it. The calf they sold was only 10 days old and the new owner cursed them as a result of his misfortune, but no fault of theirs. Hence, the link to the calves dying at ten days old. Josephine made contact with a priest straight away and there have been no further deaths.

Cursed by Squatters
Testimony from Eileen Cahill
Over 32 years ago my husband Tony got very sick, vomiting continuously, unable to keep anything down. This sickness came on him suddenly, feeling fine one moment to looking ashen and feeling unwell the next. It was like a dark cloud enveloped him and there was no way out. I would take him to the doctor and he would get so dehydrated he had to be hospitalised, put on a drip, given medication to stop the sickness. Eventually he’d make a recovery after a few days. In the early days, many investigations were carried out, nothing undue was found, hence no diagnosis. On many occasions, this whole scenario would commence again as soon as he came home from hospital and could last for weeks or months on end. He lost a lot of weight during this time from being a big strong healthy man to up to four stone lighter. Private treatment was sought during those bouts of sickness but no diagnosis was made. Every time my doctor saw me coming he would say ‘not again’. This continued from year to year and all we could do was pray and trust in God’s mercy. The last time it happened (two years ago), Tony received the Sacrament of the Sick. We made contact with Larry and had many people praying Rosary Novenas, Divine Mercy Devotions etc. Prayer support was so powerful when all else fails. Larry phoned back and shared a direction that he received regarding an incident that happened in early 1980. Tony confirmed that this was correct. His friend Pat had bought a house in London in 1980. On the day he received the key from the Estate Agent, he found that a group of squatters had already moved in. He was bitterly disappointed and didn’t know what to do. He got a number of friends, including Tony, together to help him evict the squatters. They were successful and had a peaceful eviction; however, one of the girls cursed them. Naturally Pat and his friends never realised this. As a result, Tony suffered the consequences of the curse all those years.

We then contacted a priest in the deliverance ministry. Holy Mass was offered for all the people involved including the girl who cursed them. Tony had to forgive her for her wrong doing. The curse was lifted and to this day, thank and praise God, no further sickness has occurred. - Eileen Cahill, London

Accident Prone
Molly visited me in late June 2011. She is in her 30’s and as long as she can remember, she has been accident prone. She has been hospitalised quite a few times, but was never in a really serious accident. The previous week, a colleague at work noticed a problem with her eye and suggested she see a doctor. She cycled to a nearby hospital to get it checked out. On the way back, she was hit by a car and knocked off the bicycle. She was taken by ambulance from the scene back to hospital again! She suffered bruising but nothing was broken. Another one of the several trips to hospital. Through prayer, I was enlightened that she was conceived out of wedlock. Her uncles were very annoyed on hearing that their sister was pregnant and cursed the baby. The baby (Molly) was subsequently adopted. Since her visit, she has arranged to meet a priest to have the curse cleared.

West of Ireland - Loss of Cattle
In Jan 2011 John Clare, called me. He had lost 24 cattle of different ages in the previous 12 months. He had a problem with a neighbour whose animals were trespassing on his land. When the neighbour was asked to sort it out, he wasn’t very co-operative. When John suggested he would fence off the area himself again, there was no co-operation and became aggressive. After we prayed the problem lay with the neighbour who had cursed John. I advised him to see a particular priest to lift the curse and have a mass celebrated also.

Piseogary (Witchcraft, Irish Style)
In days gone by, it would have been common practice to put eggs in hay or potato drills, hang a dead cat off a gate, meat on land, silage or other areas of the farm or farmhouse, to cause ill will towards someone. This practice seems to hold the person in bondage in an evil way. Sadly, this practice still exists today in certain parts of Ireland and it’s a very serious matter.

Letter from Thomas Sheehan, Munster, 2010
Dear Larry

My father died in 1970. I was young and able and not afraid to work. I had a suckler herd of 56 cows, 100 breeding sheep, 20 sows and 20 young sows for breeding purposes. One night a friend of mine called to the house and towards midnight we went to the yard to check the pigs. I had 18 pigs, but when we counted them, there were 19. There we found an extra diseased pig that wasn’t mine. How it got there I don’t know. My friend turned white and said ‘that will break you’. I had strong faith, so I put holy water on the pig, injected it with whatever I had available at the time. I cured the pig but I couldn’t rear my own pigs after that. My vet said to me I can’t cure your pigs and that somebody has put a curse on them. I had to sell every pig, I had in the yard. After that my cows started to go wrong. They aborted and a lot of them died. Out of 56 cows, I was left with 5 and my sheep produced only a half crop of lambs. My mother had 20 hens going well. She said to me to have faith as the hens were laying so well, that they were buying the week’s messages and we will be OK. That night the fox called and took 16 hens. At that stage my total stock in the farm was five cows, four hens, 100 sheep, one dog. I had no money, so I got £12,000 from the bank to get started again. I changed from a suckler herd to a milking herd. I bought in good quality in-calf heifers but some of the best ones died. Of the ones that went well, 38 of their calves died that year. I got a mass said in the house and got the farmyard and the land blessed. The deaths continued on. One day, a neighbour called and asked how things were going now? I said ‘things are looking better’. There are three heifers in the field and they will be cows next year and I will be coming on bit by bit. As we were talking, one heifer dropped dead. In 1973 I got engaged to Maria. I remember saying to her ‘the situation in my farm was very bad and it wasn’t a place to bring a young girl into’. She said ‘I have my teaching job. We will be OK’. We got married in July 1974, but while we were on our honeymoon, one cow and two weanlings died. That was the last of the deaths on the farm. We were married 2 ½ years when one morning my wife had a bad car crash as she was going to work. She was knocked out at the accident; her head hit the passenger door. Her health gave up after that and it was continuous hospital and doctors visits for the remainder of her life, which was 33 ½ years. She died in July of this year (2010). My daughter Lauren at the age of 13 was struck down with a very rare illness. She has it now 22 years. There is no cure and is very sick at times. We are praying for miracle. You mentioned to me to get salt blessed and sprinkle it around the farm. I hope to do it shortly. If you can be of any help, I would appreciate it very much. I will phone you in a few days. Yours, Thomas Sheehan

Thomas later informed me that meat was also found on his land. After we prayed, I was enlightened that a neighbour was very jealous of him. This man is now deceased. We had a novena of 9 Masses arranged to atone for the jealously and ill will that was caused by the neighbour. There was a subsequent deliverance ceremony and mass carried out in February 2011. There have been no further problems on the farm since and the neighbour is now at peace in heaven.
It was good for Thomas to have the mass celebrated originally and have the farm blessed etc, but the damage was already done at this stage, so it needed specific prayers of deliverance (the correct words) to be said to undo the damage caused.

Grandmother Caused Bad Luck on the Family
Testimony from Margaret

I work in an office and became aware that the office machines and software on our computers started acting up. This continued for a number of weeks and every time it got fixed it would break again. It became very frustrating. I contacted Larry and after prayer, it turned out that one of the managers, Jenny, had been cursed indirectly by her grandmother on her father’s side. Larry said that the grandmother was a lady who used to get up to a lot of devilment and piseogary. This could involve placing raw meat in someone’s field or they could place eggs in hay to wish bad luck on a neighbour. These actions have their foundations in witchcraft. As a result of her grandmother’s activities, bad luck fell on the family. Her brother died of cancer as a young man and Jenny herself has several accidents down through the years, none of which she caused. She was badly injured in one accident and spent time off work in rehabilitation. She had ongoing back problems and was unlucky in love. I didn’t say anything to Jenny about what I found out as she wouldn’t be open to praying or have a faith. We had a deliverance ceremony carried out for her and the family. Since then, her back problems have reduced so dramatically that she is medication free.
She has since met a lovely man, and is now married.
Margaret Behan, Waterford

Sick Animals
Joe and his son-in-law always bred high class dairy animals. Quite a few animals seemed to be afflicted with a twisted gut/stomach which blocks their digestive system. He would have to roll the animals back and forward to rectify the problem, but it didn’t always work and within 48 hrs they would die. This was happening on an on-going basis since 2005. It was getting worse and he was terrified. One day he found raw meat hidden in the silage that the cows were eating. He was very alarmed over the discovery as it was an evil deed often associated with piseogary. After we prayed, I was enlightened that someone in the locality was responsible for this and was known for it. He arranged for a priest in the deliverance ministry to block the evil coming from this situation. The cows have been fine since!

We do not realise the effect a curse can have if said impulsively. Curses can remain dormant for many years and can then suddenly surface at a later point in time. This can often be in the next generation or it might even skip a generation. We have to be mindful of what we say - words are very powerful. You can see from the stories above how wishing bad luck on someone can work and the severe effect it can have.

Likewise, the words of prayers are equally powerful and again you can see how these situations have been cleared through specific deliverance prayers.

If I know that I or my family have been cursed, what should I do?
· First seek discernment to see if there is something that needs to be cleared.
· Seek a priest or lay person in the deliverance ministry to deal with the specific situation and use the Prayer of Protection for Freedom from Curses & Evil at the back of the

· Seek discernment again to confirm that the situation is rectified or if it needs further prayer.

If I have cursed someone or used piseogary...what should I do?
· Go to confessions and ask for forgiveness. You won’t be condemned and no sin is too great to be forgiven.
· Have a deliverance mass celebrated in atonement for those you have cursed or wronged.
· Say the Prayer of Forgiveness at the back of the book.