Chapter 5 - Evil Situations

Lady on Farm in Cavan

A married lady in Cavan was experiencing unusual things in her house. Flowerpots on windows moved to the floor and vice versa. Other things were moved in the house also. She would sense as if somebody had come through the window every morning at 3am and would know everywhere they would move around the house. We prayed for souls that needed to be helped and the items stopped moving. The presence coming through the window stopped as well. After some time, she contacted me again as she felt all wasn't well. There was an awful smell in one part of the house and in the meantime they had scrubbed and disinfected the area to no avail. We prayed and I felt it was an evil situation.
I asked her to have a Mass celebrated in the house, have it blessed and to inform the celebrant what was happening. She did this, and the situation improved only marginally. A second Mass was celebrated by a different priest with only a slight improvement again. After some time, I advised her to get another priest (who is specifically involved in exorcism) to do the same again, which she did. He spent many hours praying in the house. She felt there had been a 96% improvement. This time the smell was gone but there was still something there. The third priest
celebrated a fourth Mass privately and the mission was accomplished. This happened over one and a half years. A lot of prayer and four Masses later, she rang to say 'at last there was peace in the house'.

Pornographic Videos
Some years ago, our TV was giving trouble. We asked a repairman to have a look to see what the problem was. We weren't getting a proper reception, when everybody else in the area was. This man was highly experienced. He did whatever he could, and there was a slight improvement but the reception was still poor. He came a second time to check the TV in the sitting room and I found that I wasn't physically able to go in while he was there as there seemed to be a barrier that prevented me. I started to pray about it. This happened on the four
other occasions that he came with no improvement in the TV. On his last visit I was given direction that he was showing pornographic videos in his house and elsewhere and prayer was needed for that situation. Another man eventually fixed the TV in 15 minutes!!

Black Dog and Two Year Old Child in Supermarket
In February 2008, Kevin was in his local church one evening in North London, when he met Breda and her daughter Sue. During their conversation, Breda told him that Sue resented being loved from the time she was a small child. She had brought Sue to many places to be prayed with before and Sue would often go into convulsions as if being affected by some type of spirit. Kevin suggested that he
would pray with Sue and as soon as he put his hand on her shoulder, she dropped to the floor and like before when into convulsions and ended up under the seats of the church. Kevin was terrified and ran for the local priest. By the time the priest arrived, she was OK again. The priest then prayed with her. Kevin contacted me that night and we prayed for direction. I was directed that this girl was possessed by an evil spirit and to ask Breda what happened with a black dog in the supermarket when Sue was 2 years old (she's now 33). Kevin made contact with Breda, and she told him of an incident that happened one day when she was shopping when Sue was 2. A black dog befriended her and came home with her from the supermarket. The dog became very attached to Sue and resented the other children in the house. One day the dog attacked the postman and Breda rang the police. When the police arrived, they mentioned that they had been looking for this dog for weeks and took him away. Who ever owned the dog was involved in spiritualism at a high level and this evil unknown to them had transferred from the dog to Sue and also her family. The priest arranged to have a deliverance ceremony for Sue, but the other members of the family were affected also and needed prayer. Another deliverance ceremony was carried out in their home 3 weeks later and all is at peace now. Sue is also now a changed person with love for everybody.

Man from the Orient
A granny flat was added to a new house in the west of Ireland and as it turned out Granny never got to live in it. It was then rented to various people with no problems. A man from the Orient moved in with his partner and would perform some spiritual exercises in the house with an idol. They lived there for quite some time. After they moved out, there was an awful smell in the apartment and the owners weren't able to get rid of the smell to rent it. It turned everybody away. We prayed about it and she was to have the house blessed, a mini-exorcism performed and Mass celebrated in it. This was all carried out very shortly afterwards by the local priest and all problems ceased.

Uneasy Feeling in House
Breda lives in Derry and for a number of years, has been experiencing a weird or uneasy feeling in her house. If her friends stayed over they would experience it too. No matter how much they turned up the central heating, the house was always cold. On one occasion, she saw 'a being' come down the chimney and out the door, which terrified her. When I prayed to Our Lady I received direction that a lost soul was creating the problem and it involved a murder a long time ago. I asked her to contact the local priest who came and blessed the house. It
made no difference. Eventually Breda had to leave the house because of the turmoil. I felt the rite of exorcism was needed to solve the situation. As there was no one with that gift available locally, two priests with that ministry from outside the area, were contacted to perform the rite in their own churches. Breda is back living in the house again and there's a great sense of peace and warmth now.

Satanic attack on the Curate
Fr Thomas contacted me and during the conversation he mentioned he had great devotion to Our Lady and did an hours adoration every day. The previous day he passed a shrine to Our Lady on the roadside, stopped the car and said some prayers at the shrine. When getting back in the car, he encountered an evil attack, which terrified him. He was too afraid to go back to his parish and stayed at his original home place that night instead. When going to bed, he had another attack and he ran to his mothers' room and put is arms around her. He was completely terrified. I suggested he pray for protection (Psalm 91) and also the prayer of protection at the end of this book against curses and evil. I have since met Fr Thomas and he has had no attack since.

I met a woman from Donegal. She had various evil experiences, but during one situation her car was lifted and bumped along the road as she was driving. A terrifying experience for her.

I became aware of another evil situation on the Kilkenny/Tipperary border involving a young married couple that had moved into a new house and were traumatised on a daily basis. There was an awful smell in their new house, lights on in the house when they came home from work or coming on of their own accord and witnessing ugly humanlike figures circling the house several times and a general uneasy feeling especially for the young bride. I visited the house and spent 2-3 hours praying there. The whole site where the house was built was affected. During the famine, the landowner of the time had an arrogant attitude to the plight of the starving people of the area and did nothing to help them. He obviously turned out to be a lost soul. They contacted their parish priest to get permission to organise an exorcism and Mass. 6-7 people prayed over a few days before and during this ceremony that lasted 2 hours. This was carried out and there has been no problem there since.

Builder Involved In Spiritualism

Joan and Ciaran bought a second-hand house and decided to have it renovated. All the main work was done and they employed a man and his helper to do some finishing work. When he arrived Joan was very disturbed by this mans' presence. While he was there, everything seemed to go wrong in the house and nothing seemed to work out. Joan and another worker started getting physically affected. Joan contacted me and we prayed. This man was in contact with someone who was involved in spiritualism at a very high level. As a result he had a negative affect on everyone he came in contact with. I advised her to go to a priest and have an exorcism carried out which she did. After she was prayed with, the effect only lasted 24 hrs. She eventually had to be prayed with 4 times before it made a difference. After two weeks and a Mass celebrated in the house, it was totally cleared.

Uncomfortable Feeling in the House
A lady called me from Tipperary. For about 12 years, she had an uncomfortable feeling in her house, which seemed to be always there. It wasn't a soul looking for help, but an evil situation. A person who had a connection with the house or possibly lived in the house at some stage was causing the problem. Through prayer and asking questions we got to find out who it was. I advised her to have the house blessed, an exorcism performed and Mass celebrated in it. A few days prayer and Masses were celebrated prior to this ceremony. That was duly carried out and I was present at this one. I felt a great peace come over the house when the ceremony was over. She phoned me a few days later to say she couldn't get over the dramatic change in the house as a result.

Denise is in college. When she came home at the weekends, it wouldn't be unusual to notice a shadow or presence in the hallway of the house. It was very real. The family prayed for a few days and I received direction. A woman, who wore a shawl, lived about a mile from their house (in a particular direction) and had died 30 years ago. The house is now in ruins but Denise's Dad confirmed he knew the lady. This lady was involved in evil deeds or occult with neighbours. A series of Masses and Stations of the Cross were celebrated for her soul.

Tarot cards

Molly from Waterford is an elderly lady who often rings me. She had become friends with a young girl, Louise whom she met in a shopping centre. There was something about her personality that bothered Molly. After a few days prayer, I received direction that Louise was involved in the occult either through a Ouija Board or tarot cards. Molly arranged for me to speak to Louise. When I spoke to her, she hadn't been involved in the Ouija Board however she had used tarot cards with another girl from her last job and was still affected by this. I recommended that she needed to be prayed with and Louise made the subsequent arrangements.

12 Year Old Girl Possessed From Using the Ouija Board
In April 2008 I was contacted by Carmel from Kilkenny about a grotesque smell they had in their house for about 2 years. It was so bad, she couldn't invite anyone into the house. Carmel's 12 year old daughter Donna had a friend Sheila also 12, who was fascinated with using the Ouija Board to such an extent that she started to act very odd. Sheila would loose her voice and start to draw grotesque figures. Her body would go into spasm. Once, when someone went to hold her, she seemed to have the strength of 5 people and tossed this person
aside as if she was a doll. On another occasion, she tried to commit suicide. A deliverance ceremony (which lasted 5 hours) was carried out on Sheila and her family. They were completely delivered at this time and they have not been affected since. Somehow, Carmel's family (who had been instrumental in clearing the evil) was also affected through the smell in their own house. A Mass and deliverance ceremony was carried out at the beginning of May and removed 95% of the smell. A second deliverance ceremony was carried out a week later and the house is now back to normal.

Ouija Board Story In London -- November 2002..
My sister took me to visit a man. When she opened the door, a force of evil was coming through so strongly that I had to back away. I told her that somebody in the house was involved in something evil, but it wasn't the man we were going to visit. As I looked in through the open door, I saw a young man, looking out through an inside door and felt the problem was connected with him. We didn't enter the house at that time, but closed the front door and walked up and down the footpath outside and prayed for protection to blessed Michael The Archangel. I felt a strong need to talk to this young man and not the man we had originally decided to visit. We went back to the door a second time and we were able to walk through. He was from the continent. My sister spoke to him and I related all the directions I was receiving. I was guided that he was linked with a Ouija Board, which he denied initially but eventually admitted that he had used it with two friends and moved glasses etc. He was very affected physically as a result of its use. I told him that he needed to have this dealt with. I was given direction not to touch or pray with him. He couldn't understand how I was able to relate all these happenings to him, having never met him before. A Mass was also to be celebrated in the house.
(A lot of young people are not aware of the evil involved in messing around with Ouija Boards and other evil practices).

It is a ver y serious thing to wish evil or maledictions on someone as it can affect individuals or families for generations, if not dealt with .. Sometimes, not all members of the family would be affected. If property is cursed, it doesn't matter who has it…that person could be affected even if they are no relation.
Farm cursed in West of Ireland
Sinead phoned me from her sheep farm in the west of Ireland. They were having a high mortality rate in their older lambs even though they were vaccinated for all diseases. A post mortem was carried out on the lambs and no cause of death could be found. Her husband Cyril, had sold all the remaining sheep and replaced them with new stock. When Sinead first rang me two of the new animals had died also. After a few days prayer to Our Lady, Sinead phoned back. I received direction that a relation of the couple had cursed the farm because of a family dispute. I recommended that the rite of exorcism be performed to solve the situation and advised her what to do. A few months later I met Sinead and they hadn't lost any more animals since. Problem solved!
Three Acres Cursed
In January 2004, Mary contacted me from their farm in Kilkenny. Their farm comprises of very fertile land with a seven-acre field at the back of their house. In one part if this field (about 3 acres) the crops consistently failed to grow to maturity even though there were soil tests etc. The soil was the exact same as the land surrounding it. In the growing season it was very noticeable. Mary prayed to Our Lady for a few days and I received direction that in the 1800's this portion of land had been rented. A major dispute broke out with the owner and the tenant cursed the land as a result. I recommended that they celebrate a Mass in the house to deal with curse on the field. I was in contact with Mary recently and the three acres are blooming like the rest of the field now.

Lorry Driver

Stephen is a lorry driver, married with four children. In recent years, he has been involved in some horrific freak accidents, which he was not the cause of. There were six major accidents with the lorry. On one occasion he met a jeep, which came straight for him and in order to avoid it the lorry tipped sideways in to a ravine. The lorry was a right off, but he escaped. Another time, a man driving a car ran into him and killed his wife who was in the passenger seat. He must have fallen asleep. There were others, which I won't mention here, but the last incident in 2003 Stephen met a cattle truck and trailer. As he approached, the cattle truck jack-knifed and Stephen crashed in to the face of the trailer. He
suffered horrific injuries and as a result he spent along time in hospital. Also his daughter suffered a serious accident when she was four. Stephen couldn't understand why all this was happening to him and he rang me. I asked him and his family to pray a 9 day Novena of the Rosary to Our Lady and when finished I received direction that the male lineage on his fathers side were cursed as a result of some incident in the past and he was the one suffering at this time. The rite of exorcism was arranged for his whole family in connection with this curse.
He's now back working again and no problems.

Dead Horses
Sheila contacted me about a problem they were having on their farm. They had lost 5 horses between November 2003 and April 2004. A post mortem was performed and no reason could be found for the deaths of the animals. However all the horses died in a particular field on the farm. A botanist was employed to investigate if there were any poisonous plants growing and nothing was found. I asked Sheila to do a Novena to Our Lady and I received direction that there was a dispute in the 1800's about tenancy rights and this particular field seemed to
be cursed and anyone who would use it. There was also a murder nearby linked with this dispute. Sheila said neighbours often commented about the figure of man standing at a gateway near the farm. The person responsible for the murder needed to be prayed for and the rite of exorcism was arranged and carried out shortly after.

4 Curses on Farm in Tipperary
In 2006, I was contacted by Philip in Tipperary who was having high losses of livestock and other unusual occurrences on his farm. He had animals ready to go to the factory, but they lost all their flesh within a few days and they became unsuitable for sale. On a few occasions he had animals read to go to the factory and the arrangements were cancelled at the last minute etc. On another occasion, he lost all stock because of a disease problem. That year all grass was cut for hay and saved in very good weather conditions. Sometime later when the hay was stored in the shed, water started to run from under the hay, yet the hay wasn't damp. He had a Mass celebrated and this problem ceased. After praying, I was told that a curse had been put on his grandfather who had originally married into this farm in the early 1900's.
He had bought cattle which had been ceased for rent. Philip was able to confirm through archives that 4 families in that area had stock ceased for rent. The previous owners cursed whoever would get the cattle. His grandfather was a progressive man and bought 60 acres of adjoining farm and he also had an interest in horses. He died suddenly at the horse show in Dublin as a young man, leaving behind his wife and a
family of 5. Nothing happened to the farm while he was alive. The oldest Paul, who was 19, took over the farm. He sold one of the horses and bought cattle in lieu with the price. All the cattle that he bought died. Other problems started happening and nothing seemed to go right. Eventually Paul got sick and subsequently died in his early 20's. The second oldest in line took over the running of the farm and the
problems continued. We had a Mass and deliverance ceremony (no 1) to clear the curse placed on Philips grandfather. The problems on Philip's farm continued but not to the same extent. We prayed for further direction. The 60 acres that had been bought by his grandfather had been ceased by the banks. The owner had serious debt problems and had cursed him for buying the land. We had a second Mass and
deliverance for the second curse. Things greatly improved but something was still not right on Philips farm. We prayed for further direction. A workman on the farm had a dispute with those in charge, possibly Philips father, and he cursed the family. A third Mass and deliverance was carried out and the situation improved further but not 100%. We prayed again. Philip's grandmother married again some years later
after her husband died however there was a second admirer. This man was so jealous of her getting married that he too cursed the family..curse no 4! After having a 4th Mass and deliverance ceremony all curses have now been cleared and things have reverted to normal.

African Priest Cursed by Grandmother
An African priest came to visit me on one of my annual visits to London. He was in Rome furthering his studies, but found it difficult to concentrate and learn. This was very unusual as he was always top of his class from the time he started his education. Now he was finding it almost impossible to learn. I prayed with him with others and I was directed that someone in his immediate family had been involved in spiritualism. He told me that when his mother (who was non-Christian) married his father (catholic), her mother was very upset and cursed her. He was being affected by this curse and this subsequently affected his studies. We advised him to get a deliverance ceremony carried out.

Farm in Cork - 2007
Julie contacted me about a series of problems they were having on their farm. Her father-in-law, Jim bought 40 acres of adjoining land privately from their neighbour Paddy, in 1965. Paddy's partner, Sally was not aware of the sale at the time. When Sally found out later that the property had been sold, she was very angry. One day Sally came to one of the fields where Jim and his son were working. She was highly annoyed and vented her anger to Jim for buying the land and knelt down in the field and cursed him and his family. Soon afterwards, one of Jim's four sons was killed in a tractor accident in the same field. One year later, Jim himself died of a heart attack, again in that field. They family were
well aware of Sally cursing them. They eventually sold that land, but the tragedies continued on the farm. Subsequently two more sons died including one by suicide. The farm had a lot of serious losses with stock over the years. All of these tragedies happened as a result of Sallys curse. Sally needed to be forgiven and prayed for. A deliverance ceremony was subsequently carried out on the farm.

Twister & Fire 2008
Mairead contacted me from Cork. Her family too were having problems on their farm. A freak twister took the roof off all their farm sheds in December 2006. The roofs were carried some distance away including damaging the family house. Toys and other articles from the sheds were sucked up and were found in adjoining fields. No other property in the area was affected. Mairead said, it looked like a bomb site. In early 2008, Mairead woke at 2am one Sunday morning to see sparks flying past her bedroom window. The whole farm yard was ablaze. Diesel tanks in the yard had exploded and had set fire to everything around; sheds, farm implements, their jeep, tractors, trailers, horse boxes etc. Only two farm implements escaped. Animals were burned in the fire too and others suffered from smoke inhalation but later recovered. It was investigated by the Gardai and the insurance company and they came to the conclusion that they diesel tanks had been hit by lightening. The family house luckily escaped. After getting the family to pray for direction, through Our Lady to Jesus, I felt it was a curse situation. The family originally bought the farm in the 1930's. Through prayer I felt that the previous family had problems. They ran into a lot of debt and owed money to various people. This was confirmed by a 90 year old neighbour who knew the previous family and the trouble they had got into. The farm was sold because of debt and a couple of the people who were owed money, cursed the farm and the owners. This curse stayed on the farm and affected the current owners. A deliverance ceremony was carried out on the farm in April 2008 and the people who cursed the farm were forgiven and prayed for.

Male Members of Family Affected by Curse

I gave a talk at the Padre Pio Shop in London in 2006. I met an Irish woman who told me that there were 6 in her family who were all married. A male member in each of their families were either killed or seriously injured in an accident. She came from a farming background in Co. Offaly. Many years before, someone had a dispute with her father over the sale of a cow. Through prayer, I felt that the father was innocent, but this person was dissatisfied and cursed him. The fatalities and accidents were as a result of that. A deliverance ceremony was carried out for this situation.

Farm in Wexford
In February 2008 I was contacted by Pat from Wexford about unusual fires on their farm and house. A fire started in their hayshed and the shed and contents were burned. The shed was replaced but a year later, damp straw went on fire in the new shed. Then their family car went on fire when they were driving along the road one day. A fire mysteriously started in their bathroom in a box of clothes another day. I asked him to pray through Our Lady to Jesus and it turned out that there was a dispute between a landlord and tenants in the land agitation of the early 1800's. Pat confirmed that the family had acquired land from a local estate during land division and I felt through prayer that there was a connection with the fires. Some of the tenants connected with the estate had burned property belonging to the landlord and he in turn cursed them. The tenants had to be forgiven for the damage they caused to the landlords property and a deliverance ceremony had to be arranged to clear the landlord's curse on the tenants. Pat duly looked after that. Evil can present itself in different ways and sometimes appears in the form of rats or mice.

Evil Mice
Cait called me in May 2008 from London. She had an apartment which was rented to two ladies. One lady had her boyfriend over regularly. Cait always felt uncomfortable around him. They eventually left and Cait's daughter moved in to the same apartment with her husband and three small children. The children seemed to be very unsettled from the beginning and suddenly mice started to appear running up the legs of the kitchen chairs, in the presses and all around the house etc. They couldn't understand where the mice came from and it caused a lot of distress in the house. Through prayer I was directed that the boyfriend was involved in spiritualism at a high level and these were not real mice, but evil
spirits in the form of mice. A Mass and deliverance ceremony was carried out, and the problem continued, but not to the same extent. A second Mass and deliverance ceremony was carried out two weeks later, and the problem has now ceased. There is a totally peaceful atmosphere in the house and the mice have since disappeared.

Infestation of mice in two new houses
In March 2008, Kate contacted me about an infestation of mice in their new home and also Brian (her brother-in-law's) house. Kate's husband Tom and his brother Brian work together. I asked her to pray through Our Lady to Jesus for direction. I was told that two people from Eastern Europe who worked with Tom & Brian were involved in spiritualism. Because of their contact with them, they became affected by this evil (the mice). A deliverance ceremony was carried out on both houses to block the evil coming from their colleagues.

Abortion Clinic
October 2007. I was contact from London by Mary. There was an uncomfortable feeling in the house and her daughter was prone to getting injured, sometimes at home but mostly when she went out, e.g. twisting her ankle or some other minor injury. Mary's house then became infested with rats. They even seemed to be coming out of the sewers. She contacted the council and they dealt with the problem, but shortly afterwards, they returned again and she was in an awful state. I asked Mary to pray to Our Lady through Jesus over the next 24 hours and call me back. I was directed that it was an evil situation. They house that they lived in was previously owned by a lady doctor. In the 1930's & 1940's she had carried out a lot of illegal abortions in the house. A mini abortion clinic. The doctor and those helping her needed to be prayed for and the babies baptised. Mary organised a Mass, deliverance and baptismal ceremony in the house, which was carried out by Fr. Jim. Every part of the house was blessed. The rats disappeared and to date they haven't returned and her daughter hasn't received any injuries since. There is now a peaceful atmosphere in the house.

Illegal Abortion Clinic
On one of my many visits to London I was taken to a house. The house is divided into apartments. One afternoon, the caretaker entered the front door and turned around to close it. He wasn't able to close it, as a force seemed to be preventing him and as he tried to push the door closed something else was keeping it open and he got very frightened. He reported it to the landlord. I met the caretaker on arriving at the house and we stood in the hallway and got his account of the situation. I was then drawn to one of the doors leading from the hallway and I
entered the apartment with his permission. Every time someone moved into this particular apartment, something odd seemed to happen to them after a short space of time. They would move in as genuine, very nice and sound people and after some time would become difficult to deal with and seemed to develop all types of problems. The caretaker was staying there when I arrived. We said some prayers and it was revealed that it had been used as an illegal abortion clinic, some years back. I was lead to the front part of the room, at the window, where the operations took place.
Direction: All the babies that were killed (30) were to be baptised and the people involved were to be prayed for.
I was taken to another room in the house, where a man staying there had numerous problems. There were many incidents eg he would often wake up at night and feel as if someone was lying on top of him. We prayed there and it was revealed that this particular part of the house, at another stage, was used as a brothel.
Direction : A Mass was to be celebrated in the house and every part of the house inside and outside, to be blessed with Holy Water that contained Blessed Salt.

Abortion Clinic Near My Sister
An abortion clinic was set up in a private house in Cricklewood some years ago, near where my sister lived. Every time I passed this place in the car, I would get very physically affected because of what was happening inside. The clinic closed in 2000, but I was still affected when I passed by. Last year I went there and walked up and down outside to pray for direction.
Direction : There were a lot of babies that lost their lives there and needed to be baptised. (An understanding priest was contacted to look after this). I have no problem here since.

Leak in the Ceiling

A South American woman living in London contacted me about a serious problem she had in the house. Articles around the house were being continuously moved, her money, clothes and personal items from one place to another. She often saw a rat running up the stairs, but didn't know where it came from or where it went to. She had a few different priests in who prayed and blessed the house, but the problem remained. I briefly prayed with her over the phone and felt evil was at play. I got her to pray as usual through Our Lady to Jesus. I asked her, when it had started and if she was aware of anyone who had come into the house. Two years previous, she had a water leak in the bathroom which came through the ceiling above and caused a lot of damage. She employed two men to repair the damage to her satisfaction. After they left all these things started happening. One of the men had been born in London, but his parents came from the eastern part of the world. Through prayer, I was told that he was the one causing the problem. He was involved in evil at a high level. She had a deliverance carried out by an official exorcist. It's being currently dealt with.

Jealously can cause huge problems! People can suffer terribly as a result of others jealously or envy. It can cause blockages in the workplace, family situation, with neighbours, schools etc. usually because someone is more progressive or talented then they are and this can have an adverse affect.

Train Driver
Before Christmas 2007, I was contacted by Clare who was very upset. Her brother Tim, who is a train driver for 10 years has been involved in numerous accidents when driving the train resulting in the deaths of 4 people. She was concerned why all of this was happening to him. I briefly prayed with her and I felt it was an evil situation. I asked her to pray more and call me back. The direction I was given through Our Lady was that when he applied for the job, two others also applied. One was very jealous of Tim and was so highly annoyed over it that he cursed him getting the job. The accidents and fatalities were as a result of that. Tim was able to confirm the direction I had received in prayer. Clare organised a deliverance ceremony for Tim and to forgive the person responsible.

Waste Collection in the Midlands
I was contacted by Siobhan in early 2008. The family, involved in the waste collection were experiencing unusual fires in vehicles and trucks belonging to the company. Fires would mysteriously start in trucks, cars and vans but never in the petrol tank or engine. It was always inside in the passenger area, even with doors and windows locked. At the end of 2006 the whole plant went on fire and all machinery burned including some of the waste. That was all replaced and at the end of 2007 they had another big fire. They never found out how the various
fires started or the source. One van was only 2 months old. Through prayer I was directed that her husband Ben had been cursed over the property as someone was jealous of him. Siobhan had a deliverance ceremony to clear the curse and to protect the property in the future from this evil source. There has been no fire or upsets since.

Jealously in Donegal
Peg rang me in Spring 2007 from Donegal. They were losing mature lambs on a continuous basis from their farm and they had been treated for all known diseases prior to this. The vet could find no answer for their deaths. She also told me that the family were involved in construction and had recently bought new property. I got her to pray for the situation. I was told that there was somebody in the area who was jealous of their progress but she wasn't aware of anyone who might be jealous of them. Peg made arrangements with the priest to have a deliverance ceremony to block the jealously that was causing all the deaths to the lambs. On the day of the deliverance ceremony, there were five other people there also. The priest prayed 'generally' for all 6 people but didn't make any reference to their 'individual situations'. Two weeks later she called to say the lambs were still dying and through prayer I knew it still wasn't 'specifically' dealt with. She arranged another ceremony which she attended on her own especially for the lambs. At the end of March 2008 she called to say that there were no deaths since.

Bull Dead
In March 2008, Angela contacted me as unusual deaths were happening on their farm. A few days previous they found their bull dead in the shed. Other animals had died in unusual circumstances. I asked her to pray for the situation through Our Lady to Jesus, and the direction I got was that someone was jealous of her husbands' progress. He was a good farmer! It turned out to be her brother-inlaw. It was then that she realised, every time he visited the farm, they had a fatality and he always wanted to go look at the animals. Angela had a deliverance ceremony arranged to block the jealously and if possible try and prevent him from checking the animals when visiting.

Uncle Jealous of Nephew
Tara contacted me. It wasn't unusual for her family to come up again various obstacles connected with her husband and the family in general. Things never seemed to work out right for them. One step forward and two steps back. We prayed about it and I was directed that someone was jealous of her husband and the family. She thought about it and worked out that it was her husbands uncle who seemed to question everything they did. They arranged a deliverance ceremony to block the jealously coming from him.

Spiritualism - Snake In Bed

A lady, whose ancestors were originally from Africa, called me from London. This lady was Roman Catholic. There were a lot of disturbances of all sorts, in her house. I asked her to pray a Novena to Our Lady for direction and reminded her also to pray for Our Lady's intentions. When the Novena was complete it was revealed that there were a lot of deceased people connected to her family that needed prayer. She carried this out as requested. Sometime later she called again to say there had been another experience in the house. It felt as if a snake was
crawling under her bedclothes. She was very frightened and wondered if it was connected with the previous incidents. We prayed over the phone and the message I received was that some of her ancestors had been involved in witchcraft in Africa, which is normal practice in a lot of places there. She didn't know anything of this.
Direction : Prayer and more Masses were to be offered for this situation and she was to use Holy Water (with Blessed Salt) extensively around her apartment. (She has had no problems since)

African Priest Having Problem Celebrating Mass
In July 2005 I was contacted by a priest from London, who had been recently ordained in Rome. He was doing holiday duty for another priest in the London area. He found this book 'Please Pray for Us…'in the house and felt I could help him as he was having unusual experiences. When he walked up the Altar to celebrate Mass, he came under tremendous pressure and would find it difficult to speak and would be perspiring heavily. There were 3 weddings booked in the parish for the following week and he was concerned that he wouldn't be able to carry them out. I prayed with him over the phone and felt there was evil involved. I asked him if anyone in his family or ancestors were involved in witchcraft and he didn't know. I felt that he was affected by someone in his family and I advised him to contact a certain priest who was in the deliverance ministry in the London area. He contacted the priest later that night and they prayed together over the phone. The following morning, he was able to celebrate mass without any hindrance. They met later that week and the priest performed a deliverance ceremony with him in person. This man has come to Ireland and I've met him twice since and there are no problems now. He's a free man.

Family Home Built on Sacrifice Site
I was contacted by Fr. John from Co. Down in August 2005. A parishioner was having a serious problem in their new family home (parents and 5 children). On St Stephens Day 2004, someone visiting the house saw a 'strange female figure' appearing in the house. A few days later, this figure 'appeared' again. Not long afterwards, a man started to appear dressed as a monk in a black habit and always with his head down. The both continued to appear regularly (mostly around 4pm) in the bedrooms, kitchen, outside the house and all members of the family had seen them at one point or another. Once, while one of the children was doing his homework, the kitchen table suddenly shot across the floor and left a scrawl across his copy book. They used to have a prayer meeting every week with the bible displayed on a stand. The bible would regularly fly off the stand on to the floor, to be replaced again by the family. Their 2 year old was put to bed but was found on the landing in the morning. Their 12 year old went to bed as usual one night and also woke up on the landing and didn't know how he got there. Incidents like these happened regularly and the family was so scared, that they would leave the house and on one occasion they stayed with friend for a whole week. Fr. John was very concerned about this family and asked the father to ask the 'figure' who he was and what he wanted. When the figure next appeared he was asked who he was, but the figure gave no reply. When the figure was asked what he wanted, he replied, “I want you”! Fr. John contacted his bishop and several Masses were celebrated in the house. The situation would temporarily improve, but would then start all over again. I prayed with Fr. John and was directed through Our Lady that evil was at play. Through further prayer, I was told that the house was built on a sacrifice site that was used over 400 years ago. The two people appearing were part of a group of 9-10 local people who were involved in satanic sacrifice at this site and were now lost souls. It was decided that a deliverance ceremony would be carried out. In preparation for this, a novena of 9 Masses was celebrated and Fr. John also prayed The Stations of the Cross with the family each night during the novena. Others prayed too. A priest in the deliverance ministry and myself travelled to Co. Down in mid October 2005.
Mass and a deliverance ceremony were performed in the afternoon and the following day a further ceremony was carried out. The lady stopped appearing after the ceremony and up to December 2005, there was no further disturbance. The 'monk' started to reappear occasionally, but didn't cause any upset like before. Several deliverance Masses were celebrated and this cleared 95% of the problem. In May 2006 the parents came with us to Medjugorje. They both climbed Mount Krezevac in offering for this situation and the father actually climbed everyday in his bare feet and twice on some days for this situation to clear. When they came back there was no further disturbance and everything has been fine since. The penance involved in climbing the mountain, cleared the last 5% of the remaining evil.

Lady from Ghana

I was giving a talk in London in 2005. After the talk we had a question and answer session and one young lady (Sharon) mentioned that she couldn't pray the rosary unless she put the crucifix in her mouth. When she got up to go to Mass on a Sunday, there was a force holding her in the bed, so she couldn't get out of it. While speaking with me, she became very disturbed and her body became agitated. I felt that this could get worse and frighten the people present. I asked everyone present to stand up and we prayed St Michael's prayer repeatedly for about 6 minutes and she didn't get any worse. I spoke to her and advised her to attend a deliverance ceremony and that she would need to be prayed with more than once. I asked the other people present to pray the Stations of the Cross everyday for her. About 4 or 5 people took on that task. Every few weeks, Sharon would ring me and I would know she was progressing but still not delivered. It took about 6 months in prayer and she phoned me one day to say she had just been with the official exorcist from the Diocese of Westminster and she felt she was free. When I prayed with her again, I felt everything was dealt with. She rang me recently again in 2008 and we tried to find out where the evil had come from. We prayed for everyone connected with her life and it stemmed from her father whom she had never met. This had come through the bloodlines as has happened in other situations.

Witch's Sacrifice Site

I was contacted in July 2002. For a number of years, a cleaner in a big manufacturing business in the South East of Ireland, always had an uneasy feeling about the place where she worked. She and other people had various unusual experiences there, which she knew weren't right. One day at work, she was catapulted through a door and was pushed to the ground, which was witnessed by a colleague. She felt very frightened. Management were made aware of this situation. She shared this confidentially with a friend and was anxious to have something done about it, as she wouldn't be able to continue there. Her friend contacted me. This was the first time I had been contacted about a situation like this and I questioned him as to why he thought to ask me! He said he was lead to ask me though prayer. We completed a Novena of the Rosary to Our Lady for direction and what I got, was that there was an evil situation there. They asked me to visit the premises, which I did and met the people concerned. We prayed to Our Lady for two hours on the premises and I received two foolscap pages of directions! It was revealed to me that the factory was built on a witches' sacrifice site, which was in existence over 350 years ago. There was a lot of human sacrifice. I was told over a period of time, there were about 25 people involved in these sacrifices, who still had a very strong presence
on this site and who are now lost souls. They were to inform their bishop of what was happening and what steps needed to be done to deal with the situation. I went with them to this meeting. A priest was to be appointed to carry out the Rite of Exorcism on the premises and have Mass celebrated. They met their Bishop and that was arranged after some time. Up to the time of the ceremony, strange things were still happening. The exorcism ceremony was arranged for July 2003 and was duly carried out. About 15 people prayed over nine days in preparation before this ceremony took place. They also prayed during the ceremony because prayer is the only thing that will defeat the evil. That ceremony, at which I was present, included the rite of exorcism, blessing the premises and Mass. This lasted three hours. There has been no problem there since, only a great sense of peace.
(In my experience the sacrifice sites have been circular , about 16ft wide. They only seem to pose a problem, when a house or dwelling has been built on them. I have come across other situations similar to those above, e.g. African situations where the effects of witchcraft was carried down though the generations, even though they might be very good Christians now. People are not aware that things like this are happening in Ireland and other places).
In preparation for an exorcism, a lot of prayer (Rosary, Stations of the Cross, The Divine Mercy) needs to be said and Masses celebrated for at least a week to 9 days beforehand, especially if the situation is serious. In one situation, the local priest prayed the Stations of the Cross with the family for 9 nights leading up to the exorcism. It is the power of prayer and penance that moves the evil.
Everyone should say prayers of protection against evil every day and especially if you are under attack. Sprinkle Holy Water with Blessed Salt added for further protection. This is very powerful against evil. (Refer to Chapter 10 for useful prayers to prevent attack from evil). This is the one I say:

Prayer Of Protection For Freedom From Curses & Evil
I place myself in the presence of Jesus Christ and submit to His Lordship. I 'Put on God's armour so as to be able to resist the devil's tactics” (Ephesians 6;10-11). I stand my ground, “with truth buckled around my waist, and integrity for a breastplate…” (Ephesians 6;14). I carry the “shield of faith” to “put out the arrows of the evil one…” (Ephesians 6;16). I accept “salvation from God to be my helmet and received the word of God from the Spirit to use as a sword” (Ephesians 6:17). In the name of Jesus Christ crucified, died and risen, I bind
all spirits of the air, the atmosphere, the water, the fire, the wind, the ground, the underground, and the nether world. I also bind the influence of any lost or fallen souls who may be present, and all emissaries of the satanic headquarters or any coven of witches or warlocks or satan worshippers who may be present in some preter-natural way. I claim the blood of Jesus on the air and atmosphere, the water, the fire, the wind, the ground and their fruits all around us, the underground and nether world.
In the name of Jesus Christ I forbid every adversary mentioned to communicate with or help one another in any way, or to communicate with me, or to do anything at all except what I command in Jesus name.
In the name of Jesus Christ I seal this place and all present and all family and associates of those present and their places and possessions and sources of supply in the blood of Jesus.. (Repeat three times)

In the name of Jesus Christ I forbid any lost spirits, covens, satanic groups or emissaries or any of their associates, subjects or superiors to harm or take revenge on me, my family and my associates, or cause harm or damage to anything we have.
I the name of Jesus Christ and by the merits of His Precious Blood , I break and dissolve every curse, hex, seal, spell, sorcery, bond , snare, tr ap , device, lie, stumbling block , obstacle, deception , diversion or distraction , spiritual chain or spiritual influence, also ever y disease of body, souls, mind or spirit placed upon us, or on this place, or on any of the persons, places and things mentioned , by any agent, or brought on us by our own mistakes or sins.. (Repeat three times)

I now place the cross of Jesus Christ between myself and all generations in my family tree. I say in the name of Jesus Christ that there will be no direct communication between the generations. All communications will be filtered through the Precious Blood of the Lord Jesus Christ.
Mary, the Immaculate, clothe me in the light and power of your faith. Father, please assign the angels and saints to assist me. Thank You, Lord Jesus, for being my Wisdom, my Justice, my Sanctification, and my Redemption. I surrender to the ministry of Your Holy Spirit, and receive Your truth concerning intergenerational healing. Glory be to the Father, and to the Son and to the Holy Spirit. As it was in the beginning, is now and ever shall be. Amen

In Ireland there is nothing organised at church level to deal with these situations. It is on the increase in Europe. In former days, there was at least one priest in each diocese who was appointed and trained to deal with evil situations. It wasn't publically known but was always there when needed. A priest in this ministry has to go to Rome to be trained, have a great commitment to prayer and have a support group to help. There should be at least one in each diocese. This does not happen anymore and it is a pity. Anyone performing a deliverance ceremony should have the gift of discernment. If they don't, they need to be accompanied by some who has the gift (i.e. knowing what they are dealing with, when it's cleared or if it needs more prayer). Prayer is the power that clears the evil.