Evil Spirits are Contagious

Spirits that attach
Michelle was working in Belgium and became sick. Doctors could find no reason for her sicknesses and as her health got worse, she had no choice but to give up her job and move home to Ireland in 2015. She came to visit me and when I prayed about it, I was directed that she was affected by a male co-worker. After we prayed about the co-worker, I was directed that he acquired a spirit of evil by meeting someone involved in evil practices during a trip to Germany. Spirits can attach themselves and can transfer from person to person. So in this instance, Michelle in turn was affected after he returned to work. We prayed together and taught her to pray the prayers of protection in the back of the book and she has improved greatly since.

Nigerian Priest in Seminary
I was contacted by Fr Thomas, who was teaching in a seminary in Nigeria. He rang to say that he found it very difficult to cope with the heat in the seminary. I found this strange as he was born in Nigeria and would have been used to the hot climate there. After we prayed I discovered that he was being affected by three of his students. Their families had been involved in witchcraft and that in turn was affecting him. He arranged for a deliverance ceremony to be carried to solve the situation, and the problem stopped after that. We can get easily affected by people who have been in contact with evil .

Displaced Furniture
Vivienne was living in Australia in an apartment for a few years and found it very comfortable. After 5 years she noticed that the furniture seemed to move its place. Every morning the furniture was in a different place to the night before, even the patio furniture outside. This really startled her. During a trip home to Ireland in 2015 she came across this book and felt she needed to speak to me. It was going to be difficult as she was flying back the following day, but I managed to fit her in. When we prayed, it was revealed that a new tenant had moved in close to her. The new tenant was involved in some satanic practice and was affecting her situation. She was to have masses of deliverance offered to block the effects. Here we can see that spirits can move from place to place .

Foul Smell in House
Testimony from Gerry Maher
I had a tenant living in my house and when he left there was a terrible stench in his room. I cleaned out the room and aired it, but couldn’t get rid of it. I tried various cleaners on the floorboards in case something spilled, but the smell was still there. Neighbours offered all sorts of advice and nothing seemed to work. I visited friends and was telling my dilemma. They said I should contact a man called Larry Cummins as it sounded very unusual. I rang Larry and he prayed with me over the phone. He seemed to be having a bad reaction. He told me that my tenant, who was a paramedic, was treating a man in an accident one day. The man was from an eastern religion (non-Christian) which had it’s origins in the occult. I was told that the evil spirit that was attached to him, transferred to my tenant and hence the smell in his bedroom. Larry gave me the number of a local priest that deals with these sorts of things. I contacted him and he prayed with me over the phone that evening to clear the smell and to protect me from it again. I’m not religious and don’t go to mass, but it’s amazing, the smell really is now gone - Gerry Maher, Tipperary

Possessed by a Neighbour
James started seeing a girl, and not too long into the relationship he started to notice that she had certain powers. This included mind reading and being able to control his heart beat and breathing. One evening she moved his jacket along the floor by the power of her mind. His girlfriend often went to fortune tellers and was involved in spiritual practices. She also went through periods of depression and couldn’t leave the house. James wore a Benedict Cross around his neck and got concerned by some of the things she was doing one evening. When he took out the cross from under his clothes, she lost her powers. She was really surprised and said ‘you’ve blocked me’. Another time he prayed St Michael the Archangel and again she instantly became blocked. If they went to Mass, she would shake and become affected at the consecration. These powers started to leave James feeling very tired and depressed any time she used them on him. He told me about his situation and I knew by the sound of it, that it was an evil situation that needed to be cured. I contacted Larry who was able to see that this evil had come from a neighbour who lived close by to the girl many years ago. She had been affected from a very young age. She said throughout her life she would have noticed that things would have been going very well for a while and then everything would have come crashing down.

I then put her in contact with Peter in the deliverance ministry as he was more able to deal with this situation than I. Peter said prayers over the phone and removed the ‘demon’. Everything seemed to be going well for a couple of weeks until she started to feel bad again. Now she was contemplating suicide. Peter confirmed that this was the effect of the demon resisting the prayer to oust him. I suggested she go see Peter in person. Peter felt the previous situation was cured but he could feel that there was something else tormenting her. He pinpointed that she was abused as a child and this situation was also causing her distress. This is to be looked after professionally. Billy Jones, Northern Ireland

Supermarket Cashier
Testimony from Sally Smith
I went to our local supermarket to do the weekly shopping. When I came to the checkout desk the cashier was a non-national lady. I felt a bit uncomfortable as she had two big bright eyes and kept staring at me. I went home, and had a shower but when I got out of the shower I noticed that my two eyes were very red and my face seemed puffed up. I didn’t know what had happened to me. I went to my sister’s house to a mass that night. Everyone was asking what had happened to my face and I didn’t have an answer for them. During the Mass, the children were particularly disruptive, which was unusual and people in general seemed very uncomfortable and not at ease. I contacted Larry and through prayer he was directed that it I was affected by the lady at the checkout, as she was involved into something of an evil nature. I made contact with two priests the following day. Both prayed with me and my face returned to normal. Larry suggested that I avoid going to that checkout and to say a prayer of protection before entering that supermarket to avoid being affected again. Sally Smith, London

His wife lost her voice
Sean called me as his wife had lost her voice, got physically ill, lost her energy and spent a lot of time in hospital. She went through various medical tests but they proved inconclusive. In Knock in 2009, a lady approached me and explained that she was from the same town and knew of the situation. She said she was with the family on a days outing and noticed a stranger put her arms around the wife twice. Unknown to them, this stranger was dealing in the occult. The church authorities were contacted.

Computer Virus
Joe called me as there was an issue in their company with one of the diagnostic machines in their lab. It was brand new and cost a lot of money. The software failed to read the results or would freeze and then it eventually became corrupt and essential data was lost. The suppliers detected that a virus caused the problem but when a replacement machine was put in place, similar issues happened. After we prayed, it was revealed that a work colleague of Joes had been to a fortune teller and the evil spirit they picked up there came with him to his work place. Joe sprinkled Holy Water and Blessed Salt around the lab and prayed the prayers of protection in the back of this book, to block any spirits that attached to Joe when he came to work. Once this happened, suddenly everything settled down and the machine started working perfectly. A similar issue happened with equipment in another company however in this case the supplier of the equipment to the company was involved in pornography. The evils that were being cause by his actions, was having an effect on the equipment going to the customers!
Testimony from Susie
My daughter loves going to school and always has but one morning last year we got to the school gates and she started crying saying she didn’t want to go in. I told her to stop being silly and get into school. I collected her that evening no problem and when I asked how her day was she said ‘good’.

The following week the same thing happened every morning but she was getting more and more hysterical and wanted me to stay with her until one morning I took her into her class room screaming and crying. I left the school, walked up the road and got back into my car. Just as I pulled out, she ran out of the school and ran up the road pleading to get into the car. I took her back to school and spoke to the teacher but they didn’t know why she was acting this way and told me maybe it was for attention.
I knew something wasn’t right, as this was so out of character for her. I contacted Larry and we prayed into the situation. A little boy sitting beside her in class was affecting her, as his family was into black magic.

We had to pray and get a priest in the deliverance ministry to block anything coming from this boy. When I spoke to the teacher the following day it emerged that the boy had just swapped seats before this started. My daughter has no problem going to school anymore. Susie O’Mahony
There has been about 11 situations like this were children are affected by others involved in evil.

Visit to a White Witch
I know of another girl Sarah, who went to a White Witch in Cork for fortune telling. Unknown to her, she brought back a spirit with her. It didn’t seem to affect her, but it transferred to her sister Joan. In her sister’s work place, the office equipment would breakdown regularly and Joan had a very bad car accident herself and spent a lot of time in rehabilitation. Little did Sarah know doing ‘something for fun’ could cause so many problems. A Mass of deliverance was celebrated to block the evil. Once this happened, the machines returned to normal, without maintenance being involved.

Nurse affected by the baby she was caring for
Testimony from Sheila Thornton
My experience started when I was looking after a little girl at work who was 10 months old and had been in hospital from birth. While I stood at her cot carrying out some nursing cares, I felt something jump on my back. It felt like two claws digging into my shoulders but it was a fleeting moment and thought nothing more of it.
I spoke to Larry then some months later because I had a feeling of being followed and when I tried to ignore the feeling it just became stronger to the point where I couldn’t ignore it anymore. I was also having a lot of trouble sleeping and when I did sleep, I’d just have nightmares and pain in my right shoulder.
I prayed with Larry and he thought the parents of the little girl had been into the occult or were seeing a spiritualist. He recommended I attend a night of deliverance and healing that was taking place in our local church that week.

The priest asked me about the little girl and prayed with me for release of whatever was attached to me. I left the altar and went back to my seat. I started to feel really sick, so got up and went outside for air. I felt better and came back in to the church & started to feel sick again so went back outside for air again, but this didn’t help.
The priest came back down to see me and prayed with me for a long time but had to ask Larry to come and help as whatever was there just didn’t want to go! It was the strangest feeling. A feeling of something trying to hold on and the efforts and persistence of the prayers it took for me to feel its release.
I was exhausted after the experience and a couple of nights later I was still having nightmares and could see dark shapes swimming in front of my eyes so my mum and dad went back down to the priest to have a mass celebrated for me. After that everything cleared.

The little girl that I’d been looking after had been ready to go home but kept getting infections which meant we couldn’t send her home. Surprisingly, not long after my clearance, the little girl’s infections cleared up and she was discharged from hospital! Sheila Thornton, London.

Possessed by praying with someone who was possessed!
Monica from Sligo is very devout and goes to a regular prayer group. One evening she told Richard, another member that she felt she was possessed for 20 years. Richard contacted me as he was concerned about the effect it would have on their prayer group. I spoke to Monica and she said that approx 20 years ago, she was praying with someone who was possessed and in turn, she became possessed. The woman told Monica she was possessed, but Monica thought she could pray against it to help the lady. She was completely naive of all that’s involved in this ministry and now they were both possessed. This was confirmed to me. I found it amazing that she knew all these years and didn’t do anything about it! The demon had been moving around in her body all that time, even at night when she was in bed. A few days later, Richard arranged with Monica to visit a priest in the deliverance ministry. She was a new woman the next day! Everything was gone.

Be careful who you pray with and be careful who you allow to pray with you! Be extremely careful of anyone who lays hands on you unless you know they have been blessed with spiritual gifts from the Holy Spirit.
What can we do to prevent ourselves being affected by evil?
I cannot stress enough the need to say the Prayer of Protection for Freedom from Curses & Evil or St Michael’s prayer every day, especially if you have an active prayer life. Satan sees you as a threat and will try to attack you any way he can. On a daily basis, we could be encountering any number of people. We don’t know what goes on in their lives or what they are involved in, so it’s important to protect yourself. If you are meeting someone whom you know is involved in spiritual practices, say a protection pray before meeting them. For our physical wellbeing, we wash our hands daily to protect ourselves against picking up germs and dirt. We should do the same to protect our spiritual wellbeing.