Chapter 7 - Experiences at Holy Communion and Religious Occasions

A priest was celebrating Mass in his neighbour's prayer house three weeks after his ordination. There were about 20 people there. At communion time, the priest received first, and then asked that the rest of us, hold up the host between our first finger and thumb, and that we'd all receive together. I was first to receive the Eucharist. Instantly, it started to pulsate in my fingers as if it was a heartbeat. That lasted until we all received together as directed. (I always feel the power of the Holy Spirit in my heart every time I come back from communion).

During adoration, I feel a great power coming from the Eucharist, especially if the priest goes around the church. When it would face me, I would be hit with a power. It would hit me so powerfully that I would jerk backwards with its strength.

A classmate of mine in school, Jimmy, died from cancer in 1992. I had always kept contact with him through the years. He was a very good living honest man. When he first got sick, I went to see him one night at home. He was in bed and as we chatted, I could feel what seemed to be a great big heart covering his chest and I mentioned it to him. A few months later, when his condition progressed, I went to see him one Sunday at 12pm. While I was there a nun, Sr. Therese, brought him Holy Communion. She asked me not to leave and she started to read some prayers before giving Communion. When she finished, she gave Jimmy Holy Communion and then read some more prayers after communion. After Jimmy received the Eucharist, a tremendous power was coming from his lower chest/tummy area. It was coming out in miniature rays or beams of power from his body and I told him this. A few weeks later, during one of my visits another nun Sr. Kathleen, brought him Holy Communion. His condition had deteriorated rapidly in the meantime and he hadn't been able to receive for about 3 days before that. She broke a particle of the host and put it on the handle of a spoon to put it in his mouth and the same experience happened again. The rays or beams came from his mouth, where the Eucharist had been placed and I mentioned this to him also. He died a few days later.

In a crowd, I would sometimes pick out a priest even though he was in civic clothes and a stranger. I would generally be drawn to the power coming from his right hand, (because most would use this hand to raise the Eucharist).

After Mass I would feel that the priest would be spiritually filled and I'd pick up the increase in spiritual power from him. It would have intensified as a result of the power of the Mass celebrations.

The Saturday night Easter Vigil Mass, when the priest goes around the church with the Easter water, blessing the congregation, is like a powerful spiritual cloud descending on the people. This is the power of the Holy Spirit showering spiritual blessings on everyone. During this time my whole chest would be filled with a tremendous intense pressure and I'd be ready to burst. I'd have to hold my chest tightly during this particular time.

At the consecration, Jesus is most powerful. Put all your petitions to him at this stage. Sometimes the priests rush the consecration too much and it's a pity. It's the most powerful and important part of the Mass. A lot of care and time should be taken at the consecration and it should be performed gently and slowly, with a lot of reverence. The priest should raise up the Eucharist and keep it up for a short while and likewise with the chalice, showing it to all the congregation. That is my personal experience.

I was asked in Medjugorje a few years ago, about receiving Holy Communion on the hand or on the tongue as this person had misgivings about it. He asked me to know if I'd pray to Our Lady for direction on this situation. I said I would and asked him to do the same. The message I received was that the church's teaching allows the option of receiving on the hand or on the tongue, but Our Lady would prefer if we received on the tongue.

A lot of times at Mass, I feel that many old people are very worried about their spiritual well-being. I can pick it up off them.

There was a priest of the Dominican Order, and whenever I encountered him in the church, I used to pick up a concern he had about his spiritual well-being. I was told he was a very devout man. Once at Christmas time, I happened to go to confession in the church and met him in the confessional. He mentioned at the end to pray for him. I said to him, I have been praying for you and you have been very concerned about something in your life, but I said you're all right now. And I told him about the gifts I had been given.

I'd pick up problems priests would have (personal or otherwise) as they would come up to celebrate Mass and I would always pray for that problem at the Mass, especially at the consecration.

The last blessing that the priest gives, at the end of Mass, is also very powerful. So many leave or have already left before the end of Mass, normally at communion time. They don't know what they are missing.

Sometimes, I can tell if the priest is only going through the motions of Mass and not fully tuned in to the spiritual celebration of this great spiritual event. The Mass is the most powerful form of prayer that there is. People should go as often as they can. The bread and wine are changed into the body and blood at the consecration. There was a particular priest who would celebrate the Mass, and I would always see a great darkness around his face and felt that a lot of what he said didn't carry a lot of weight. During one sermon, it looked like he was
surrounded by a big bubble, and the message he was relaying was only projecting a few feet. It didn't come from his heart. It was a sign that I was to pray for him, which I still do.

Sometimes when I go to confession, especially in Medjugorje or Knock Shrine, I have been led by Our Lady to go to a priest in a particular confessional. Often, at the end of the confession I have been led to tell the priest about some personal concern he might have or something he had to do with his parish / ministry or somebody in his life.

~ ~ ~

At a baptism I experience a great spiritual power when the baby is being blessed at the baptismal font. Afterwards the baby is like a little ball of power as it is so filled with Holy Spirit. The first time I had this experience was when my niece christened her son. We went back to the house afterwards for celebrations and everywhere they moved the baby I could sense where he was even if I wasn't in the same room.

~ ~ ~

This also happens at confirmation. As the celebration progresses, the power of the Holy Spirit surrounding the children and the church continues to build very strongly. I can still sense it in the church even the day after.

~ ~ ~

I also experience this at a wedding in a church. Once the couple are married and as ceremony progresses I have the same experience as in the other sacraments. Afterwards when everyone is enjoying themselves at the reception I can sense this great spiritual power coming off them. They are so powerfully blessed and very few know that. About 10 years ago I was at a wedding in Co. Laois. Before the priest performed the marriage rites, I saw Jesus appear on the cross about 10ft from the ground in between the priest and couple. It was life size but there were no wounds or blood. His beard was full and dark and he appeared to be about 30. As the priest performed the marriage rites, Jesus leaned over to His right shoulder and looked down over the couple. This lasted about a few seconds. The church was filled with an intense spiritual feeling and I hated coming out of the church after the ceremony ended.

I also experienced this at an ordination as well.

Prayer For The Religious
One morning, at the English Mass in Medjugorje, I was very physically affected by a priest who was on the altar. I felt that I needed to talk to him. The message I was getting was that “he was careless about his priestly duties”. I had intended to meet him coming out from the sacristy at the back of the church, but I was interrupted by another person on the way out and didn't see him at that time.
Sometime later, during that particular day, when I was speaking to somebody, he came around the corner, just where I was standing and immediately I approached him. I told him about my experience of him at Mass and the way Our Lady directs me to people. I spoke to him about the various things Our Lady was concerned about, e.g. his carelessness with regard to his personal priestly commitments. She also itemised the great gifts he had which he wasn't using, like his personality, his way with old people, and his organisational abilities to
help people in his parish. I was speaking to him for quite some time and he listened to everything I said. I said to him 'it's not me, it's Our Lady is giving these directions. I'm only the telephone!'

That afternoon, I was to encounter him again while sitting on one of the seats outside the church. He was passing and he called me. He had been extremely touched by what I had told him and he said everything you have told me is the truth. He said 'I'm looking for an English-speaking priest to go to confession at the moment to confess my carelessness' and he asked if he could speak to me again and I said I'd be here for sometime and he could come back again. An hour later he came back and spoke for a long time about his background. He had originally been a banker and had a late vocation. His whole life had been changed in Medjugorje a few years previously when he came as a pilgrim from the US. I have been asked by Our Lady to approach other priests with something they were to do on other occasions.

An evening Mass was being celebrated in a cathedral, in the south of Ireland, April 2002. During the Mass three ladies noticed a small stone coming slowly through the air from the altar. One person thought she was going to be hit with the stone, but it landed on the floor behind her. It didn't roll, but stayed on the floor where it fell. After Mass, they went to investigate this happening and eventually one person picked it up and put it into the holy water font at the entrance to the cathedral. Mary contacted me. We prayed to Our Lady for direction and I was told that they were to pray for a priest who ministered there about 80 years ago. During a troubled period of our history he caused upset to a named family and as a result left them open to a lot of danger. Mary still holds this stone as a treasure, which I have held! A series of Masses were to be offered up for this man and she discussed this with the local priest who was only too willing to help.

I was recently socialising with my family in London, in a parish club that was originally a church. I was dancing with my sister, and the band was playing where the original altar was. I joked to her that they must be the Altar Boys (referring to the band) and I suddenly got a direction.
Direction: I was to pray for a priest who ministered there about 80 years ago and who had abused his position. Masses and Stations of the Cross were to be celebrated. My sister looked after this!

~ ~ ~

Angelus Bell
Sharon goes to Mass every morning before she goes to work. It wouldn't be unusual for her to experience something happening in the church as Mass time. One morning, she heard a knocking on the wall and a bell ringing. In April 2005, she contacted me for direction. I asked if the Angelus Bell was rung in their local church and she mentioned it hadn't been rung for years. The only time it was rung was at funerals. We prayed further and I was given direction that the bell was to be rung at least once a day for the Angelus and that someone was to be
asked to do it. I was directed to a man who lived about
1/ 2 a mile from the church in a particular direction who would ring the bell. After further prayer, Sharon mentioned a mans name and I got confirmation that this was the man to be asked. Sharon told her local priest the story. He treated it very lightly at first and with a certain amount of doubt and he didn't think there would be anyone to ring the bell. She amazed him by announcing that she already has someone in mind. He was the husband of the church caretaker. Sharon mentioned that he would have to be paid. When she approached him he was privileged to be asked and was happy to do it without payment! He offered to ring the bell at 6 O'clock and if he couldn't do it, he promised that a family member would do it instead. The bell tolls every evening for the Angelus since.
(I have had other experiences like this also)

~ ~ ~

A Franciscan brother rang me to know if any of his ancestors required prayer. Together we prayed Hail Mary's to Our Lady for direction. I received no direction on his family tree, but there were members of the Franciscan community who required help. We were a long time praying on the phone and I was given information from Our Lady about Franciscans in Africa, America and elsewhere. I was able to describe each of them, various aspects of their lives and how long since their deaths. He was able to confirm their identities.
Direction: A lot of Masses were to be celebrated. Some needed a lot more than others and my caller said he'd look after this with great satisfaction.

~ ~ ~

Special Graces On Church Feast Days

The month of November is a very special month for the Holy Souls. During this month, people should pray as much as possible for their deceased as it is the month set aside by the church and they receive special graces and help at this time. It cannot be emphasised enough, how important it is to pray for the deceased during this month. They are solely dependent on our help and prayers. She asks each day that I pray for different categories of souls. One day She could request prayer for the abandoned souls and the next day it could be
those who died in car accidents or tragedies. Another day it could be for suicides. One time She even asked me to pray for mothers who died in childbirth and another time for victims of an earthquake and then sailors lost at sea and other situations.

The Lord gives special graces through Our Lady on all Her feast days but especially on Christmas Day, All Saints Day, Good Friday, The Feast of the Assumption and The Ascension of Jesus. These special graces are given to those who pray to Her, for Her intercession. She asks that we pray 'to Her immaculate heart and the heart of Her divine Son Jesus'. Always pray for Her intentions and your own. Ask Her to intercede through Her Son Jesus in union with the Father and through the power of the Holy Spirit. (She requested on one occasion that I
offer up the sufferings of Her Son for my needs. I presume that goes for everybody!)

A mass is not just an earthly celebration; it is a truly heavenly event!

Why Should We Go To Mass Every Day?
“The Mass is the most perfect form of prayer!” (Pope Paul VI)

For each Mass we hear with devotion, Our Lord sends a saint to comfort us at death. (Revelation of Christ to St. Gertrude the Great)

St. Padre Pio, the stigmatic priest, said, “the world could exist more easily without the sun than without the Mass.”

A great doctor of the church, St. Anselm, declares that a single Mass offered for oneself during life may be worth more than a thousand celebrated for the same intention after death. St Leonard of Port Maurice supports this statement by saying that one Mass before death may be more profitable than many after it. Pope Benedict XV said “the Holy Mass would be of greater profit if people had it offered in their lifetime, rather than having it celebrated for the relief of their souls after death.”
Once, St. Theresa was over-whelmed with God's goodness and asked Our Lord, “How can I thank you?”. Our Lord replied, “ATTEND ONE MASS”
There are more souls released from purgatory during consecration of the Mass than at any time. Christmas is the day of the year when most souls are delivered: then feast days of Our Lord, Our Lady and great saints. Souls receive much grace from prayers offered for them on their birthday, day of baptism, anniversary of death. The more we work for Poor Souls on earth the more others will pray for us, and more merciful will Christ be with us when we're in purgatory.