Fortune Tellers/Clairvoyants/Witches

There has been a great increase in the number of people going to fortune tellers, mediums and the like. They are advertised in the media, newspapers and it’s a very lucrative business. People are paying big money to hear untruths!

Spirit in her Womb
During a visit to Medjugorje in 2014, Fr John asked me to visit Kathleen who was staying in their house and was very sick. When I prayed for her, it was revealed to me that she had been to a fortune teller on several occasions. Her family regularly went too. She had been to her local hospital in Ireland on 11 occasions. She would get awful pain in her womb area. The pain would get so severe that she was put on morphine and they still couldn’t come up with a solution to her problem. We did the deliverance prayers from the back of this book and she mentioned that she experienced a heat going through her body. I was directed that she had an evil spirit in her womb and that was causing the pain. She also went to confession to Fr John to confess that she had gone to fortune tellers. I kept in contact with her over a few weeks after we returned and she remained pain free.
Janet contacted me in February 2016 as her 9-year-old girl Millie, would regularly take tantrums, swear, curse and then later would be very sorry and would tell her Mum she couldn’t help it. When I prayed about the situation, the root cause of the problem was revealed to me. The mother went to a fortune teller when she was 4 months pregnant with Millie. The fetus became possessed by an evil spirit in the womb at 4 months.

The picture above recently broadcast in the media shows proof that this child was threatened by evil. I received further direction that this baby was under threat from abortion. Wouldn’t it be better to receive a blessing for your pregnancy, like the second image above which shows a crucifix image appearing on an ultrasound, and Jesus protecting the baby.

Missing Toy
Testimony from Jonathan - November 2010.
I was babysitting my friend’s children one day and brought them to a play centre. John aged three brought his favourite toy with him which he never let out of his sight as it was like his security blanket. Just after lunch we discovered he lost it. We searched the two rooms they were playing in and couldn’t find the toy. It was big and should have been easy to spot. Naturally John was distraught. Two other adults searched the two rooms and still couldn’t find it. We all searched for at least two hours but no success. The child eventually had to go home without the toy. The toy was with him all day, so we couldn’t work out how it went missing. I contacted Larry to see if he could shed any light on it, as it didn’t make sense. I told him the story and he prayed three Hail Marys. The direction Larry received was that the mother of the child had gone to a fortune teller or clairvoyant and as a result brought up an evil spirit. That evil spirit had taken the toy. He then prayed and commanded the evil spirit to put it back to where he had taken it from. A week later I was speaking to the mother and the toy hadn’t turned up. I also rang the play centre to keep an eye out for it. A month later we went back to the same play centre and we all sat down for a something to eat. James, another child in the group walked out of the room with the toy in his hand. We asked him where did he find it and he took us in to the room and said he’d found it on top of a box there. We checked with him to see if he was playing games, but he was telling the truth. It was sitting out in the open, on top of a box for all to see. We all stared at each other in amazement as we knew how much we had searched hard for the toy. I smiled privately, but didn’t say anything to the others about the evil spirit and John was reunited with his favourite toy. Jonathan Moore, Cork

Curse from Fortune Tellers
Roberta contacted me. She seemed to be having great difficulty in her marriage. There was a lot of conflict, they rarely agreed and arguments would stem from the slightest comment. It was really getting her down, as herself and her husband had naturally gotten on so well, but something changed not long after they got married. She knew there would be natural disagreements in their marriage, but there seemed to be constant conflict. Her husband became bad humoured, unreasonable and awkward, which was out of character from the person she knew. She too found herself becoming short tempered. This had continued for about 5 years and created great division between them. When I prayed with her, it was revealed to me that the root cause of the arguments were from visits to fortune tellers when she was younger. One fortune teller cast a hidden curse - a spirit of cantankerousness, into her future relationship to cause division. The curse remained hidden from the day of the visit until it manifested many years later after she got married. Once the curse was broken, her husband had a personality change overnight! Unaware that Roberta had been delivered, he woke up the following morning in great form, was light-hearted and reasonable. Without saying anything to him, he noticed over a few days that they had been getting on well and wanted to know what had changed. The whole atmosphere in their relationship changed once the spirit was cleared. John Gillespie, Belfast

Satan is root cause of many marriage break ups and many people don’t realise hidden curses are planted by evil spirits when visiting fortune tellers. Angels of Light (or demons) who were cast out of heaven at the same time as Satan, roam the earth and attach themselves in hiding to people through avenues like these visits, causing problems later in life.
St Paul taught the Ephesians (6:12) that our struggle is not against flesh and blood, but against the rulers, against the authorities, against the powers of this dark world and against the spiritual forces of evil in the heavenly realms. We have the ability to heal our own relationships by casting out any demonic influence we have encountered or on behalf of our spouse.

Possessed after visiting a Fortune Teller
Mary phoned me from England as she was concerned about one of her nephews, a twin. John was very different from his brother, James. He always seemed to be disturbed. The child was very destructive and very hard to manage. James in contrast, seemed to have a mild temperament and behaved relatively normal. Through prayer, I was told that he was with his mother when she visited a fortune teller a few years previously when he was four years old. The child had actually become possessed from being in the company of the fortune teller. I suggested that they arrange a deliverance ceremony for the child.

Disturbed Child
Imelda phoned me in September 2016. He Dad asked her to contact me as her four year old daughter Rosie seemed to be very disturbed. The tried various medical interventions but no one seemed to ascertain the problem and it continued. I asked Imelda if she had brought Rosie to any fortune tellers or any alternative practices etc, but she said no. When we prayed about the root cause if the problem, I was directed that Rosie was affected by her Mum. When we prayed further, it was revealed that Imelda herself had gone to about 6 different fortune tellers herself in the past, long before Rosie was born. Both Imelda and Rosie needed to be freed from the curse acquired from the visits to the fortune tellers. We did the prayers of protection from freedom from curses and evil from the back of this book a few times and I suggested she go to confession and to say Michael the Archangel every day to maintain her protection. We don’t realise that if we pick up an evil spirit from the likes of fortune tellers etc, it can affect our children in the next generation.
People are desperate and are searching for direction. Our economy is unstable, many are lost and insecure and people have a natural curiosity about the future. Only God knows this and he wants us to trust in his plan for it unfolds for each one of us. It is not our place to step ahead of God. People, who get involved in this practice, think they are being directed by angels or spirit guides which sounds safe, comforting and consoling. These directions are coming from masquerading demons who will tell you a truth from the past (to sound convincing), but can tell you some lies about the future. The devil is the master of deceit. I know of one woman who was told that she would only have another three years with her sick husband. The visit caused her a lot of unnecessary worry and anxiety over the pending lost of her husband but he eventually recovered and 15 years later is still with her.

What can we do to stop Fortune Tellers/Witches/Clairvoyants from practicing our area?

Pray the Prayer of Protection for Freedom from Curses & Evil for them and include them in your daily prayers so that what they are involved in will be revealed to them. These
   people are children of God who have been caught up in bondage.
· Ask the Lord to bless them
· Sprinkle blessed holy water and salt around their premises (where possible)

If we have visited a fortune teller, what should we do?
· Go to confession, and repent for not trusting God’s plan for us.
· Say the Prayer of Protection for Freedom from Curses & Evil and arrange to have a deliverance ceremony carried out, in case you and your family have carried any unwanted
home with you.