Chapter 2 - How the Holy Souls Have Looked For Help Through Me and Other People

Background - How To Recognise Souls Needing Help
We typically call them 'ghosts' but they are actually Souls needing help. In haunted houses or where there are places with unusual incidents, 99% of the time it is linked to souls that are not at peace and who have some connection with that place. There can often be an unusual coldness in a room, house or workplace. Loud knocking can be heard on windows or doors, often at night time. Most of the time the soul needing help would have had contact with the person or place when they were on earth. Articles in a house being moved, ornaments, flower pots or pictures falling off the wall, lights going on/off without any one near them. TV coming on with out anyone touching it. Sometimes an outline of a person would appear to somebody and would often repeat itself. They would be able to tell how they were dressed and their hairstyle, which would reveal the era they lived in, sometimes 100 years ago or more. Sometimes, the dog of the house would act unusually and couldn't be controlled. Other times a particular part of a road would be prone to unusual accidents. This could be the result of a tragedy e.g. a murder or otherwise that would have happened in that area, and the personnel involved still needing prayer. In most cases it's the victims interceding for prayer for the perpetrators of the tragedy. Generally the souls are asking for prayer for someone. However sometimes, souls have had their own requests e.g., like put up a headstone over a grave or have names engraved on an existing headstone.

Son appeared to his family after suicide

In May 2006 I got a call from Janet in London telling me that her nephew, who had committed suicide 7 weeks previously, had been continually appearing to his family from four days after his death. He was in his mid twenties. The family were distraught at this. I asked if it was possible to speak to her sister. That night her sister (the mother of the young man) phoned me from South Africa where they live. She said they could come in to the house and he could be sitting in a chair and her husband on one occasion asked him what he wanted. He replied “I am in a fog and I can't see”. I told her that her son was looking for spiritual help and that he wasn't at peace. I advised the family to go to Mass as often as they could and to pray continuously for him. I told them that once they started praying for him, they probably wouldn't see him again and that's exactly what happened. This experience had a tremendous spiritual impact on the family.

Man Appearing In Picture

In October 2007, I got a phone call from Louise in Co. Meath. They had a family photo and her mother was in the front. Some weeks previous to that a young man in his 20's had appeared beside her mother in the photo. He was dressed in early 1900's style clothes and they all wondered how he mysteriously appeared in the picture. A few nights before Louise called me, her mother was woken in the middle of the night by a young man standing beside her bed. She instantly recognised him as the man in the photo. He revealed to her, that he was her uncle who was killed in World War I in France. She was aware of that, but didn't know him. He said he was killed getting out a trench when a bomb went off and half his face was blown off. She saw this too. Louise wanted to know why he had appeared. After they prayed about it, I was told that this young man was at peace, but he was interceding for 12 of his companions who committed an atrocity during the war and were still not at peace as a result. She was to have mass celebrated every month for 12 months for those young men and to pray for them too so that they would be at peace after all those years.

Man appeared on Football Pitch
Seamus and Billy had serious flooding on their local football pitch after heavy rain. They went to investigate the flooding and discovered that an outlet pipe was stopped. They fixed the problem and as they were leaving they approached the perimeter fence and a young man passed within a few feet of Billy but never spoke to him. Billy asked Seamus who he was and he replied that he didn't see anyone! The searched the area and the young man seemed to have disappeared. Billy contacted me and we prayed for direction. I was told it was a soul looking for prayer. He had committed suicide on a nearby railway over a failed relationship a few years before and was looking for prayer. Billy investigated this and he was able to confirm everything.

15 Year Old Girl Appearing for 19 Years..
In 2006 I got a call from John. His nephew Tom had told him that from the age of 5 a girl had been appearing to him. He was now 24 and over the years had mentioned her appearance to him. John asked Tom to ask her who she was or what she wanted? The next time she appeared Tom asked her and she remained silent but put her finger to her lips. I arranged to meet John and he told me she appeared to Tom aged about 15, fair hair to her shoulder wearing a smock dress. We prayed for direction and I was told that this girl was abused by someone. Tom was always curious as to who she was. We prayed through each previous generation and she lived 5 generations back from Tom. She was his great, great aunt and was interceding for her uncle who had abused her, 6 generations previous. The man was not at peace and needed to be forgiven on her behalf. A series of Masses and other prayers were to be celebrated.

Muslim Woman with Water Leak in Ceiling

In 2007, Karen was having a problem with a water leak in her house but plumbers couldn't find the source of the water even though they checked all pipes in the bathroom etc. To investigate they even took away part of the ceiling and no leak could be found. There was also an unusual bad feeling around the house. Karen was telling her catholic friend Anne about the situation and Anne contacted me. I asked them to pray for this and that Karen was to pray in her own way for an answer. I was directed through prayer that a mother who previously
lived in the house in 1925 had drowned her two children in the bath. The children were interceding for their mother. Masses were to be offered for the mother who was still not at peace. Karen was to pray for this woman in her own way and Anne was to get the masses celebrated. That was agreed between them. The leaks have since stopped and there is now a great sense of peace around the house.

Cars across the road in Kilburn
Fr. Peter approached me in Medjugorje in June of 2007. Two years previous at 9.30 on at Saturday morning his doorbell rang. The caller asked if he knew anything of the two cars blocking the street and traffic outside. When he looked out, his car was one of the two. The evening before it had parked it in its parking space on the side of the street outside his house. It seemed to have been moved and was now parked perpendicular to the other cars jutting out into the street with another car in front of it, the whole street completely blocked. The police at this stage had arrived. A young man who was painting the house beside his came to him and said he heard the car starting and looked around to see that it had no driver. The car started slowly moving into the car in front and it proceeded to move it across the street completely blocking all traffic…something humanly impossible! The doors and steering in both cars were locked. There was another witness on the other side of the street. Fr Peter went to get the keys for his car to move it back in to position and when he put the keys in the door the alarm went off. He was able to move his car but the police had to physically move the other car with help off the street as they couldn't find the driver. I briefly prayed with him, and someone needed prayer. He prayed in the meantime, and the direction I got was a friend of his who had a drink problem. He was dead for 30 years and wasn't at peace. He knew who it was. He said he had a drink problem and a lot of other problems as well! I was able to confirm this. A series of prayers and masses were to be celebrated for him which he did.

Priest appearing on the altar
In April 2008, a man who looks after his local church in Co. Longford rang me. One evening he went in to lock up the church. As he came out of the sacristy, at the corner of his eye, he thought he saw a priest on the altar, yet he was alone. He ignored it and he continued to the back of the church to lock the doors and when he looked back up, there was a priest standing on the altar as if he was giving a blessing to a congregation. He was very clear to see and he was wearing a biretta. As he approached the altar, the vision started to fade and eventually disappeared. We prayed for direction and I was told that it was a priest who had died some years previous in this particular church. He had just given the last blessing of the Mass and suddenly dropped dead. This priest had been asked to say two masses but didn't get to celebrate them with his untimely death. The direction was to have the two masses completed.

Aine lives alone and is a very organised person. In her new house everything is normally in its place. One morning she got up and discovered that some of the photographs hanging in her hall had tilted. She knew something strange had happened but wasn't concerned, as she didn't get any bad feeling. She fixed the pictures to their original position but a few days later they had tilted again. Some
months later she got up one morning and couldn't find her slippers, which were always beside her bed. She eventually found them under her pillow! She told this story to a group of friends one night and one of them contacted me for direction.
Direction : The father of the site manager who built her house was looking for prayer. Masses were to be celebrated which she carried out. Everything has been fine since.

Candles On Birthday Cake
I was invited to Brian's 60th birthday celebration recently. During the party the birthday cake was brought out and all the candles lit. Brian blew out the candles and prepared to cut the birthday cake with his wife. As they did, one of the candles relit. The blaze was three times the size of normal. They left it lighting while they cut the cake and took photos. He then quenched it with his finger and thumb. All this while, I was standing quite near and was aware that there was a message in this. Over a minute later, the candle relit again and Brian quenched it. This happened about 5 times. By the 5th time, I had got the message and I knew it wouldn't relight anymore and it didn't. Masses and prayers were to be offered for his grandfather who was dead about 41 years. A few days later I talked to him about this and it was duly carried out. (PS. For you cynics out there, these weren't trick candles that you can often get to play jokes!)

Flying Tapes
Sean phoned me from Dublin in May 2005 to tell me of strange events happening in his house. Sean is a music lover and often listens to music on his tape recorder at the weekends. While the music was playing, in his own words 'the other tapes would fly around the place'. They would eventually land on the floor. He asked a priest to bless the house twice during that time but the tapes continued to fly around. After praying with him over the phone, I asked him about his favourite music and he mentioned ballad groups. I felt it was connected to the music he was listening to. I asked him if he prayed the Rosary and he mentioned he used to say it when he was young. I mentioned to him, that he needed to pray to Our Lady for direction to get an answer. Deceased family members, belonging to a particular group, were dead for a long time and were not at peace. Masses and other prayers were to be offered for the deceased.

Eagle at Window in Canada
Joan in Canada asked me to forward some books to her and I asked her to call me when she got them, which she did. While on the phone, she said that one day an eagle came to her window and was looking in at her. I her own words 'she went out with a broom to hush him away' but he kept coming back to the same window. He didn't want to go and she found this very strange. We
prayed over the phone for direction and a man who resided in the house before her, had contact with eagles, was now deceased and wasn't at peace. Masses and prayers were to be said for him, which she carried out.

Teenage Girl

A teenage girl about 16 was often seen by locals running from a particular house and down along a path in the west of Ireland. She was seen by quite a few people over a period of time and always running. They could describe the clothes she was wearing and what she looked like. A neighbour who had seen her, phoned me and asked for direction. This girl was dead a few years but had been abused when she was young and her abuser needed prayer. She was interceding for her abuser. Direction was given for a series of Masses, Stations of the Cross and other prayers to be carried out.

Jumping Jeep!
At a day of prayer, Denis, who is from Co. Cavan, approached me. Denis told me a story about his brother who went to assist a cow giving birth in a field in April 2004. After looking after the needs of the cow and newborn calf, he got back into his jeep to drive away. As the jeep took off, it started to jump or bounce along the field like a trampoline and this startled him. Denis asked me for direction and I briefly prayed to Our Lady for him and the situation needed more prayer. Denis spent further time in prayer for a couple of days. I asked if his brother had bought any land and Denis said he had bought the field where the cow gave birth about 10 year previous. I received direction that two previous deceased owners of the land needed Masses and prayer. Denis looked after this and the Jeep doesn't jump anymore.

Popping Buttons
Sarah phoned me in April 2005. She couldn't keep the buttons in her coat. When a button would fall out she would sew it back again tighter than before. One day she was at a funeral and after leaving the graveyard, her friend mentioned that she had lost another button from her coat. They both looked for the button and she found it. Sarah took it home and put it away in a drawer for safekeeping. A few days later, she opened a window in the room where she had put the button and the button was up on the window! She couldn't understand how the button got there, as she was the only one in the room. I received a direction that someone related to the person who made the coat needed prayer and direction was given for Masses etc. That solved the button problem!

New Trailer
I was giving a talk in the west of Ireland and during the talk I referred to the previous button story. A woman approached me after the meeting and said that her husband had got a trailer made. The nuts on the bolts of the new trailer kept  coming off. He decided to get the tops welded so the nuts couldn't unscrew. For some unknown reason, they still came off and he mentioned to his wife that there seemed to be a spell on the trailer and was going to sell it. He then put a deposit on another trailer. I asked this woman if she knew the makers, which she did. When I prayed to Our Lady for direction, there were two members belonging to makers family that were deceased a long time and needed prayer and Masses etc.

Shoes with Burnt Holes
In June 2005, Jody contacted me about a problem with his shoes. He discovered one day that his thick-soled shoes seemed to be uncomfortable to walk in. When he checked the shoes, one had a big hole burnt into the middle of the sole and another in the heel. When he checked the other shoe, it had one burnt hole in the heel only. They were almost burnt through. He couldn't understand how this would have happened, as he wasn't near any fire. I prayed with him over the phone and felt it had something to do with an accident but needed further prayer for direction. After he prayed, I felt the accident had happened in the early 1960's in Co. Laois. A van collided with a car containing a family of three. The car caught fire and all three perished. The driver of the van was drunk but escaped unharmed. A lot of prayer was needed for the van driver. The burnt holes in the shoes represented the three people who died but they did not need prayer.

Two Hares on Doorstep
Jody also told me about another incident he had. Jody is now retired and goes to daily Mass. In May 2004, when he came home from Mass he would find two young hares sitting on his doorstep. That seemed to happen every time he came home from Mass in the local church but not at any other time. We prayed about it and I asked if he was ever involved with greyhounds and it turned out he had raced greyhounds all his life and he had many friends in the business. I felt some of his friends that were deceased, needed prayer. He wrote a list of his friends and contacted me again. As he read them out, I related to him that two of his friends were not at peace. Direction was given for Masses and Stations of the Cross to be prayed. The two hares represented his friends.



In March 2005, Maura phoned me concerned about her new house. Some evenings when she returned home from work, she would find objects would have moved from where she had originally put them. As a habit, she would leave the teapot full of water when not in use. One evening she found the teapot empty but hot and the kettle cold. This startled her. She thought someone was getting in to house, yet nothing was being taken, only moved. She had the locks changed on the house, but it still continued for some time. I prayed with her over the phone and suicide came up while I was talking to her, but it needed more prayer. Maura prayed further and a few days later I was given direction that someone from her school had died as a result of suicide and needed prayer. During the conversation she mentioned that there were three lads in her area who she knew from primary school. John had committed suicide 8 years ago and Tim 5 years previous. Tim's brother, Paul had just committed suicide in February 2005. A series of Masses needed to be celebrated and prayer said and Maura said she'd organise that. There is no problem in the house since.

Priest in Purgatory for 36 years
Tom phoned me in April 2005 about an incident happening in his local church. Every time the local priest celebrated Mass, during weekdays, there would be a lot of noise in the church. It sounded like someone hitting the heating pipes with a hammer. The people in the church could hear it and the priest often commented about hearing it when alone during private prayer. Tom prayed for a few days and I received direction that a priest from that diocese needed to be prayed for and I was also enlightened as to where he was buried. I visited his grave and he was dead almost 36 years. A series of masses were to be offered over a number of weeks coinciding with the anniversary of his death. The church is quiet now!

Number Plates
Michael was from Tralee, now living in London. He would regularly have experiences of seeing car registration plates. The plates would read 'H E L L' or a combination of these four letters in the number. This happened over a number of years. 6 months before I met him in 2001, it became very regular and he was very worried. He thought it was something to do with him personally. After praying the Rosary to Our Lady for direction, and sharing all the experiences he had with the car registration numbers, Our Lady's message was that he was to pray the sorrowful mysteries, everyday for the rest of his life, for souls that were hell-bound and thousands would be saved. The experiences ceased after this.

Women Who Helped The Travelling People

Bridie is 84. As a child growing up her mother would always have been very generous to the travelling community who came to the house and no one was let away without getting something to eat or being helped in some way. Bridie in turn carried on that tradition. Different families would pass and call to them if they were in the area. Over the last two and a half years, she has heard knocks on her windows and doors and when this happened first she was very frightened as she lives alone. When we prayed about it, it was one of the travelling community, since deceased, who used to call to their house. I would get an outline of what the person looked like and when described, she knew who it was. This experience happens on average of once a month. Sometimes it's the person themselves that needs help and other times they are interceding for their relations on earth. Her last experience was to pray for babies belonging to the travelling community who were born through miscarriage or otherwise and who weren't baptised. This has since been looked after.

The Lady With The Bad Tongue
Myself and my wife Kathleen, went away for a weekend near a seaside town. One day we were having something to eat in a restaurant, which had a confectionery counter at the front. During the meal I got a bad sensation, which continued to get worse. Then a woman walked in and bought something from the confectionery counter. I was severely affected by her presence. We prayed at the table and the message I got from Our Lady was that she had hurt a lot of people by her tongue and had told a lot of untruths. After she left, the reaction gradually subsided the further away she went from the restaurant. The purpose was to pray for her.
Phone Ringing With No-One On The Other End One evening at tea, the phone rang, which wouldn't be unusual. When I went to answer it stopped. After a few minutes it rang again and I picked up the receiver, said 'hello' a few times but there was no answer on the other end. I noticed a Cork number on the caller ID. The call ceased. I went back to my tea. A few minutes later the same thing happened again, with the same number. I said hello about 10 times and listened, but there was no sound. Eventually the call ceased. I immediately rang the number on the caller ID. A woman answered and I asked her if she had called me and I gave her my number. She wanted to know from
where I was calling. She said she hadn't made any phone call that evening. I immediately got a direction to have two Masses celebrated for her deceased brother.

The Stolen Sheep

Two women and a man came to visit me from Offaly one evening and they were in the farming business. During the evening, I kept getting a direction about a problem with sheep. I asked them if they kept sheep and they had in the past, but not anymore. The sheep kept coming up while talking and praying. I asked if any neighbours had any sheep. I was told that one neighbour had a lot sheep but there
had never been any problems or trespass there. He asked me if I meant 'pigs' as he had trouble with some neighbours who had pigs. No it was definitely sheep. I asked if there had been any incidents of sheep-stealing in the area. Instantly it struck a chord and all three said there was. I asked him if he had sheep stolen. He had and knew who the culprit was. It transpired that the man in question was
going home one night in his van. He got a heart attack and died with a stolen sheep in the back of the van. These three were directed to pray for him; a series of Masses were to be celebrated and Novenas prayed. The man was dead about 25 years.

The Tree Near Seans Garage
In 1996, I visited my friend Sean one day but he wasn't there when I arrived. While I was waiting for him, I could sense there was a problem about a mile away across the fields. I looked in that general direction and noticed a tree and I felt the problem originated in that area. When he arrived back, I mentioned this to him and he immediately knew what it was. In the early 1960's Sean was cutting hay for a neighbour, whose father had died some time previous to that. Sean's father Mick was bringing in newly sharpened blades for the mowing bar along a lane leading to the field. Suddenly he heard a sound. He turned around and saw his recently deceased neighbour coming down the lane behind him on a bicycle! As he got within talking distance of him, Mick was startled and frightened and shouted at this figure, 'you're not going to harm my son' and with that, he disappeared. Obviously the neighbour still needed prayer so I got to speak to the deceased man's son about this.
Direction: A series of Masses were to be celebrated and various prayers said.

Flies In Bedroom

Joan called me one morning. They had a terrible problem in their bedroom with flies. There were thousands of them. They didn't know where they came from and tried everything to get rid of them. Eventually they moved from the bedroom to their sitting room and sure enough the flies moved as well! We prayed about it over the phone and I was shown an old graveyard. I asked her if there was an old graveyard near her house and she told me she was looking out at it though the window! I was given direction that there were three souls that were buried there who weren't at peace. I advised her of the prayers and Masses that needed to be carried out and the flies disappeared.

Flies In Sligo

Pat and his wife went to visit relations. They usually stayed in the guest room of the house. On the night they arrived the family were away, but when they entered the guest room, it was full of flies to such an extent that his wife ran out of the room. He used a hoover, but it only partially worked and he eventually slept on his own (with the flies!). His wife slept on a couch in the kitchen. All through the night, she could hear people walking up and down outside the house, which terrified her. The following day, they contacted me. We prayed over a couple of days and I was given direction that it was related to unforgivness. It was a massive dispute with neighbours over grazing rights on common land (commonage) from the 1920's. There was a lot of hurt and unforgiveness because of the dispute. Masses had to be celebrated and Novenas prayed for this. This was duly done and the flies disappeared. (I have come across other similar incidents)

Incidents In Flats At Westminster, London
Aidan took me to two blocks of flats and mentioned that there was an unusual sensation in the staff room of the first block and there had been a lot of other incidents in the second block. We went to the first block and we prayed in the staff room for some time. I knew there was a problem, but wasn't getting a clear direction. We climbed the stairs to the top of the building, which I had requested and when I got there, I could sense that the problem was still in the Staff room, which we had left. We returned down to the Staff room and prayed further. The direction came that someone had committed suicide and I asked Aidan about it, but he said no. I felt the suicide was connected to him in some way and I told him so. I asked him if anyone in his family committed suicide and he said no. I then asked him if
any of his neighbours in Ireland committed suicide and he said not to his knowledge. After praying further I got a clear message. A neighbour of his committed suicide a long time ago, when Aidan was very young and that he was traumatised by this incident. I asked him if he remembered it and after some time, he mentioned a neighbour called Joe. I said that's the man and asked Aidan what he knew about Joe. Joe drank weed killer and died as a result and it had a terrible affect on Aidan for a long time. Joe's family never prayed for him and were probably shocked and hurt by the event.
Direction: Masses and Novenas were to be celebrated.
We then went to the top of the second block. I could feel evil coming from the walls & roof and knew that somebody in the building was involved in evil spiritualism. There had been a murder there and someone had died from drugs and there seemed to be a lot of unrest. We prayed in the staff room at the bottom.
Direction: The rite of exorcism and Mass were to be celebrated in the building and the place blessed with Holy Water. If this wasn't done, the tragedies would continue.

Suicide Bridge In Higate, London

Everybody in London probably knows 'Suicide Bridge' in Higate. It was probably built in the 1800's and is about 100 ft high over a motorway below. Over the years, many people have taken their lives from this bridge, thus its name. Since I first went to London, I would get very physically affected, every time I passed over the bridge. We prayed about it and there were many souls who died there and were not at peace.
Direction: Stations of the Cross and Masses were to be celebrated. A priest was to pray at the bridge, which was subsequently organised and I haven't been affected since.

Bridge In Athlone, Co. Westmeath
The bridge of Athlone was known for a famous battle in past history, but in recent times for other tragedies. On pilgrimage to Knock Shrine, we would always have to pass the bridge en route and I would often be physically affected. I would know that somebody had taken their life here. On one occasion, coming home at the end of the pilgrimage season in Knock, I was under tremendous physical strain driving over the bridge to such an extent, that my wife Kathleen thought I was going to crash. After stopping for a break, we prayed on the way home. I knew it was a suicide situation. On the following Tuesday night on national television, a programme was relayed
about the amount of suicides that had taken place in Athlone in the previous two and a half years, which totalled 25. Various friends of those who died were interviewed, both boys and girls who seemed to be in their late teens. Most of those interviewed gave vague or implausible answers as to what had happened, but the last interviewee, a girl, claimed that they had heard the river calling them, i.e. this is the voice of Satan urging them in. (How sad). I organised and asked as many people as possible around the country to pray for them. About three months later, the souls needing prayer were all at peace.

Golders Green Suicide - Jason
In October 1999, when I was on a weeks mission in London, I had a few hours to spare one evening and my brother John took me to Golders Hill Park, Golders Green. As we walked around the park we came upon an area where there was a high wall and I was very physically affected. I pointed to a certain area on the wall and knew someone had committed suicide. John mentioned that there was a school on the other side. A few days later, I was at dinner in his house, and he brought up the incident at the meal. His son was present and mentioned that he knew about the suicide. Jason was 16 and happened to be a school friend. We contacted his family whom I have met quite often since.
Direction: Stations of the Cross and Masses were to be celebrated.

Golden Gate Bridge - San Francisco
The Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco is a world-renowned suspension bridge. It connects two points of land over the sea. During guided tours, there is a reference to the large amount of suicides and they all seem to go over the same side. A maintenance man, who retired a couple of years ago, had worked on the bridge. His job was continually cleaning and painting the bridge. He would work
from one end to the other and would start all over again. Shortly after he retired, he got very sick and his sickness seemed unusual. My friend Ann who knew him, contacted me, so a Novena of Rosaries was organised for him. At the end of the Novena, I was told there was no message concerning him, but that a lot of people had taken their lives off the bridge where he had worked and they needed
to be prayed for.

Direction: A Novena of Masses was to be celebrated for those souls. As soon as this direction was carried out, the man got better.

I have often been in a scrap-yard with cars, and have been affected by one of the wrecks, because someone may have been killed in that car and wasn't at peace.

Rally Driver
My friend Peter contacted me. One night after his 9-year-old son went to bed one of his toy cars started racing around the room in a circle, which woke him. He jumped out of bed and ran frightened down the stairs to his mother and said that the room was haunted and told her what was happening. She phoned me and we prayed about it. I felt it was someone that Peter knew who was killed in a car
accident and who had also been involved in rallying. This was revealed to me. Peter knew who I was talking about and directions were given for this situation to be prayed for.
Direction: One Mass a month for 6 months was to be celebrated and they were to remember him daily in prayer time.

Man Killed By A Bull
Noreen, living in Co. Laois was in the yard outside her house one day. She could hear a man shouting some distance away as if looking for help. She knew that there was nobody in the place from where this voice was coming. Other members of her family had had experiences similar to this before. I asked her to get her family to pray a Novena of the Rosary to Our Lady for direction.
Direction: A man was killed by a bull in 1941 about a mile from where she lived and I could tell her the general direction where this happened. I asked her to make enquiries from some of the older generation in the area and after three weeks she was able to confirm that incident with a neighbour who remembered. Stations of the Cross and Masses were to be celebrated as before.

Priest Coming Up The Church

A female sacristan was closing the church in a village in Co. Laois. She had locked all the outside doors in the church. She would normally turn out the lights in the church, and then leave by the sacristy door. This evening she was in the sacristy and gave one last look out into the church before she turned off the lights and to her amazement she saw a priest coming up the church, with all his
vestments on with two altar boys. He seemed to be in his 40's and was tall and slim. She was very frightened by this and turned off the lights and fled. This incident happened about 1990. We prayed about this situation with Novenas of the Rosary to Our Lady.
Direction: This was a priest who was killed in an accident in England and had on his list to pray for a deceased person, but was killed before this Mass could be celebrated. I was also able to confirm that this man was about 40. A Mass was to be celebrated for this intention and that was carried out. (I had about 3 other incidents like this, but not as detailed. They were all related to a priest dying before he got to complete saying Mass for an intention).

Pray For Unbaptised Babies Lost Through Miscarriage or Abortion
Kathleen has lived in her current house for about 50 years. When they first moved into the house it was only built 2 years, but someone had lived in it prior to them. When her family were children, they would hear a baby crying yet there was no young baby in the house. It went on for a number of years, but they never told Kathleen and she never heard it herself. When the family grew up and
moved away, she began to have unusual experiences in the house, e.g. the telephone on the table inside the door would have been left on the floor against the door; a glass table in the porch with a flower pot, had the top taken off and the pot placed in the middle of the legs, with the glass left aside; the flower vases being turned over on the shelf, but strangely the flowers never fell out. There
were other strange happenings also. This continued for quite a while. One time, Kathleen got very sick and when she was recovering, she was brought a little book about how important it was to have babies baptised especially those lost through miscarriage, abortion or otherwise. She started to pray for the babies and carried out the instructions in the book. As soon as she did this, everything came
back to normal.

The Pigeon Woman
One afternoon in November 2002 in London I was driven by my sister Ann to give a talk in the Padre Pio shop in Victoria. We were driving on a side street coming up to a junction, and we were stopped because there was a queue of traffic in front of us. I glanced up the footpath, and noticed a small cloud of about 100 pigeons, flying in a balloon shape over a couple that were coming
towards us along the path. The woman, aged about 60, was in front, pulling a small shopping trolley behind her. A man who was with her, was one step behind and seemed to be a bit older. The pigeons seemed to be flying busily in all directions, in a tight ball about 12 inches over her head. I first thought that she was feeding them, but then realised that she wasn't even aware that they were
there. They were like woodpigeons and were all the same colour, not usually found in London. When she came to within 10 metres of the car, I was almost knocked sideways. I shouted to my sister to look at all the pigeons. I was told that this lady had multiple abortions and also organised prostitution, some years back. A message came to have the babies baptised and to pray for her. I also felt that these weren't real pigeons, but angels who took the form of pigeons to attract my attention to her.

Difficulty Selling Property
Two older ladies and their niece came to visit me. During the course of the conversation one of the ladies mentioned that they had building property in a prime area near a county town. They had bought it some years ago and had built some houses for the family and the rest of the property they put up for sale. They had it sold on two occasions and at the last minute the purchasers pulled out. They couldn't understand this, especially because of its location. They wanted to know was there some problem with it. We prayed about it and I asked her if the area had been a wasteland. She said that it was but in later years was turned into an amenity area. While praying, I got a direction that there were a lot of unbaptised babies buried in this particular area, going back to pre-famine times. The victims of two different murder situations, which happened during the second half of the 1800's, were also buried here. The direction given was to have all the babies baptised. One woman was familiar with how to do this. It amounted to 155. There were two people involved in one murder and four in the other and a series of Masses were to be celebrated and Novena's offered. A Mass of atonement was to be said for all the evil that happened in that particular area.

Marie From Athlone

Marie in Athlone called me. Her son had difficulty sleeping in a particular room in the house because of a disturbance. We prayed for direction and I was told that there was a woman who used to live in the house a few years ago who had had a miscarriage and the baby wasn't baptised.

Ann From Kerry
Ann from Kerry contacted me. In Co. Kerry, a pile of stones would often be made to mark the burial place of babies born prematurely and unbaptised which was known as a 'lois'. There was one of these on their own farm and she wondered if something needed to be done. She prayed about it and called me back within 24hrs. I was told there were no babies in the lois that needed to be baptised. Instead I was guided to an old churchyard nearby that contained two areas where unbaptised babies had been buried. Ann looked after this.

Princess Diana
When Princess Diana died I was made aware that all three people killed in the car needed to be prayed for. Because she was such a high profile person, she touched the hearts of millions as a result of the tragedy. Her funeral service in Westminster Abbey was relayed all over the world. At this point millions were praying for her and as a result of this massive amount of prayer, her soul was
released to heaven. She was a great friend of Mother Teresa of Calcutta. The two of them worked at different levels of society; Mother Teresa working with the underprivileged at the level of the gutter in Calcutta and Diana working at a high profile level on landmines. Dodi and the driver didn't get peace until much later, but they did benefit from the prayers. Never did so many people pray for one
person at one time. Millions!
Hospital Related Incidents Marie is a young nurse, working in a hospital in London. During night duty, the nurse alarm would signal for help from the ward she was working on, but when she went to check, there were no lights on and no one would have rang the bell. This happened quite often when she was on duty, sometimes the ward lights would flicker also. She reported the matter to have it checked out, because this had been happening for a few weeks. The maintenance staff checked all systems and everything was found to be in working order. It then transpired that this only happened when she was on duty. This concerned her. I was contacted about this and we prayed.
Direction: There were a lot of medical staff, who had worked in the hospital down through the years, who had passed on and were not at peace and needed to be prayed for. A series of Masses were to be celebrated and Stations of the Cross to be prayed. This situation ceased immediately.

Phil, another nurse, now retired, felt a continuous presence and heard various noises in her house. She contacted me for help.
Direction: Pray for the deceased patients who died in the hospital where she previously worked, who were not at peace. A series of Masses were to be celebrated and Stations of the Cross to be prayed, which she duly looked after and the experiences ceased.

Frances, another nurse, has had a lot of experiences similar to above. She shared a house with a single girl, who wasn't practising her faith. Frances had often advised her in various ways to do something about it. Her friend since died. In October 2002, Frances had a vision in her bedroom. In the vision, her housemate appeared, standing on the carpet in front of her. She looked completely black and sparks emanated from where she stood. There was a man standing behind her and he was also black. This really bothered Frances and she contacted me. We prayed over three days for direction.
Direction: (Our Lady) She didn't listen to my pleadings (through Frances).

A Land Dispute

A couple living in Tipperary were to get married in November and the previous February they had made arrangements to build their new house and all legal requirements had gone through and a builder had been booked. For some unknown reason they couldn't get the house started. There seemed to be a problem or delay every week. It went from week to week and soon enough it was October. I was contacted by the young man's mother. I asked her to organise a group of her family to pray a Novena of Rosaries for 9 days to Our Lady for direction and to pray for Our Lady's intentions also.
Direction: Circa 1922 there was a land dispute, near where the house was to be built and four men murdered a young man as a result. It transpired that they killed the wrong man; his brother was the intended victim. (I asked her to make enquiries about this incident because it wasn't that long ago and somebody should know something about it. She checked this out and the only thing different was a reference to a 'group' of men). All the family members that prayed initially for direction, were now to pray Novenas of The Stations of the Cross for 9 days and several Masses were to be celebrated. As soon as the Novena was started the building suddenly commenced and the house was finished the following February and they have a young family since.

RIC Police Station

Donal lives in a small village in Tipperary. His house is built on the former site of a RIC Police Station. For a number of years, he had an uncomfortable feeling about his own house and would regularly suffer from headaches. He felt that they were related. He contacted me and I asked him to pray a Novena of the Rosary to Our Lady and to get some of his family to help, which he did.
In the early 1900's, a man died in the RIC Station as a result of a beating by two policemen. The policemen obviously had remorse for their actions and were looking for prayer. As before, Novenas of The Stations of the Cross were to be prayed for 9 days and several Masses were to be celebrated. (While he was carrying out the directions, someone gave him a photo of 6
policemen standing outside the Barracks in the early 1900's and the two men in question happened to be standing on the left side in
the photo). I could verify this when I saw the picture.

Bombing In Kerry
Finbarr called me on a Monday. On the previous Saturday a bird was discovered in the house and he didn't know how it got in. It looked like a blackbird, but it wasn't blackbird. They tried to get it out of the house, with doors and windows opened, but it refused to go for quite a while. It flew upstairs and downstairs and eventually left by the back sitting room window. At Mass on Sunday, he got a call to say there was a fire in the house. He had cleaned out the grate and had put the ashes into the bin which obviously took fire under the window that the bird had flown out through. It was under control when he arrived home. His friend asked him to call me, that there may be a link between the bird and the fire. I discerned that something needed looking after. I asked him to pray for two days and the message I got was that there was a great tragedy in 1923 during the civil war and a lot of men were blown up with a bomb. I asked him if he knew anything about it and he didn't. I asked him to investigate this incident, which he did and he called me later. A group of 9 men who were being held as prisoners, were taken out by the government forces, tied together and blown up with a bomb. The majority of them were killed instantly. There were 8 people responsible for this tragedy and they suffered great remorse and sorrow in later years for what they had done when they were young men. He was to have a series of Masses celebrated and Novenas of Rosaries prayed because he wasn't familiar with the Stations of the Cross. He asked what had this incident got to do with him and I told him nothing except that Our Lady wanted him to be the instrument to help these souls. All directions were carried out.

Murder In 1798 - Galway
A couple that had a lot of tragedy in their family came to me looking for help. While we were praying, they asked if it had anything to do with their house. I knew something needed to be looked after and asked them to pray to the immaculate heart of Mary for her intentions and direction and to put in as much prayer as possible. They phoned me a few days later. I had got a direction that it was not connected with the house, but that 100 yards south of their home, two women had been murdered in 1798, by three men, two older men and a younger person. This was nothing got to do with the rebellion. After all those years, a series of Masses were to be celebrated and Novenas of the Stations of the Cross were to be prayed in atonement for what they had done.

American Naval Base At Pearl Harbour
The American naval base at Pearl Harbour was bombed on 7th December 1941 by the Japanese, which is well documented, as everybody knows. There were a lot of American sailors and personnel killed in this bombing raid, which amounted to 2,300. My friend Ann visited there for 3 days in 2000 and felt a terrible coldness or chill about the area, which bothered her. She contacted me and we prayed a Novena of the Rosaries to Our Lady for direction.
Direction: There was a lot of loose living in the area at this time, because the amount of young men hugely exceeded the percentage of women. Some of these still needed help after all those years. A Novena of nine Masses was to be celebrated for their souls (which was duly organised by Ann)

San Francisco - Ann
Ann relates this particular incident. A house beside where she lives had been vacant for quite some time. Her daughter was outside one day, when the police came to the vacant house. They asked if anyone lived in the house and she told them that nobody had lived in the house for quite a long time. They found this unusual as they had received phone calls registered at that address on numerous occasions and when they arrived, there was nobody there. We prayed about it to Our Lady and it was revealed that a woman who had lived in the house, at one time, needed spiritual help.
Direction: Stations of the Cross and Masses were to be celebrated for her soul.

San Francisco - Native American Indians

Ann's daughter was at home one day, and was in a room that had french doors. Suddenly the doors opened and the curtains started to swing but there was no breeze. There was a beautiful aroma of incense around the room. When she went through the french-doors the aroma was outside also! She was startled by this and wondered what it meant. I was contacted and we prayed about it for direction.
The message was to pray for the authorities that unfairly treated and murdered the Native American Indians in this area in the 1800's. Mass was celebrated and prayers said for this situation

In 1999 I was in Medjugorje and a young American woman, Marie, was staying in the same house as our group. She was on her own but had been there many times before. One day I received a message from Our Lady that she (Marie) was to pray and that Our Lady would have a message for her before we'd leave. A few days passed and I received the message as follows; she was to pray for the people who were responsible for the atrocities that were committed against the American Indians in the area where she lived. Marie told me that her father was an Irish doctor and her mother's family belonged to an Indian tribe. Her grandfather was an Indian chief and the tribe was now extinct.

In October 2002, we went on a trip to Miami, Florida. We went to Key West and having arrived there in the afternoon we parked our car beside what turned out to be a memorial garden to the victims of Aids. There were slabs of black marble with seven names on each, which amounted to 400 names in total. Looking through the names, there were so many familiar Irish surnames. I got a direction
to pray for these souls and informed a couple of the parishioners who I met at Mass the following morning and also wrote to the priest to have special prayers offered for those.

Also when in Florida, I was reading in the paper about a woman who had been sentenced to death for committing 6 murders. After numerous appeals failed, she was executed on 9 October. The second last line of her final speech made a reference to Jesus and when praying for her I was told that she would spend a long long time in purgatory.

There were other incidents in the US which are not related here which needed to be prayed for.

Bermuda Triangle

It is known all over the world that ships and planes were disappearing without trace in this area over a number of years. Kenneth McCaul was a minister and expert on psychology. Having the gift of discernment he went out on a ship to investigate the area. He could hear people crying and it was revealed to him that it was the souls of young African men and women who were being transported as slaves to the American continent in inhumane conditions. A lot died in transit and many were drowned deliberately. In 1976, an ecumenical service was organised on board a ship to deal with this.

The Titanic
When I was a child, my father often spoke of the Titanic and retained a lot of information as to what happened on that epic voyage and the personnel on board. There were 6 people from the area where he was born in Culahill, Co. Laois that drowned in the accident. That was probably the reason why he had such an interest! I went to one of the first showings of the film since I had heard so much
about it growing up. I was fascinated as to how accurate his account of the tragedy was and the names of the people on board like John Jacob Astor and his 18-year-old expectant wife and many other wealthy people. When the film started I got very physically affected for the first three minutes. It got so bad I thought I'd have to leave the cinema. The experience suddenly ceased. I watched
the rest of the film without any problems until the last two minutes when I was suddenly affected again. I then got a message from Our Lady, to pray for all those who lost their lives and were still not at peace. I prayed for them and asked others to pray also. Two weeks later I went back again to see how the souls were progressing! The experience repeated itself and I received another message. She
asked me to pray especially for those in command of the vessel. They were careless in their quest for glory because they were trying to break the record for crossing the Atlantic on a maiden voyage. They were driving the ship at its maximum speed. Irrespective of being warned about icebergs on the route they did alter course somewhat, but it meant very little in terms of the ocean. I kept up the prayers and asked more to pray and I went back a third time, three weeks later. The souls still needed prayer. After my fourth visit, a few weeks later again, all souls were finally free.

People Killed In War
During the summer of 2002, I went on a weeks break across to France and Germany with my wife. We visited various historical sites and churches. Part of the trip entailed a visit to the World War 1 site of the Battle of Verdun where thousands died. On arriving there, the poppy fields were in full bloom, clothed in a mantle of red. We visited the memorial church, which housed hundreds of tons of the bones of the fallen in its basement and there are acres of white crosses. While there I received this direction.
Direction: There are souls of people that are still not a peace, who died on this battlefield and I was to pray for them. (This has since been organised)

Sailor In The Navy - Our Lady Fights For Your Soul
Kathleen is a lady from Waterford who I met in 1999 in London, where she now lives. She went as a teenager to Liverpool in the 40's and her uncle who had been in the British navy, was a sailor on a ship in a convoy that was torpedoed by the Germans. He was one of five that survived out of hundreds that died. He received a bad hip injury on his escape. On leaving the navy he got a job working on the docks, but because of the hip injury he had to leave after two years. He was an Irish Catholic but didn't go to Mass or pray. Kathleen was very concerned about his spiritual well-being and was always encouraging him to go to Mass but he wasn't interested. His hip condition got worse and at one stage she wanted to bring the priest to him, but he didn't want it. They were having a mission in the parish, some time later, so she suggested bringing the missionary priest to him, and he said 'OK, but that's as far as it goes'. He continued to get worse and eventually had to go to hospital. He asked Kathleen if she could tell the parish priest that he was going to hospital. (Some change!) He continued to deteriorate and was soon dying. All relations came in to see him one particular afternoon.
Suddenly what seemed like a ferocious row or battle took place outside the window of the hospital where he lay, to such an extent that some of the people ran from the ward because they were terrified. The uncle died during this 'battle'. As the relations were leaving to go home, they met the Chaplain of the hospital and they told him what had happened at their uncle's death. The Chaplain said
“It was a battle between Satan and Our Lady for his soul, but Our Lady won. I was able to verify that”

When she had finished telling me this story, I got a direction, that some of his shipmates were still not at peace and that he was interceding for them. Our Lady gave the direction for a series of Masses and Stations of the Cross to be prayed for this man's shipmates. It amounted to a lot of prayer, but Kathleen had no problem with this.