There is legitimate jealously which is based on love which we’ll cover a little later but there is also illegitimate jealously based on envy. This is a common struggle and envy leads to fighting, quarrelling, and every evil thing (James 3:16, 4:1-2).
Bad Milk
Marian contacted me from their farm in the west of Ireland in February 2016. The milk that they were supplying to the local creamery was getting a poor rating when it was quality tested. When the creamery lorry came to collect the milk the reading of the tank temperature was different to the test reading. The test reading was a lot higher, yet when they calibrated the tank, it was working okay. Over a number of weeks each submission was getting an unusually high reading of contamination, which they found very strange. It was tested and retested and even the creamery manager was very surprised as they had been supplying the creamery for years without any issue before. After we prayed about the root cause of the problem, it was revealed that a neighbour was resentful towards them and was deliberately casting spells on their cows which resulted in contaminated milk.
Since February 2016, I have been in contact with approx 8 farmers who were cursed by the very same neighbour. All farmers experienced tragedies and deaths. One farmer lost three cows; two broke their hips, which is highly unusual. The other animal was in calf but wasn’t due to calf and excreted not only her womb but also her stomach. The vet had never come across anything like this in his experience before and naturally the animal died. On another farm, a cow died each day over three consecutive days. The vet couldn’t find any cause of death. I arranged for each of them to have deliverance ceremonies carried out with a priest and to block the effects coming from their jealous neighbor and to also pray for him. They even included protection for all farmers in the whole county and the effects are now blocked. This is one of the most serious cases of farm jealously that I have come across.

Milking Shed
In a neighbouring county, a farmer was having a problem with the automatic feeders in his milking shed. One of them was continually going out of order and the service engineer couldn’t find the problem. When we prayed about the root cause, it was revealed that someone in the locality was jealous of his farm. He was a neighbor who called regularly to the house. We did the prayers of protection from freedom from curses and evil from the back of the book and once the prayers were said, the service engineer was able to fix the feeder. The feeder is back in working order again now.

Family Division
I met Robert in Medjugorje in 2016. He was in his late 60’s and had a troubled life. There was never peace between his brothers and sisters and there was much division in the family. He married and had four children but his son committed suicide in his early 20’s. His wife never recovered from the tragedy and became suicidal herself. She subsequently was diagnosed with cancer and died. There was further division within his own children after she died and some of them stopped talking to him. He also noticed that the kitchen in his house was particularly colder than the other rooms in his house. When I prayed about the situation, I was firstly directed through prayer that back in the 1940’s his grandfather was given a house by the land commission. This resulted in jealously from a neighbour who cursed the family. This curse had caused division among the subsequent generations of his father’s family. When we prayed about the kitchen, it was revealed that the house was built on a sacrifice site which dated back to 1475. We prayed the prayer of protection from Freedom from Curses and Evil in the back of the book and changed the wording to suit Roberts situation. On his return to Ireland, Robert immediately arranged for a Mass of deliverance to be celebrated for his house. The priest said it was one of the worst cases he had encountered. He contacted me a week after the ceremony to say he had met his family at an anniversary mass and there was a dramatic change in their manner and even their looks! Their faces had a positive expression. He even noticed that he felt so much better in himself and many people commented on how well he looked too as they could see a dramatic difference in him.

Rats in Donegal
George returned to Donegal after spending a number of years in England. He bought a site from Andy and built a house. A number of years later he decided to build an extension on to his house and also built a second house on the same plot of land. He built the walls of the extension but then left it for over a year before finishing it. He finished the extension, but when they went to live in it, suddenly rats and mice appeared. He trapped approx 16 rats in the house. The mice would go up along the legs of the bed and soil the bedclothes. First he thought the mice and rats came out of the walls. This wasn’t the case. These were evil spirits in the form of mice. Andy came to George asking him to buy extra land beside him which he did, however there was another neighbour who unknown to him was also interested in this plot of land and became jealous after George acquired it. They arranged a deliverance ceremony and prayed the Prayers of Protection for Freedom from Curses & Evil regularly. George’s wife phoned me in 2010 with delight to say all the mice and rats were gone.

Problem Wedding Dress Patricia contacted me in March 2016 as her daughter Sheila was in Australia and was coming home to get married. She was getting her wedding dress made in Australia. The dressmaker was doing well until she got stuck finishing off the bodice. Sheila gave the dress to a second dressmaker and she was having problems finishing the bodice too. A third person also had difficulty. When I prayed it was revealed that some of her friends was jealous of her getting married. We did the prayers of protection from the back of this book and when she gave the dress to the fourth dressmaker, the obstacle was removed and there was no problem getting it finished. Despite all the problems beforehand the mother of the bride said it turned out to be the best wedding she was ever at.

Joe Jackson - Dec 2010
Joe called me after his grandchildren visited one day. The children were sitting around the table and suddenly it rose off the floor and fell with a bang as if someone lifted the table and then let it go. Naturally, they were very frightened. After we prayed for direction, I was enlightened that a lady who lived a few miles away was jealous of him. He would be known locally as a pious and good man and this lady was envious of the good works that he did. He phoned a priest in the deliverance ministry who prayed with him to block the jealously coming from this lady. Since then there has been no further disturbances.

Ulster - Lost 50 Cattle
Eddie Pilkington called me in 2009. He’s a farmer and in the previous two years, he had lost over 50 animals. He would go outside and find dead animals with no reason for their deaths or no explanation. There would have been no indication of sickness. Eddie and his family lived on the home farm. There were also problems in his marriage. His wife stated that she felt an eerie felling around the place, from the first time that she went to live in his family home. Then mice appeared in the house. They put down a lot of traps but never seemed to get rid of them, no matter how many they caught. Every time a mouse got caught in a trap, it had a terrible physical effect on his wife and eventually she couldn’t cope with the situation any longer. She decided that the family would move from the house. They left the house but his marriage came under great strain because of everything that was happening.

We prayed for 1½ hrs, trying to see where the problem came from. I sensed a jealously situation and felt that he was cursed also. He would have had contact with a lot of people in the cattle business. After a lot of prayer and sorting out, the problem lay with his late uncle. Eddie is very talented with looking after animals and his uncle was very jealous of his ability. His uncle cursed him and had a lot of ill will against him. I was directed that his uncle hated the ground he walk on. I suggested a deliverance ceremony and mass to be celebrated in the house where this took place. I advised him to go to a certain priest to lift the curse and any other evil effects that had been put on Eddie. He phoned me when it was complete and he felt an immediate transformation in his family, especially his wife. There were no more mice to be seen either. I feel the mice weren’t real, but evil spirits in the form of mice.

He phoned me again in January 2011 to say that there was no major loss of animals since the ceremony was performed. He says he takes my book ‘Please! Pray for Us...We Need Your Help - The Holy Souls in Purgatory’ everywhere he goes and says a prayer of protection in the back of the book regularly. He was like a different man and said that there has been a dramatic change in everything, even his marriage, since then.

South West - Sick Show Animal
I was contacted in 2009 by Bridie. Her family exhibited cattle in fat stock shows, normally held in cattle marts. They were very successful and often won top prizes. She became very concerned about things that were happening to the animals as they were getting ready for the shows. A particular animal got very sick and was losing weight rapidly. The vet was brought out but he couldn’t ascertain what was wrong as it didn’t respond to any treatment. When I prayed with her, the problem resulted from one of their competitors in the fat stock shows, that were jealous as a result of their success. I asked her to contact a certain priest to pray with the animal. That was carried out two days later and the animal recovered straight away. The priest also blocked the jealously, which caused the problem in the first place and everything has been fine since.

2009 - Horses going to Holland for show jumping
I was contacted by Joan. Her son and others were going to a show jumping event in Holland. Shortly before the event, the horse reared up but then fell on his rump and got injured. The horse was taken for veterinary treatment to deal with the problem and was given a clean bill of health. They went to Holland with the animals, but when they got there, the horse got lame and they couldn’t compete. He was Ok leaving Ireland but when he came back the vet discovered a blood clot. I was directed that her son was a very good rider. Joan was able to confirm this. Somebody in their party was jealous. I advised her to go to a particular priest to have the jealously blocked.

2010 - Heart Palpitations
Testimony from Michaela Jennings
In January 2010, I started getting heart palpitations, late at night and when I was resting. This continued for a number of months, I lost all energy, found it difficult to sleep and became very fearful and insecure in myself. All medical tests proved inconclusive. I eventually contacted Larry and when he prayed, he was told that a good friend of mine was secretly jealous of me. I was shocked and felt sorry for them as I couldn’t see what they had to be jealous of! I arranged to attend a Mass of the Precious Blood, for protection from any envious thoughts coming from my friend and was asked to say a prayer of protection before I met them again. My health has returned to normal since. Michaela Jennings, Carlow

Talented Family from Zimbabwe
I met Louisa in London in Nov 2010. There were seven sisters in the family and none of them were married or in a steady relationship. She had a fantastic personality and was very good looking. She mentioned that all her family were very good looking and very talented. Through prayer, it was revealed that back in Zimbabwe, they had a neighbour that was very jealous of her family because of their ability and good looks. When I explained the direction I got, it made sense to her. I suggested that she arrange a deliverance ceremony to block the jealously coming from the neighbour.

Accidents outside Dentist Surgery
My sister contacted me in November 2010. On a visit to her dentist in London she noticed that the wall adjacent to the surgery was knocked, by someone who had crashed into it. The receptionist said that this happened on a continuous basis and there’s no explanation for it. She made a comment that there must be some sort of spirit or something causing it as there had been so many accidents. Through prayer, I was directed that a man was murdered in 1900s with a horse drawn cab. There was jealously among the cab owners of the time as he kept his outfit in pristine condition. Masses of atonement were to be celebrated for the person responsible for the crime. That was carried out and up to June 2011, there have been no accidents since.

What can we do to stop Jealously?
Starting with ourselves...

Try not to be jealous or compare yourself to someone else, as there will always be people greater and lesser than yourself.

· The grass may not be greener on the other side. Some people seem to have it all, but behind closed doors it could be a different story.
· Be thankful for what we have. Each one of us is so special in God’s eyes and he has a specific plan and path for each person on earth - yours is unique even though it
  might not be apparent.

· Material things will come and go, so try ‘not covet your neighbours’ goods or anything else that belongs to them’. God in his wisdom knowing how big a problem this would
  be, even included it as one of the 10 commandments. God knows us so well and what a major weakness it is in the human condition.

If I have been jealous of someone what should I do?

Go to confession

· If you know you have harmed someone, arrange a Mass of Atonement to break the effect caused to others by your jealously
· Start thanking God for all the graces and blessings that you have in your life and trust that he will provide you with what you need in life, and not what you want .