New Age, Occult Practices

Excerpts from a Letter from Elaine - January 2011
My name is Elaine. I am 45 years old, married to Kenneth and have an eight-year- old son called Mark. We live in England. Nine years ago, before I was even pregnant with Mark, I suddenly started to experience strange symptoms. It would start early in the morning while I was asleep in bed. I suddenly started feeling very dizzy as if the bed was swaying. Since then, the symptoms start the same way, with a strong tension in the base of my skull and in my neck and I feel dizzy and headachy. It feels like my head has been put in to a microwave and is bombarded by radiation and being fried up. The muscles in my neck and in between my shoulder blades become very sore and so do my eyes. I cannot open my eyes in the morning, it’s like I’ve been drugged up. I used to be overcome by intense fatigue and would drift into a sort of ‘coma’ for almost three hours at a time, around the time of 3pm (time I have to go and collect my son from school). If I am not neutralized by this intense fatigue, then I will be awakened early morning around 6am very suddenly by a sensation of dizziness. It always starts around 8am when I’m asleep, motionless, restful, and it catches me off guard, so to speak. For the first four years of my symptoms, the attacks were so relentless and intense that I lost more than a stone in weight and I could feel as if all my energy was being sucked away, quite literally. During all my pregnancy the symptoms did not stop and it is a miracle to me that my son Mark was born healthy. He is the most beautiful gift God has given me. Praise God! Alas, for the first three years after he was born, I was so weak that I was lying on a bed, like a vegetable in a lot of pain, especially my top half of my body. My son has never known me like I used to be, before the symptoms started. He has never seen me ‘normal’. I used to be very sociable, bubbly, and enthusiastic. I have never really been a normal mum for him, cooking and playing with him. I started a series of medical investigations (in England & Europe) after the little one was born. No doctor could find anything significant that could explain the severity of my symptoms. I could be anywhere in the world, but the ordeal would continue. In 2005, some Christian friends of mine started to pray for me as nothing medical could explain what was happening to me. I very slowly started to gain weight, however 2005 was the year I reached the bottom. I felt I was dying and I was powerless. Today, I can say that the symptoms are as strong as they were nine years ago, but I have learned to survive and not panic when it starts. It is relentless, happens every week, some weeks for 5 -10 days in a row, night and day non-stop. It is exhausting. Seven years ago, I met a Nun from my parish that has been so wonderful to me and my son. She strongly suspects ‘foul play’ somewhere because over the years I have noticed that I would be very unwell, particularly on religious feast days like Easter, Pentecost, on family birthdays, Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day etc. In particular I would dread Ash Wednesday because I would suffer so much. Any significant days in my life are spent neutralised in bed feeling unwell. I try to fight back now and get up but it is not enjoyable, as the symptoms are very strong on those days. After nine years, I cannot believe, I am still at the mercy of these ‘attacks’. I cannot have a social life anymore and above all, I cannot work. I was a qualified teacher. Now I have lost my financial independence and my husband is running the family home. Beyond the frustration and the physical pain, there is this feeling of being at the mercy of something I have no control over. My husband is not catholic and I pray that the Holy Spirit will inspire him. He does everything in our marriage. I believe this is a miracle that after the ordeal I am going through, we are still together. I know God somehow sustains us. But something is preventing my healing from happening - I hope to find out with your help. Doctors have given up now. The only positive thing coming out of this ordeal is that I am closer to God, than I was before. I go to mass twice a week, but I have noticed that I feel quite unwell on Sundays now, thus preventing me from attending. At the moment I cannot see the end of the tunnel. I hope that you will be enlightened on the ‘why’, ‘who’ and ‘where’ of my situation when you have the time to pray for me. I truly hope that Our Lady, I call her my ‘my heavenly mother’ will intercede for us, so that we have some answers to help me resume a normal life. I hope for a better life than before. Closer to Jesus! May the Holy Spirit guide us, inspire us and protect us. God Bless you! Elaine

I read Elaine’s letter four times when I received it - she has been through such a horrific ordeal. When I prayed, I was directed that evil was certainly at play. I spent 1½ hrs on the phone to Elaine praying and discerning. What came up was amazing. Her mother in law, Linda, never fully accepted her into the family. In addition to that, Linda is heavily involved in satanic rituals and goes abroad regularly for sessions. Elaine was able to confirm this. Elaine’s illness was the result of a malicious and evil spell that Linda deliberately put on her. Her whole natural life was destroyed. I prayed the deliverance prayer for a whole week for her. I arranged for a deliverance team of people whom I know in the UK, to pray for Elaine’s deliverance and to block the evil coming from her mother in law. As of now, things have improved greatly. She is more mobile and she had a great day during the last Ash Wednesday (2011), so much so that she was able to do the readings at Mass. This was due to the prayers of protection said by the prayer team. This is one of the most serious situations I have come across.

Subsequent to when this story was first published, Elaine did continue to improve, but after a number of months still wasn’t 100% delivered. It really puzzled me why we weren’t getting a breakthrough. Through the discernment of another colleague in the deliverance ministry, it was revealed that there were objects in her house and jewelry owned by her husband that contained evil. Her husband had a ring that contained a crystal gem stone that was cursed. There were scented candles that had spells cast on them and her mother in law had secretly hidden other cursed objects in the house, so she wouldn’t find them. Until, these objects were removed, from the house and her presence, she wouldn’t be 100% clear to receive the full healing and blessing. Sadly, Elaine didn’t have the courage to speak to her husband or mother-in-law on the matter and has failed to remain in contact. We will continue to pray for her.

Possessed by attending an Evil Prayer Ring
Kate contacted me from London. She was aware she was possessed by an evil spirit. She got involved in a prayer ring or séance, that she thought was religious and above board. There were 22 involved in this and they met regularly. I was enlightened that there were people in this ring who were not holy. About a year ago, she started getting physically affected, as if there was something inside the top half of her body. She did seek help and was prayed with by a priest in the deliverance ministry. This ‘thing’ then moved to her womb. All through this time she wasn’t sleeping at night. She was aware that others in the group were affected too. At the end of March she was prayed with again by two priests and it now seems to have moved down further in her body. As of now, she has more peace and is sleeping, but it is not fully cleared. There is a team of people in the deliverance ministry continuing to pray for her.

Bright Student Doing Very Poorly
Bridget was speaking to me in April 2010. Her grandson Barry, aged 13 was a grade A student and had been going for extra grinds to a teacher. Just after he started his tuition, he seemed to go brain dead. He couldn’t focus or study, and did very poorly in exams. He couldn’t learn anything. Later when his school report came out at the end of the summer, he went from being the most intelligent in the class, to the poorest student. The teachers couldn’t get over it! I prayed with Bridget and was directed that the teacher was involved in the occult which in turn was having a tremendous affect on him. Bridget arranged for him to be prayed with and he was immediately back to normal the following day!

November 2010 - Bugs & Lice in London
I was approached by Maggie who had people resident in her house. One of the residents was complaining about lice or unusual bugs in her room. When the woman went to investigate, it transpired that there was a second room with the same problem. The bugs seem to be everywhere in the second room, under the mattress, in crevices etc. Pest control services were contacted and carried out the extermination. The bugs seemed to be slightly affected but they were still there. I was in London at the time and was taken to this house. I prayed outside and I was directed that one of the residents was involved in something of an evil nature which caused all the problems. We prayed the prayer of protection a number of times and over night they all disappeared without trace and haven’t returned since. Maggie gently asked the lady to leave the residence.

South African - Witchcraft
A group of people were at a day of prayer in the south of England. A mother and daughter from South Africa were part of the group. On the way back, the daughter became very agitated, was having unexplained outbursts of torment and eventually collapsed on the floor of the bus. At the top of the bus a man was reciting prayers and was called up to help with this situation. He asked everyone to pray St Michael the Archangel prayer and sprinkled holy water in the bus. After a short while the daughter returned to normal. I was contacted about this situation. They were both born in South Africa. We prayed for direction and I was told that she was possessed. I arranged to speak to her mother, a very nice lady. She confirmed what I told her and said she was well aware that her daughter was possessed for 13 years as a result of meeting someone in college. After we prayed further, I was directed that her daughter wasn’t affected by the young man she met in college, but it has come down through her mother’s blood line from someone who was involved in witchcraft. We went back through her family tree. Her ancestry was a mixture of various European and African origin; however the witchcraft was linked to a generation of Zulus about six or seven generations previous. It was arranged that the mother speak to a priest in Ireland in the deliverance ministry to lift the possession. After the prayers were said, there was an immediate transformation in their house.

Nov 2010 - 2 Hour Exorcism
Every November I visit London for a week of meetings. Shirley came to meet me one afternoon and told me immediately that she felt possessed by a spirit since she was seven years of age. She had been seeking help with this situation but to no avail. When we prayed, I could confirm what she was telling me. In fact, all her family were somewhat affected by evil, but she was the most affected. One of the family became a Carmelite nun, but subsequently left. She too was possessed. Her family was European, but lived in South Africa for a number of years. Shirley and her sister were born there. It seemed that the family were good Catholics, but some family members had contact with witchdoctors. We prayed to see where it stemmed from. When her mother was getting married, her grandmother was unhappy with her proposed son-in-law and arranged for a witch doctor to prevent the marriage. The marriage went ahead, however the effects of the witch doctor stayed. When they found out, the family visited a second witch doctor to clear the spell from the first man, but this didn’t work. From a very young age, Shirley felt affected by some outside force. The following evening, we advised her to come to a meeting in North London with a Mass and a deliverance ceremony. I informed the priest beforehand about her. After mass we started to pray with everyone and Shirley was one of the first. We put her sitting on a chair to the right of the altar and included all her family in the ceremony. The priest bought out the Blessed Sacrament in a small monstrance and standing in front of her gently commanded various spirits to leave. There were three of us praying and suddenly she jolted up out of the chair, as if on a spring. I was given a Benedict Cross to hold and was asked to participate in the deliverance ceremony. At one point in the prayer, I felt something bump off me as it ran passed me. Eventually she slipped off the chair and rolled down on the floor and her body was continually moving. After an hour of praying with her, she stood up and fell over like a statue and hit her head on the central heating pipes. She didn’t even put her hands out to protect herself and remained that way for about 15 minutes. I was concerned that she was hurt, but when she eventually got up, there wasn’t a mark on her head. All of this was as a result of the effect of the demons within her. All this time, we were giving her drinks of water. We continued into a second hour of prayer and everyone in the church was either singing hymns or praying for her. She moved from the chair to the floor again and her body moving all the time. After 1hr 50 minutes she was standing up again like a statue and fell face down on the floor again and stayed that way for about six minutes. She rolled over and got up and sat down on the chair and was more relaxed at this stage. I was directed by Our Lady to pray the glorious Mysteries of the Rosary, and was told that she would be alright. We all prayed the rosary and within a couple of minutes after that, Shirley was finally at peace. Shirley was possessed by many demons. As can be seen from Shirley’s story, demons are always reluctant to leave the body so will put up a big fight against any prayers of deliverance. I met her the following day and she didn’t seem to remember much of what happened the night before during the deliverance because what took place was a spiritual battle and not a physical one. I suggested that she say the prayer of protection daily. I have had two letters from her since and everything is still OK. Nothing is impossible to God!

Lady who thought she was possessed.
A priest in Co Meath contacted me. He was visiting a patient in the local hospital who claimed she was possessed and got fearful of the situation. He contacted his local bishop who advised him to be very careful of how he handled this person. Through prayer, I informed him that the person in question was not possessed, but had a mental problem not a spiritual one. I tell this story as it’s so important to discern before carrying out a deliverance, as appearances can be deceiving.

Noisy Neighbours involved in Evil Practices
Testimony from Kathleen Browne
Ann and Pat are our neighbours. They met on the internet but from the time they got married, things started to change with us. They have small children who are rarely allowed out of the house, not even into the garden. We began to hear Ann screaming and shouting at the children especially early morning or in the middle of the night or if we met them out front. Larry asked us to say a prayer of protection and this certainly helped. He was directed that they were involved in evil practices. We also phoned a priest in the deliverance ministry who prayed with us over the phone. I found chewed fruit and discovered we then had a rat. We set one rat trap and two mice traps and the following morning, we caught the rat. Larry said it was the evil coming from next door. That evening I was walking across the kitchen floor and my two feet were taken from under me (but I didn’t trip) and I fractured my wrist! We then had a mass said to block anything that was coming from next door. I say the prayer of protection every day for them. The screaming and shouting through the walls have stopped and peace now reigns. ‘Praise the Lord’. Kathleen Browne, London

Tradesmen involved in Pornography
Testimony from Helen Jordan
When we moved into our house eight years ago, we had a huge amount of work done. There were a lot of people working on the house at the time, including my two brothers, Kevin and Philip. We paid one man for granite for the floor but we never saw him again. I contacted Larry and was directed that he was into pornography on the internet. The other guy doing the bathroom tiling was affected by him and his dealings; went home one evening and didn’t even return for his tools or his money. My legs broke out in a severe rash and no medical treatments worked. Kevin also got affected and became very irritable and snappy with everyone. Everyone could see the sudden change in him, but he didn’t think there was anything wrong with him. I was prayed with by a local Benedictine priest. My rash cleared but returned five days later. This happened three times. Then we got a prayer team in with Larry’s help. He was also directed through prayer that a couple with a little girl seemed to have rented the house some years before. The little girl was neglected and left in a press under the stairs. The prayer team could hear her cry. The tools left behind by the bathroom tiler were affected too, so we had to get rid of them off the premises. I had a deliverance ceremony and mass celebrated in the house to deal with all the situations and I had the little girl baptised. I continue to pray for her mother. After the deliverance ceremony in the house, the rash cleared up for good. Today we have peace. Helen Jordan, London

Work Colleague involved in Pornography
Testimony from Jason Billings
In September 2010, not long after a new colleague (Enda) joined my work I became aware of a terrible smell in the place. I complained every day and would use air freshener, but to no avail. He was an incredibly difficult and awkward man to work with. I contacted Larry and was directed that Enda was into the highest degree of pornography on the internet. Part of our work involved children and I became very concerned for them, after I found out! I reported him to our boss, without revealing what I knew. I had prayers of protection offered for him and today he is a totally different person and we get on really well now. Jason Billings, London

Sept 2010-Plasterers in London
Serena Malone called me as she had great concerns about her health. Her face had suddenly become very swollen under her eyes. She felt there was more than a health problem involved. I asked her to pray and call me back. When she rang me back at the appointed time we started to pray and she was right. I was enlightened that her problems related to some workers they had recently hired, to complete a renovation job on their house. After listing out the different tradesmen, I was directed to two plasterers who originally came from Eastern Europe. They were part of a group that were practicing satanic rituals. Every day, her face was getting worse. I advised her to have a deliverance ceremony arranged to clear the situation and have a mass celebrated too. She booked a priest for the following day and after the ceremony her face healed up immediately.

12-Year-Old Girl Possessed From Using the Ouija Board
In April 2008 I was contacted by Carmel from Kilkenny. Carmel’s 12 year-old-daughter Donna had a friend Sheila also 12, who was fascinated with using the Ouija Board and not long afterwards, Sheila started to act very odd. Sheila would loose her voice and start to draw grotesque figures. Her body would go into spasm. Once, when someone went to hold her, she seemed to have the strength of five people and tossed this person aside as if she was a doll. On another occasion, she tried to commit suicide. A deliverance ceremony (which lasted four hours) was carried out on Sheila and her family. They were completely delivered at this time and they have not been affected since. Sometime later, Carmel’s family (who had been instrumental in arranging the deliverance ceremony for Sheila) became affected.They experienced a grotesque smell in the house for about two years. It was so bad she couldn’t invite anyone in. They could smell it through the keyhole if they were coming back to the house. A Mass and deliverance ceremony was carried out at the beginning of May and removed 95% of the smell. A second deliverance ceremony was carried out a week later and the house is now back to normal.

Ouija Board Story in London - November 2002.
My sister took me to visit a man. When she opened the door, a force of evil was coming through so strongly that I had to back away. I told her that somebody in the house was involved in something evil, but it wasn’t the man we were going to visit. As I looked in through the open door, I saw a young man, looking out through an inside door and felt the problem was connected with him. We didn’t enter the house at that time, but closed the front door and walked up and down the footpath outside and prayed for protection to blessed Michael the Archangel. I felt a strong need to talk to this young man and not the man we had originally decided to visit. We went back to the door a second time and we were able to walk through. He was from the continent. My sister spoke to him and I related all the directions I was receiving. I was guided that he was linked with a Ouija Board, which he denied initially but eventually admitted that he had used it with two friends and moved glasses etc. He was very affected physically as a result of its use. I told him that he needed to have this dealt with. I was given direction not to touch or pray with him. He couldn’t understand how I was able to relate all these happenings to him, having never met him before. A Mass was also to be celebrated in the house. The man subsequently left the house of his own accord.

(A lot of young people are not aware of the evil involved in messing around with Ouija Boards and other evil practices. Games Manufacturers now sell Ouija boards in the games section of toy stores as if they were harmless family fun games to play. They are highly dangerous and should not be played.)

Don’t Mock the ‘Our Father’
A friend told me of someone he knew who said the Our Father backwards. After that he had no luck in life, and ended up on the streets, took an overdose and has struggled to cope all his life. It’s an evil way of mocking the Our Father. I know of a group who stayed out over night in tents in the woods. They carried out various spiritual practices including saying the Our Father backwards. When they were in the tents, they experienced a raging storm outside. When they looked outside it was actually quite calm. It was evil causing the so called storm. One of the group (Steven) got a premonition of two accidents. Not long after, two of the group died in two separate car accidents. What Steven saw was exactly how they were killed.

If you have noticed lately, more and more films being produced today have a ‘darker’ element to them and can contain hidden influences of evil that can affect the viewer. Even pleasant fairy tales from old are being reproduced with a more sinister twist. There is a wrath of films produced now that are not suitable for watching because of the demonic and evil that is represented in them.

Woodpecker Attracting Attention
Risha called me about an unusual situation her family was experiencing in London. Over a period of a week, most of the family were seeing a woodpecker. They would notice it on the TV Arial of the house and it would be trying to get their attention. One day her husband was walking down the road and the woodpecker moved from aerial to aerial as it travelled with him down the road. She called me as all the family were talking about it. Through prayer I was directed that the woodpecker was attracting their attention to alert them to the fact that there was evil coming through some of the children’s TV programmes and films. I was directed that in their daily prayers, they were to pray to block the evil coming from the TV and films.

Effects from Horror Films
Elaine contacted me to say that her daughter had become very disturbed lately. She had watched a low level horror film in school. Afterwards, all the class seemed to be very badly affected, but she was the worst. It wasn’t because they found it scary, but they became affected by something evil hidden within the film itself.
My grandniece in the south east of England was affected by a horror film show at Halloween last year. Her Mum was aware that the teacher was likely to show this film and expressed her concerns but the teacher ignored her. My grandniece became very upset after watching the film and showed huge resistance to going to school. Her parents had to walk her right into the classroom in order to help her stay. The parents did the deliverance ceremony from the back of this book and everything cleared and she has no problem going to school now.
As halloween becomes more commercial, evil is given increased exposure through the different representations of objects character and themes. Please pray prayers of protection especially around this time to block the effects on families and communities.

Animated films and Cartoons
I was contacted by a Clarissa who suddenly found herself ill, had no energy, had an empty feeling inside and felt a heavy sense of oppression and darkness. When we prayed, it was revealed to me that she had watched a TV programme that contained something that wasn’t right. After she named the programmes she had been watching, I was directed to a lighthearted cartoon that she had watched with her children, that had witches and wizards in the story line. Witchcraft and wizardry involve practising evil at a high level, so even a representation of their practices is enough to affect someone.

The Harry Potter series of books and movies have had international success in the last few years, however I wouldn’t recommend you follow them as they contain ‘real’ curses and practices used in witchcraft. These books are instructional manuals of witchcraft woven into the format of entertainment. The series is loved by children who show Harry as a good wizard fighting evil, which causes confusion and diminishes their understanding of the dangers of these practices. In 2008 the Vatican’s official newspaper L’Osservatore Romano warned the public against these books and films. The same goes for media that contains Vampires, Zombies, Devils, Demons etc. Children will always copy their heros.

Such things bring death. Now, however, you have been freed from sin and serve God. You are bearing fruit and growing in holiness, and the result will be life everlasting (Rom 6:20-22)