Buddha Statues / Hindu Heads / False Gods / Pagan Objects

Increasingly, as we can see, practices from other lands are creeping in to our society and are now considered a normal part of everyday life. They stem from other gods.

God with a Capital G                    = Yahweh, the God of Abraham followed by Christians, Jews and Islam (Muslims)
god with a small g                        = Pagan, false gods worshiped in Buddhism, Hinduism, Paganism etc.

Buddhist Coffee Shop practicing Reiki
Recently I had a call from Peter. He had become ill, disturbed in himself and not sleeping at night. Not long after his wife, Imelda broke out in a rash around her head and neck. Medication didn’t alleviate the problem so she too was having no sleep. When we prayed, the root cause of the problem was revealed to me. He had been to a particular coffee shop and was affected by going there. After naming a few places, I got direction about ‘Jennifer’s Country Cafe’. When I asked Peter if there was anything unusual in the shop, he said there were lots of statutes and religious ornaments. Some were catholic ornaments, but most of them were statues of Buddha, Hindu gods and other objects. After further enquiries it turned out that the owners were practicing reiki over the food eaten in the shop believing that they were bringing blessing to the customers. They were Catholics who had turned to Buddhism. Their intent was completely genuine. The couple arranged for a mass of deliverance to be celebrated, however the problems only eased slightly. After a second mass of deliverance, everything settled down and returned to normal for both of them.

A few weeks later, Peter’s wife Imelda phoned as her friend Joan had become ill. She was having black outs and fainting spells and had been off work for 3 months. Fainting spells had happened before and consultants were able to find a medical solution, however on this occasion, the consultants were at a loss as to why it was happening again. Joan had told Imelda that she had been to the same coffee shop. When we prayed into the root cause of Joan’s issues, I was directed that she had been affected from going there too. Joan realised that it was about 3 months ago since she visited the coffee shop. She too arranged to be prayed with to be delivered and is now back at work again.

Hindu god in Health Food shop
Maria visited the local health food shop to pick up some vitamins. On the way home in the car, she started to become agitated, anxious and her heart was racing. She became very overwhelmed and pulled in to the side of the road. The feeling eventually eased but she continued to feel a great sense of darkness and oppression over the next few days that didn’t ease. She contacted me for direction and through prayer it was revealed to me that she had visited a shop where she encountered an evil spirit. She named a few places she’d visited in the last few days and when she mentioned that she’d been looking at a head of a Hindu god in a health food shop she had visited, I was directed that this was the cause of her health problem. I prayed the prayers of protection from the back of this book and all feelings of darkness and oppression subsided and she was free.

Converted from Buddhism
Harry is part of a prayer team that accompanies a priest in the deliverance ministry. Peter who has a gift of discernment contacted me and felt that there was some problem connected with Harry. In the past, Harry had a wonderful conversion experience from Buddhism which included Jesus appearing to him on a number of occasions. He was also given the ability to quote scripture, yet he had never studied the bible. We prayed about it. Buddhism involves adoring a false god’s although on the outside it would seem to have many worthwhile attributes. I was directed that something that originated from his original way of life was affecting him and he needed to be delivered. The priest subsequently carried out the deliverance ceremony.

Child disturbed by School
Leanne called me as her daughter Emer had great resistance to going to school after she started. She would get distraught every morning. Leanne spoke to the principle and her teacher and couldn’t find any reason why she was so upset. Emer herself had no problems in school or wasn’t being bullied but they put the issue down to the teacher. However this problem continued into senior infants and subsequent classes, with different teachers, so they felt more was going on. When we prayed about it, I was directed that the root cause of the upset was a Buddha statue in her school, but also, they had a picture of a Buddha in their own house too. The evil from both was disturbing her.

Buddha statues affecting our mind
Jim had become friendly with a lady lately. He was well educated, had a great interest in many things, especially religion and had completed a catholic bible study course. He discovered that his new friend was interested in Buddhism and eastern religions. She practiced yoga, eastern meditation, reiki etc. They had great discussions on the differences between the religions and he had reservations about different aspects, however he still accepted gifts of Buddha statues from her as they got to know one another but didn’t enter into any of the practices or her beliefs. Not long after, Jim noticed that he wasn’t sleeping well, would wake up disturbed in his spirit and started to become mentally confused. He noticed that his mind was losing its sharpness or clarity. He wasn’t able to think straight! After we prayed, it was revealed to me that he was being affected by the Buddha statues from his friend. He removed them immediately and blessed the house with holy water and blessed salt and has been fine since.
Problems with House Extension
Lorcan seemed that life was throwing him a lot of bad luck. He got a sun room added to the family home which seemed to constantly leak when it rained. The builder blamed the window supplier and vice versa. They were called in on several occasions, pictures taken etc. to see where the fault lay. Then the new stove they installed started to break down. They then started to have electrical problems and the electrician couldn’t get to the root cause of the problem. There were constant obstacles and issues in the house. During this time, Lorcan had to have an operation however it took him a lot longer to recover from the procedure than would be normal. When I prayed about the situation I was directed that Lorcan had two objects in his house that were causing the bad luck; a Buddha statue and an ornament that originated in Africa, where witchcraft is still widely practiced. We need to be vigilant of the types of ornaments that come from non-Christian countries as we won’t always know what they represent in a pagan practice or what prayer or chant has been invoked over them. This prayer comes home with the object and then activates in the person’s home, causing problems.

Practices from Cambodia
Recently Noelle volunteered to carry out some missionary work in Cambodia. Naturally it was a challenge working in a third world country, the heat and lack of any luxuries and not always sure what animal you were eating! They serviced the poorest of the poor who had no houses or schools in the jungle areas. It was very tiring work, but very rewarding. After she came home she was unwell for a few weeks and put it down to the tough time she’d had abroad. A few months later, she had an accident and put her back out. A short time after that she hit her head accidentally which caused severe concussion and was out of work for approx. 6 months. She continued to have a lack of energy and felt heavily oppressed. People would often say that she had no luck since she came back from Cambodia! She decided to check it out and I could confirm that the root cause of her bad luck and health was a spiritual force that she came in contact with in Cambodia. She explained her findings to a priest to pray a deliverance prayer with her. As he was praying with her, she could feel a heaviness lifting from her and before he was even finished she knew she was healed and delivered. She was set free. This is the truth, and the truth (God’s blessing) will set you free.” John 8: 31-32.

Marianne also visited Cambodia on holidays, but shortly after coming home lost all energy. She had visited various consultants and none of them have been able to help her. Her condition became so bad that she had to give up work and became bedridden. After hearing about Noelles visit to Cambodia above we prayed about Marianne’s case. It was confirmed to me, that the root cause of her illness was as a result of a spiritual force she encountered when she visited there too. Many countries in Asia, South Pacific etc practice Buddhism, Hinduism and other pagan practices.

Shamballa Bracelets

These bracelets have become very popular in the last few years and have a specific weave and look very pretty. They are associated with Buddhism ideology, and carry spiritual dangers. This design is now being used for Rosaries particularly a Decade Bracelet. They often have St. Benedict or Divine Mercy medal attached. Beware when visiting shrines in Ireland or abroad not to buy this type of design. If you have one, it is best to destroy it.
Because of the lack of teaching from the bible and our catechism, most Catholics are not aware of the dangers by encountering false gods, objects and practices associated with these religions. They have become part of our culture. It’s not unusual to have a picture or statue of a Buddha or Hindu god or goddesses in your house as they often symbolise peace and tranquility.
These practices, statues and different ways of life don’t bring blessing and have a hidden force that can affect us. You don’t need to practice any of these religions to be affected by them. Our God is a Jealous God, a legitimate jealously based on his love for us. If you love someone deeply and they turn away from you after everything you have done for them that is legitimate jealously. Christians have been granted many blessings from our God but we often fail to see them and don’t realise that they are breaking the first commandment, “I am the Lord your God, ‘You shall have no other gods before Me . ’ From the beginning to the end of the Old Testament, God continually warned the Jewish people in every generation, out of love and concern to refrain from the practices and worship of false gods. Our God, knew that they wouldn’t bring blessing to their lives as many of them involved evil practices including human sacrifice and worshiping statues, idols and objects. The widow of Zarephath is very aware that the sins of the past and the practice of idol worship caused her son’s death. Elijah restores life to her son and she realises that there is only one true God (1 Kings 17)

Initially our Jewish ancestors were exposed to the gods of Egypt and Canaan, where they lived. As time progressed they were influenced by the gods of the invading empires such as the Assyrians, Babylonians, Greeks and Romans. Jesus then came to heal, teach and deliver the Jews from these influences, so that they could return to a life of blessing. He didn’t come to create a new religion. He came to extend the same blessing that was initially given to the Jews, to ALL nations, so everyone in the world could have blessed lives, because everyone belongs to Him. - [Ezekiel 18:4] When the Jewish people rejected the teaching of Jesus the small group of Jewish people following the teachings of Jesus had to separate and eventually became Christians. Through the expeditions of St Paul, God’s blessing extended initially into the Roman Empire by the 4th century. Since then, the Christian message and God’s blessing has reached many parts of the world today and is now the largest religion in the world, however there are many countries who haven’t moved forward from old practices, false gods and beliefs. God wants to bring his blessing to all souls on earth. We must follow the Christian message to love and respect our neighbours in all countries of the world, but not to follow their ways or practices. Gods warnings from over 3000 ago is the same day.

The disguises of evil has been a pervading problem in every generation and in our time the influences are coming from eastern practices, such as Buddhism, Hinduism, Taoism or ancient Satanic practices that become resurrected and disguised under a new name etc. Many of these practices have common beliefs with Christianity, such as love, respect, peace, be non-judgmental, compassionate etc., but they are not of the spirit of God and contain hidden forces that bring problems, health or otherwise. Have you noticed that many of these countries are truly beautiful and the people are beautiful looking, are so pleasant, have lovely dispositions and attitude, but they are not blessed. The people live in poverty, with poor infrastructures, oppressive governments with little security, education or basic needs etc.; just like the Jews before God answered their prayer and freed them from the Egyptians. God wants to free these people from oppression so they can have a life of abundance, good health, security and freedom.

Buddhism in particular is an atheistic religion and doesn’t believe that wrong action has an effect on either the person themselves or others (sin). Therefore it doesn’t understand the need to atone for sin or an almighty creator who brings blessing. Buddhists believe that they have to go through cycles of life, death and rebirth until the receive Nirvana (a transcendent state where there is no suffering and heightened wisdom or self-enlightenment). Christians don’t realise that they have been handed Nirvana or ‘heaven’ on a plate on the day of their baptism! It is Gods desire that you return to him in heaven. He provides us with a way of life and wisdom to do so from the bible, and graces and blessings from the sacraments to help us enlighten our souls and free us from suffering even while we are still in the world! If we only knew how much we are blessed but sadly many fundamental church teachings have been lost down through the centuries. Thankfully the Vatican are currently making great strides to re-educate the people of God. In May 2016 the CONGREGATION FOR THE DOCTRINE OF THE FAITH, at the Vatican, released the Letter Iuvenescit Ecclesia (The Church Rejuvenates)” to the Bishops of the Catholic Church Regarding the Relationship between Hierarchical and Charismatic Gifts in the Life and the Mission of the Church4

The introduction states that it is now more than ever necessary to recognize and value the numerous charisms capable of reawakening and nourishing the life of faith of the People of God. The document continues to encourage us to understand that they are not, therefore, simply human capacities, but are divine in origin, “manifestations of the Spirit” (1 Cor 12:7). We are enlightened by real higher spiritual truths not only for ourselves but to others too. Charisms or gifts such as knowledge, wisdom, prophecy, healing, tongues, miracles are given for the building up of the individual and the people of God as a whole across the world in our daily lives. How amazing would it be, if each Christian opened their heart to the manifestation to the Spirit of God in their lives. Not only would the individual be changed but the world itself would come to understand the power of the mysteries of the Christian Faith and we would all be living heaven on earth!

Replace Meditation for Adoration
Instead of emptying your mind, open your mind and fill your heart and mind with graces and blessings from the direct presence of Jesus. Jesus speaks to us in Adoration. The Vatican “Letter To The Bishops Of The Catholic Church On Some Aspects Of Christian Meditation”5 is very useful in helping us discern the differences between Christian prayer and prayer from other religions.
Replace higher consciousness by calling on the Holy Spirit for wisdom.
If you are a baptised Christian, you in fact already have the Holy Spirit in you, all you need to do is activate it by prayer and you have full access to the almighty spirit of God who wants you to have a full life of blessing, understanding and abundance. Life in the Spirit seminar’s are very powerful events and provide an avenue to activating charismatic gifts. All you have to do is ask God with an open heart!
Enlightenment to the truth comes from God.
He has a plan for your life and a path for you that brings blessing. When you align yourself with this you are allowing Gods will and purpose for your unique life to be fulfilled.
What should we do?
When visiting countries that still carry out pagan practices or worship false gods, be sure to;

● Say a prayer of protection every day to block any evil influence you might unknowingly encounter. Likewise call on the precious blood of Jesus every day to cover and protect
   you during your trip.

● Don’t allow anyone to pray with you, even in gratitude.

● Don’t take part in any native ceremonies, blessings or rituals. If you have taken part in any non-Christian ceremony, seek out a priest in the deliverance ministry when you get
   home and ask them to clear any effects that you might have picked up.

● Remove any statues or pictures from your house to a bin then sprinkle Holy Water and Blessed Salt around your house to bless it from any effects or residue from these

● I strongly urge you to try to find a catechism or bible course that provide you with the basic teaching of salvation history, so we can attain greater understanding of God and
   wisdom to help us cope with the trials and tribulations of our daily lives.

Join a prayer group that is bible based and/or charismatic in nature to allow you to be open to the power of the Holy Spirit.