Past Atrocities

Black Dog
Terri regularly visits her in-laws in north Donegal. On many occasions she saw a black dog with big red eyes, which would appear suddenly on the roadway in front of the car. However, they never seemed to hit the dog. On one occasion her brother-in-law was driving when it happened and thought he hit the dog. There were four people in the car that day and they all saw the dog. He got out of the car to discover there was no dog anywhere to be seen. Terri phoned me and we prayed for direction. It related to the flight of the earls in 1607 from Lough Swill. The O’Neills, O’Donnells and others were the reigning chieftains in the area at that time. When the earls left to go to Spain & France, the people were open to a lot of persecution. I was directed through prayer that a lot of atrocities were committed. Prayers of atonement were to be offered for these and no dog has been seen since on any subsequent visits.

French Landing
I was giving a talk in Ballina, Co. Mayo in 2004. North of Ballina, there is a Shrine to Our Lady. Nancy, who invited me, mentioned that she would always get an eerie feeling when she visited the shrine. We went there the following morning and I too experienced a negative feeling coming from the whole surrounding area. It was incredible and quite evident. We went into the prayer room there to seek direction. I was enlightened that it related back to 1798 when the French landed in Killala. Many French were taken hostage, but when they were released, they became victims of atrocities carried out on by the ruling authorities of the time. Prayers of atonement were needed for this situation. Nancy organised a novena of masses to be celebrated and also a group of people to pray the Stations of the Cross, at the shrine each day for 9 days also. When the prayers were completed, she phoned to say that the eerie feeling had ceased and that the area was now at peace and that still persists.

Munster 2010 - Heifers & Bulls getting mixed up
John phoned me with a problem he was having. He had heifers and bulls segregated on his farm. One morning when he checked on them, half the heifers were in with the bulls and the other half of the bulls were in with the heifers. He couldn’t understand how it happened as all gates were secure. This happened on a number of occasions. We prayed for direction and he was being asked to pray for the atrocities committed against the Church of Ireland community (in his county) after Ireland received its independence, in the early 1920s. There was a lot of unrest and many people were murdered innocently. He didn’t understand how he was singled out as his family were never involved in anything like that. I explained that the Lord had picked him out to do this task. Masses of atonement for the atrocities caused were to be offered (one mass a month for 12 months). He was happy to take that on board when it was explained.

Problem with Drinking Trough in Tipperary
On another farm, the owner was having a problem with the water supply flowing into a drinking trough for the animals. Everything was in perfect working order, but the water would suddenly just stop flowing! After we prayed, I was directed that in the past a Church of Ireland minister lived close by and neighbours deliberately contaminated his domestic water supply. The owner subsequently got masses celebrated to atone for the crime committed. After that, he had no problem with the water flowing in to the trough.

Seriously High Number of Accidents on the N71, west of Cork City
In 2006 Kaye who lives locally became very concerned about the level of ongoing tragedies on a reasonably straight main road between Cork City and Innishannon. When we prayed about it, I was directed back to famine times. It was related to the relief schemes set up after the famine by the government and landlords of the time, to create work for so many destitute people. The scheme involved the building of walls, roads and cleaning up rivers. There was a recent documentary on RTE about this scheme. I was directed through prayer that the landlord over the scheme to build the road from Cork to Bandon agreed to pay the workers a set wage. The standard wage was approximately ten old pence a day. The landlord reneged on the amount to be paid to the workers. The workers felt extremely hurt and devastated because the wages were low enough as it was, and now they were getting even less. They cursed the road, the work they had done and the landlord. It was wrong for the workers to curse the landlord and the landlord was wrong to dishonestly reduce the wages. As a result their actions were not atoned for and the accidents started happening in 1929 many years after the road was built. I suggested that a mass be celebrated to deal with this particular situation, which she did. Kaye also arranged with a priest to drive along that part of the road while blessed salt and holy water was being sprinkled along the way. In November 2008 she phoned me to say that it was two years since they had prayed about the situation and that there were no fatal accidents since, on that part of the road.

I gave a talk in Waterfall near Cork City in October 2010 and I mentioned this particular incident. Gerry and Susan who were at the meeting were aware of all the accidents but suddenly took a bigger interest in the story and started to investigate it officially. I visited the road in February 2011. They researched the places, dates, and how many died in each accident. The earliest fatality researched was 1929. Up to 2006 where there have been approx 60 fatal accidents (from available research to date). This does not take into account all other accidents where people were severely injured. There is a particular stretch of approximately one and half miles covering the areas of Rigsdale, Annaghbeg and Toureen where the highest concentration of accidents (16 approx.) has occurred. The first known fatality was 1936 and the majority of these occurred in the last decade, one in which six people were tragically killed in the one accident. About one mile from that area in the direction of Cork city four Polish people were killed as well as five other separate accidents in that area. People from all walks of life were killed including a member of the Gardaí.

Through this research they found that the accidents extended as far as Bandon. A mass of atonement and deliverance prayers were celebrated in Innishannon. All known relatives of the victims were contacted and they took part in the ceremony. It amounted to a packed church in Innishannon. Members of the fire brigade and nurses from the local hospitals, who would have attended the accidents, were present too. There have been no further fatalities on this stretch of road since.
Accident in South West 2010
Frances contacted me about an unusual spot near a farm on a road where there were a number of accidents over the years. She told her own story about driving the car past the farm one day and suddenly ‘something’ took control of the car, which went over a nearby ditch and ended up in a field. She was aware that there were previous accidents more or less around the same spot. All accidents happened on the same side of the road. I prayed with her and found there was an evil situation involved. On the property where the car went out, there was a family dispute many years previous. A younger member of the family poisoned a senior member maliciously and deliberately over a dispute with property. The killer was still not at peace. Prayers and masses of atonement for the deed committed were arranged.

2009 Donegal, Road Accidents
On the main Sligo to Donegal coast road there were a number of accidents over the years. On this stretch, where there is a dip in the road, a school girl was killed waiting for the bus to pick her up. Someone driving southward fell asleep and the car swerved across the road and killed her. Her friend who was sitting beside her was uninjured. Some years previous, an aunt of hers was killed about 100 yards from the same spot. She was also waiting for a lift at the time. Many years ago, prior to that again, in the same spot, a man was killed with a horse and cart. There were other accidents there too and all happened within a span of 100 yards from each other. I was approached by a retired local lady who questioned me as to why so many accidents happened in such a small area. I asked her to get a map of the stretch of road, which she did. She highlighted all the things that happened in the general area and off shore down through the years. Around 1920, 5 RUC officers were travelling by bicycle on this very same stretch of road. They were ambushed and all were killed. I was directed that atonement needed to be made for the atrocity caused. Two ships belonging to the Spanish Armada ran aground in 1500s opposite this area on the coast. The Spanish sailors on one of the ships were attacked by the locals with a view to robbery and some of them were killed (and they had come to help the Irish!). There were other atrocities in that area too where atonement needed to be made, including the Lord Mount Batton incident in 1979. They came regularly to Mullaghmore on their holidays. Four people were killed, including two eleven-year-olds. She arranged two novenas of masses in atonement for the atrocities that happened in her area. She had extra masses celebrated subsequently.

Being affected by an Arm
One time, coming home from Medjugorje, we got into the transfer bus at the airport in Dubrovnik to go to the plane. I got very physically affected by a man standing up in the front. He was holding the roof strap and the problem was coming from that arm. I went up and asked to speak to him. I gave him my details and he phoned me the following week as I knew we wouldn’t have enough time to talk. I asked him if he had hit anyone in the past or did anything with his arm or hand, maybe write blasphemies or a mischievous letter. He admitted that he did hit somebody, but he was on good terms with that person. However, I felt he wasn’t telling me the full story. Later, I got direction that he hit somebody else in a pub in England and they died as a result. He hadn’t repented or atoned for his actions. Unknown to me, a year later, another family member, met this man by accident and was greatly affected by him too. I arranged for masses of atonement to be celebrated for the situation.

Ireland has led a troubled history and every town or village will have ancestral sins of the past that haven’t been atoned for. It is very important to remember that the sins of previous generations can be visited upon the present generation, as well as our sins today being visited on future generations, if not confessed before we die. This is one of the many reasons why souls are held in purgatory. In December 1999, the International Theological Commission at the Vatican produced “Memory And Reconciliation: The Church And The Faults Of The Past” which highlights a need to pray for past generations as had been the practice for our spiritual ancestors, the Jews. “The most frequent are the confessions that mention the faults of the forebears, linking them expressly to the problems of the present generation. (34)”3. This document is the theological foundation for the Family Tree Healing Masses or prayers. The cure for a generational curse has always been repentance. When the Jews turned from idols to serve the living God, the curses were broken and God saved them (Judges 3:9, 15; 1 Samuel 12:10-11). Israel’s sin was visited upon them until the third and fourth generations, but in the very next verse God shows his “love to a thousand [generations] of those” who love him and keep his commandments” (Exodus 20:6). God teaches us that when we sin and it is not confessed or atoned for, we can lose His blessing until the third or fourth generation that follows. He also teaches us, that when we keep his commandments, we remain under his blessing and His love and mercy lasts for 1000 generations after.

If we think something in our area needs prayer?

● First seek discernment to see if there is something that needs to be cleared.
● Seek a priest or lay person in the deliverance ministry to deal with the specific situation and use the Healing of Ancestry - A Prayer of Deliverance and Apology to God Our Father
   prayer at the back of the book, amending it to suit your community.

● Maybe arrange for a Novena of Masses to be celebrated.
Seek discernment again to confirm that the situation is at peace or if it needs further prayer.