Chapter 3 - Individuals Requests for Our Lady's Help

Healing Through FORGIVENESS - Marcia's Story
Marcia, a nurse, contacted me in October 2002. She was the oldest of three sisters. Their father was a severe alcoholic and he constantly verbally and sexually abused his family and wife. He spent two jail sentences for this and they lived in constant fear. The three girls were taken to an orphanage for a few years when they were very small and it was like heaven to them. They returned home, only to be met with the same situation again. The only time they had peace was when they were in the orphanage or when he was in jail. He beat their mother shortly before she died, even though she wasn't in good health and the sisters were completely traumatised by this brutality. As adults they still hadn't come to terms with their upbringing. Christmas was dreaded, as it was when they suffered most. She wouldn't open her cards or presents until February of the following year. When their mother was dying she requested that her husband was not to be buried anywhere near her.

Her father developed cirrhosis of the liver at 60 and died at 63. Marcia nursed him for the last three years of his life and that was the only part of his life that she wanted to remember. He never once said sorry for all the hurt he had caused or made any reference to it. When he died his remains were cremated and the ashes were scattered over the graveyard, to fulfil her mother's wishes. We prayed about this to Our Lady over a few days and the direction I got was that they would have to FORGIVE their father for the hurt he had caused them even though it wasn't going to be easy and I emphasised this to her. She will have to have a lot of Masses celebrated (the number was given) and pray constantly for a year for him. Marcia took two roses in November to the churchyard where her parents were buried. She put one on her mother's grave and put the other one elsewhere in the churchyard. As soon as she did, she heard a voice, loud and clear, which repeated three times, 'Put The Two Roses Together'. She brought the other rose and put it beside the one on her mother's grave. She was startled by this revelation.

In the meantime one of her sisters, now in her 50's was in a convalescent home, suffering from depression and severe skin rash, eczema. Before she went to the home, she found it extremely difficult to go to Holy Communion at Mass, because she would hear threatening voices. When we prayed about it, Mary was to contact a certain priest and have her sister go to him. This man in turn, directed her to another priest. When he prayed with her, the evil voices that had affected her instantly disappeared. Everyday, she would have to use creams for her skin problem. The following morning, it was completely gone. Two weeks later someone involved in Reiki Healing came to the home, and laid hands on her and everything came back instantly. She had to be taken back to the same priest to rectify the situation.

Mary's story is Healing through Forgiveness and because she prayed for her father during his life, his soul was saved.

A manager in a manufacturing complex in Co. Meath called me as he was under managerial pressure. We had been praying about the situation for a while and he then invited me to visit the plant. I was shown around and met most of the people who worked there. He explained how everything operated. Two days later, having been to the factory, I got direction as to what he needed to do.

I was invited to a factory in the midlands. We had been praying about a situation in the factory prior to that. On arrival I was taken around the premises and was met by the operations manager. He mentioned about a terrible coldness in the workshop 365 days of the year, irrespective of the weather outside. We prayed on the premises. A victim of a murder situation had been buried in about 1860 and there were four people responsible for this person's death. In later years, they suffered remorse for what they had done and were now looking for help. A Mass was to be celebrated on the premises, which was carried out. When I called him a month later he (jokingly) said the temperature was too high now!!

Lady with Violent Husband
I met a lady in 2002. Her marriage had fallen apart due to a violent relationship with her husband. While we were praying and talking to her, various aspects of both their lives were revealed to me, which I shared with her. There were a lot of her husband's deceased relations going back a few generations that needed a lot of prayer. It was revealed to me that she should have a Mass celebrated every week for 6 months and to pray for them every day during that period. This sounded like a mammoth task and I asked her if she would be able to do this. She said that she had no problem looking after it.

Relationship Decision
Mary was going out with a young man, Tom for approx 6 years. There were little upheavals at times and it might end temporarily but through a lovely bouquet of flowers it would be reconciled. On this occasion, the relationship had ended for some time and she wondered if she had made the right decision as Tom was pressurising her a lot to get back together. I was contacted and we prayed a Novena of Rosaries for this situation and for Our Lady's intentions. I was told at the end of the Novena;
Direction: This man was not for her. He is unsure of everything he does. He would get back with her to get married, but would then change his mind and would wonder if he was doing the right thing. He would often decide to do something and at the last minute change his mind. (There were other situations and I discussed this in detail with her and she was able to confirm his temperament to me exactly as Our Lady had relayed.)

About six months later, I heard Mary was going to get married. I wondered who the man was and was amazed to be told it was Tom, her ex boyfriend! They got married and I was told in the early stages, there were difficulties and exactly one year to the day they got married, their marriage ended and Mary left Tom, for good. Our Lady's prediction fulfilled! She has since gone through all the various state and church annulments and I'm glad to say is now happily married with a lovely husband and young family.

Lady Who Wanted To Buy A House In Fatima
Bernie was a lady I met in London through a friend in 1990. Her father's family were Anglican and her mother's were Catholic. She would have been a very lukewarm Christian till one day when she went to Westminster cathedral. She was having a walk around inside and picked up a booklet that changed her life and she often went to Mass twice a day. She was married and lived in an upmarket area of London. Her husband had separated from her. Bernie would often contact me looking for various directions in her life, through Our Lady and we were continually praying Novenas, for this, that and the other.

She never waited until the Novena was finished and carried out whatever she had in mind before she got direction, and would then want to know what the direction from Our Lady was. As a result, things never went her way. On one occasion, she wanted to know if she should move to Portugal, as she wanted to buy a house near Fatima. We prayed about it, and Our Lady's direction, was 'no, for a lot of practical
reasons'. She would have to buy a house and live on her savings as she only spoke English, and wouldn't get a job. She went ahead anyway and bought a run down house that needed a lot repair and ran into all sorts of difficulties, both legally and financially. She still continued to look for direction! On one of the later occasions, Our Lady said, I'll give direction, but she will do her own thing anyway. (and that was true).