Sacrifice Sites

I have had a number of experiences in the last few years with people whose houses are built on sacrifice sites. The sites mostly seem to be about 16 feet in diameter. However, in England, there was a site under the aisle of a church which was 12ft wide. About eight or nine people would be involved and a sacrifice of some description would be involved e.g. an animal or human. Whether the house was wholly or partially built on a site, then the family would be affected. The new house would often encounter an uneasy feeling, foul smells, people appearing (lost souls), disturbances etc. In another case, a cattle-shed was built on a site and the owner was physically affected every time they walked in to it. A deliverance ceremony and Mass of the Precious Blood were carried out in all situations to clear the evil and all activity successfully ceased.

In my experience, most of these sacrifices originate from the 14th & 15th century. As of yet, I haven’t encountered any from a more recent period. In the last few months alone I have had calls from Down (2), Clare, Kilkenny (2), Cork (2), Kerry, Donegal, Westmeath and Galway. The most active one I encountered was in Co Down a few years ago as follows:

Family Home built on Sacrifice Site
I was contacted by Fr. John from Co. Down in August 2005. A parishioner was having a serious problem in their new family home (parents and five children). On St Stephen’s Day 2004, someone visiting the house saw a ‘strange female figure’ appearing in the house. A few days later, this figure ‘appeared’ again. Not long afterwards, a man started to appear dressed as a monk in a black habit and always with his head down. They both continued to appear regularly (mostly around 4pm) in the bedrooms, kitchen, outside the house and all members of the family had seen them at one point or another. Once, while one of the children was doing his homework, the kitchen table suddenly shot across the floor and left a scribble across his copy book. They used to have a prayer meeting every week with the bible displayed on a stand. The bible would regularly fly off the stand on to the floor, to be replaced again by the family. Their two-year-old was put to bed but was found on the landing in the morning. Their 12-year-old went to bed as usual one night and also woke up on the landing and didn’t know how he got there. Incidents like these happened regularly and the family were so scared, that they would leave the house and on one occasion they stayed with friends for a whole week. Fr. John was very concerned about this family and asked the father to ask the ‘figure’ who he was and what he wanted. When the figure next appeared he was asked who he was, but the figure gave no reply. When the figure was asked what he wanted, he replied, ‘I want you’! Fr. John contacted his bishop and several Masses were celebrated in the house. The situation would temporarily improve, but would then start all over again. I prayed with Fr. John and was directed through Our Lady that evil was at play. Through further prayer, I was told that the house was built on a sacrifice site that was used over 400 years ago. The two people appearing were part of a group of 9-10 local people who were involved in Satanic sacrifice at this site and were now lost souls. It was decided that a deliverance ceremony would be carried out. In preparation for this, a novena of 9 Masses was celebrated and Fr. John also prayed The Stations of the Cross with the family each night during the novena. Others prayed too. A priest in the deliverance ministry and I travelled to Co. Down in mid October 2005. Mass and a deliverance ceremony were performed in the afternoon and the following day a further ceremony was carried out. The lady stopped appearing after the ceremony and up to December 2005, there was no further disturbance. The ‘monk’ started to reappear occasionally, but didn’t cause any upset like before. Several deliverance Masses were celebrated and this cleared 95% of the problem. In May 2006 the parents came with us to Medjugorje. They both climbed Mount Krezevac in offering for this situation and the father actually climbed everyday in his bare feet and twice on some days for this situation to clear. When they came back there was no further disturbance and everything has been fine since. The penance involved in climbing the mountain, cleared the last 5% of the remaining evil.
Sadly, there is evidence that the practice of offering live animal sacrifices are still in existence in society today.