Spiritual Attacks

Plagued by Despair

Testimony from Robert Gillespie
Last year (2010) I went through a stage where everything seemed to be negative. Where I work, I felt as if bad things were going to happen in the workplace or that I was going to be attacked. I also believed that my wife was going to leave me. When I’d go to bed, I’d try to go to sleep, but my mind was flooded by negative thoughts, a real sense of despair. I couldn’t get to sleep, my mind was racing. To me, it seemed that nothing good was happening; it was like I could see no positive outcome to anything. This was going on for about two weeks and I hadn’t slept properly at all during this time. I told my wife and she said that I might be under attack. She tried to contact a priest she knew who could pray with me over the phone but he wasn’t in. Then she suggested we call Larry. He said to pray the prayer of protection in the back of his book, Please! Pray For Us...We Need Your Help - the Souls in Purgatory. We both prayed it that night and it was the first night’s sleep I’d had in two weeks. All my negative thoughts disappeared too. We continue to say this prayer, St Michael’s prayer and a prayer to our Guardian Angel every night before we go to bed. Robert Gillespie, Wexford.

Bullied at Work
I met Stephen at a talk in November 2015. He was in his mid 50’s and was being bullied by his boss, Sarah. He told me that she was completely irrational, created scenarios that would make it look like he was in the wrong and was very domineering and disrespectful towards him. She was also in the process of suing him. He was very depressed and felt suicidal. I asked him to simply pray the St Michael prayer and customise it for his situation, so that any time he was in the office he could pray it.

St. Michael the Archangel, defend me from any conflict or evil influence coming from my boss Sarah. Be my safeguard against the wickedness and snares of the devil, coming through Sarah my boss. May God restrain him we humbly pray and do thou oh prince of the heavenly host, by the power of God thrust down to hell Satan and with him all the other wicked spirits who wander through this world for the ruin of souls.

He noticed a dramatic improvement very quickly when he started doing this. Sarah never progressed with the threat to sue him and her temperament mellowed towards him. He has more confidence now and is much more at peace and happier in work. I recommend customising the St. Michael prayer for your own situation as it’s very powerful.

Despair after getting Engaged
Testimony from Geraldine Jennings
After we got engaged, we went to tell my parents the good news. Everyone was very excited; however about 30 minutes afterwards suddenly I became overwhelmed with a great sense of despair and felt I’d made the wrong decision. Now I was felt trapped as we’d just told everyone. We all went to the pub to ‘celebrate’. I put on my smiley face, but my heart was in the depths of despair. This lifted somewhat the following day (Sunday) and I felt somewhat content. The following morning I was going to work and was thinking about what I’d say to break the news to everyone. Suddenly this negative feeling enveloped me again. When I noticed it a second time, I was wondering if I was under spiritual attack. I prayed St Michael’s prayer and after I recited it the third time, all the negativity lifted. My heart now felt full of joy. I felt assured I hadn’t made a mistake as I figured something good must be happening in our relationship if Satan felt threatened by it! We are now married over four years. Geraldine Jennings, Galway.

Fearful Thoughts almost caused a Mental Breakdown
Testimony from Liz McCarthy
One evening I was at home in the kitchen and out of nowhere I suddenly started having very fearful and intense thoughts. They raced through my mind at speed, telling me that I was going to lose my job and that the projects I was working on were going to fail. I felt completely overwhelmed, insecure and I thought I was going to have a mental breakdown, they were so incessant. I recognised that I was under spiritual attack and started praying the prayer of protection in the back of Larry’s book. The thoughts were still very persistent. I prayed St Michael’s Prayer and then called on Jesus to cover me in his Precious Blood and continued to say the name of Jesus. The situation eased about 80%, but the experience left me very shaken. I was going out of my mind. Luckily Mass was starting in our local church in 30 minutes and I felt a huge desire to get there ASAP. At the consecration, I placed myself in the chalice and asked Jesus to cover me again in his precious blood and the remaining effects started to clear. After I received communion, the effects finally cleared. Liz McCarthy, Kerry.

The experiences that Robert, Geraldine and Liz had were not their real thoughts and luckily they realised that something more was going on. Without awareness or prayers of protection, people could be led to having breakdowns or committing suicide. In Robert’s case, he thought his wife was going to leave him. Satan is trying to break up marriages and creating situations that are not real. If you are having difficulties in your marriage, it’s so important call down the graces and blessings that you received from your Sacrament of Marriage to guide, direct, and protect your relationships daily.

Suicidal - Midlands
Stephen visited me from the midlands in February 2016 as he was very agitated and felt suicidal. I prayed a lot with him for his protection. I was very concerned for him as he was in such a state, he was likely to take his own life on the way home. I asked him if he attended mass, confession or prayed and he mentioned that he didn’t. We prayed together and I encouraged him to return to Mass. He went the following morning to mass and confession and had a transforming experience. He got in the car and travelled down to me straight away. He was like a new man! He had a radiant look on his face which was so different from the day before and all negative thoughts were gone.

Satan has the ability to influence our thoughts. When we are feeling down, fearful, anxious or negative in ourselves, Satan is influencing our thoughts. He plants voices in our mind that say things like, “I’m no good”, “this isn’t going to work out”, “there’s no hope”, “I can’t see any other way”. These thoughts are not your own and they are not from God. After love, the next greatest theme in the bible is fear. Fear has the ability to destroy us. Through the old and new testament, God continually encourages us from the bible “Do not fear”, “Do not be afraid”. St Pauls echos this in his letter to the Philippians saying that we are to cast out all negative thoughts, because he knows from his own experience that they are not from God! He came under a lot of spiritual attack, so he should know. We don’t realise that the full outpouring of the spirit of God and his blessings heal and deliver us through the sacraments.

Father appears to her
Mary called me to say that since her father died, he has been appearing to her. He seemed to come to her when she was in trouble or couldn’t cope with life. This has continued for many years. He would often give advice or make her aware of things that needed doing. The last time her dad appeared, he was offering advice that was causing huge problems between Mary and her husband, to the point where they nearly split up. She called me as things had got completely out of hand. I was directed that, it wasn’t her dad (this time) but Satan in disguise had been visiting her and was causing all the problems. She arranged a mass to block any evil influences coming in their marriage and all the problems have stopped since.

Suffering Spiritual Attacks because he wasn’t baptised
Eric came to visit me unexpectedly one day. He had travelled the whole way from Mayo to our home in north Kilkenny and was very anxious to speak to me. For most of his life he had felt that he was being affected by evil or was possessed. He sought help from three different priests who prayed with him, but he didn’t feel any different. He tended to keep to himself as he was concerned that he was affecting the people he came in contact with. I prayed with him and it didn’t seem that he was involved in any occult practices, had met anyone involved in occult practices or was possessed. He was a very nice young man and was originally born in the UK. We chatted further and he told me that there were five in his family, three were baptised, however himself and another sibling had not been baptised. Their mother was catholic but lost her faith and fell away from the church before they were born. His dad was not catholic. I was immediately directed that this was the reason why he was feeling the effects of evil around him. I directed him to go to a priest in the deliverance ministry and to also go back to one of the priests he had already met, to get baptised and to keep himself protected.

Eucharistic Minister being Blocked
Nadine is a Eucharistic minister however at some point couldn’t bring herself to go to Mass to carry out her duties. Every time she offered to join the roster for Mass, she felt blocked and obstacles kept coming in her way. I suggested she say the pray of protection from Curses & Evil and after that it seemed to clear any effects that were blocking her from carrying out her duties.
Hubcaps causing problems in Laois
Fidelma called me. She had been driving along the road earlier that day and suddenly something took control of the car. She tried to stop the car but it went over a ditch. Luckily she wasn’t injured. While we were praying, I was directed that there was something evil connected with the car. After we chatted, and prayed, I was directed that it related to the hubcaps. Her husband had a young man working with him who had taken a liking to the hubcaps. The husband agreed to swap them. Through prayer I was directed that the hubcaps had previously been stolen but nothing got to do with the young man. The husband quickly swapped back the hubcaps and there hasn’t been any problem since!

Uninvited Guest in Apartment on Holidays
Testimony from Marian Foley
I was away on holidays in Spain with my husband. We rented a small apartment that had a bedroom upstairs. One night, when we went to bed my husband nodded off, but I was awake for a bit. While I was lying there, I became very aware of an evil spirit in the apartment down stairs. I sensed it coming up the stairs and into our bedroom. I felt it lie on our bed. I was very anxious and started shaking. I said the prayer to St Michael but it didn’t go away, so I said an Our Father and then a Hail Mary. As soon as I started praying the Hail Mary, it disappeared. Our Lady to the rescue! Marian Foley, Cork
We forget sometimes in times of spiritual danger that Our Lady is our greatest intercessor before God.

What should we do prevent spiritual attacks
Pray a daily prayer of protection and wear a cross, blessed medal etc
We as humans have full control of our thoughts, so let’s become more aware of them.

Negative thoughts - From God or from Satan?

· I can’t do this - From God or from Satan?
· We are going to lose everything - From God or Satan?
· We won’t be able to cope -From God or Satan?
· Worry, depression, anxiety - From God or Satan?
· I am suicidal - From God or Satan?

Jesus said ‘I came so that you could have life and have it to the full’. Jesus doesn’t want us to be miserable. Jesus wants us to have joy in our hearts. He wants to free us from bondage of evil.
Since the beginning of time there have always been two worlds - the physical world and the spiritual world. As the physical world has evolved, people have become more grounded in the material things of life and over the centuries, particularly the last century, have gradually forgotten about the spiritual world that surrounds us.
The spiritual world is broken in to two worlds - the world of God and the world of Satan. Both worlds have an influence on our lives and our thoughts.

Everything we do...every decision we make and thought we think, no matter how small, boils back to either a decision to love (from God) or a feeling of fear (Satan). Based on that knowledge we can always confirm the source of our decision. If you ask yourself, why am I doing this, you will soon get the answer, it will be because of a desire to do something good (love) or are we ultimately afraid of something (fear).

If we find that most of our decisions are because of fear, then we are allowing Satan to have a bigger influence over our lives instead of God. We can combat this by saying a prayer of protection from evil and putting our trust in God as He is our creator. God will bring peace to the situation, if you call on him. Compared to the might of the Empire State Building (Jesus), Satan is merely the size of a stinging ant. Yes, he will sting, but Jesus will clear the effect.