Chapter 6 - Stories from Trips to Medjugorje

During a trip to Medjugorje in September 1990, 14 of us agreed to meet at the bottom of Mount Krizevac at 12 o'clock midday to pray the Stations of the Cross. When we started I experienced a tremendous spiritual power around. We prayed a decade of the Rosary at each Station, plus the other prayers. As we continued I was lead to pray with one member of the group at each Station. As I finished with one person, I would be told who the next person would be. Obviously Our Lady was guiding me during this. We were almost at the top when we met two ladies from Ireland coming down who temporarily joined the group at that Station. I was directed to pray with the younger of the two ladies and she was so touched that she couldn't stop crying. They both turned around and came back up again with us. I was lead to pray with every one of the group on the way up and each one was touched in a powerful way. The people begging on the side of the path were also touched as we went up. That particular pilgrimage lasted 6 hours. It was a fantastic experience for everyone.

In Medjugorje on one particular pilgrimage, our spiritual director had got sick on the way out and wasn't able to come. We felt a little bit lost, but Our Lady took over and at the Apparition each evening (6.40pm) she would request a theme for the following day. One day she requested that we pray for the abandoned souls in purgatory. There were 13-14 in the group and we prayed all day. 4-5 of us went to the old graveyard and prayed for a solid 3 hours. She said she'd let me know the following evening how many had been helped. 10,000 souls were helped by
our prayers. On the other days we were asked to pray for peace, troubled marriages and priests.


Anthony rang me in 2001 and wanted to know if I would visit his cousin Gabrielle in the Tallaght Hospital, Dublin who was very sick with cancer. She was going for an operation the following day and was extremely worried. I agreed to go, even though I had never been asked to do something like this  before. When I arrived, there were about 13 people in the ward made up of family and friends. I brought a supply of Rosaries, which I handed out, and we prayed the Rosary including Gabrielle. We first prayed to the Holy Spirit, and then to the 5 sacred wounds of Our Lord, that Jesus would infuse His precious blood into the blood of this woman. As I was going to Medjugorje a few days
after, I asked her for a small personal belonging and she gave me her bed sock. I told her we would place the bed sock at the foot of Our Lady's statue at the Blue Cross and we would pray for her there. I asked her family and friends to pray a Novena to Our Lady for Gabrielle's well-being while we were there. When we came back I was taken again to visit her and brought the sock, which we placed under her pillow. She didn't seem that well, was barely able to speak and her cousins were taken aback with her condition. She had deteriorated dramatically.
One month later, her recovery had changed dramatically and she seemed quite well. In 2006 I spoke to Gabrielle again and she mentioned that at the time she had cancer everywhere. She has made a complete recovery and as of now, she is in perfect health.

Christmas 2002

Gabrielle's friend, Joan contacted me some time later. Her husband Michael was also suffering from cancer. I asked her to get the sock from Gabrielle, which she did and placed it under her pillow. She could feel heat radiating through the pillow from the sock. She took it to the hospital and put it under Michael's pillow for one night, while praying a Novena to Our Lady. As of now, June 2003 he is still attending hospital but is extremely well and is out playing golf again.

In Medjugorje, 1994.

We were preparing to go to Medjugorje in May 1994 from London because the war still wasn't over and there were no flights from Ireland. Liam Courtney was a friend of my sister and her husband. 10 years previously he had been diagnosed with cancer of the glands at the age of 30. He received all the treatments of the time and had a successful recovery. He attended his various check-ups over the years and was eventually told not to come back. In 1994 it flared up again and he had lost a lot of weight and was very sick. He refused to go for further treatment because of what he had experienced the first time. The night before we left for Medjugorje I got a direction to take an item of clothing belonging to Liam and to place it at Our Lady's statue at the Blue Cross. We obtained a shirt that had been worn and brought it with us. We had been out there a few days and Our Lady gave me a gentle reminder to bring the shirt to the Blue Cross which we did. We tied it around Our Lady's statue and we prayed a lot for him while we were there. When we came back, he seemed to be on a high, in great form and a changed man. We then told him what Our Lady had directed us to do with regard to his shirt. His sickness disappeared without any further treatment and is still that way today.

This was my first trip back to Medjugorje after the war in 1994. I climbed the Apparition Hill with my sister Kathleen in the afternoon. Because of the crowds on June 25 (Our Lady's anniversary) we decided to sit under a bush at the bottom of the hill. As soon as we sat, Our Lady asked us to pray for a stated intention. As one intention finished we would be asked to pray for another. We spent almost 3 hours praying non-stop as each intention arose. She eventually mentioned that it was time to finish and go to evening devotions.

In Medjugorje, I always know when Our Lady appears to the visionaries. I will always sense Her coming a few seconds in advance. Sometimes She says, 'I'm coming soon' or 'I'm here' and when She arrives I can sense Her presence and I know when She's gone.

On one visit to Medjugorje, I was sitting on the steps of the outdoor altar at the back of the church and Our Lady was to appear on Apparition Hill at 10.30pm. At that particular time, when She appeared, I could see swirling lights like mini fireworks covering the apparition area. It lasted while Our Lady was there.

Our Lady regularly directs me to speak to pilgrims in Medjugorje to give them a message e.g. something that they need to deal with. These could be complete strangers / priests and on one occasion Our Lady asked me to pass a message to a Bishop.