Summary - What can we do to stop Evil in the World

Starting with ourselves
Watch what you:
Say (your language, curses, blasphemies, negative talk against others etc)
Do (bad actions against another)
Feel (jealously, resentment, bitterness against others)
Think (be aware of negative thoughts)

Say prayers of protection on a daily basis
Wear sacramentals, a blessed cross, medals or scapular

Bless yourself with Holy Water & Blessed Salt daily - I have heard of some people put it in their food when cooking!

Become open and aware (but not paranoid) to unusual situations - especially where there are coincidences of things constantly going wrong or don’t make sense.

Home and Family
Have a family tree mass celebrated to clear anything down your generations, and have the priest bless your home, car, land and family with Holy Water & Blessed Salt
Arrange for your house to be blessed or have a home enthronement to consecrate your home & family to the Two Hearts of Jesus and Mary for protection.

In Your Community
Watch out for coincidences or accumulating tragedies in your area, eg accidents, problems, bad atmosphere in an area/town.
Seek advice from someone in a prayer group who has the gift of discernment first. Arrange for masses of atonement/prayers/novenas to be celebrated, if required.
When speaking to your local priests encourage them to become aware of praying for protection for your local community/town. Maybe have your town consecrated, arrange for a deliverance ceremony for past atrocities and people currently involved in evil practices in your area.
Where do I find a person ‘with discernment’ who can tell me if there is something up?
Contact your local prayer group. Usually in a charismatic prayer group, there will be someone who will have a charism of the Holy Spirit and might be able to help or know someone else who can help. Check with your local priest or at where some groups are listed.

Where do I find a priest who can clear curses/evil?
Through my prayer life, I am familiar with a few priests and lay people in the deliverance ministry in different parts of Ireland and the UK. Currently there isn’t a formal system in Ireland for dealing with deliverance. Most priests (through no fault of their own), wouldn’t know what to do as it’s not part of the teaching in the seminary. Again, speak to someone in a local prayer group, who might be able to direct you.

Where do I find a priest who can celebrate a Family Tree Healing Mass?

Pallotine Fathers, Thurles, Co
Tipperary. 0504 21202
On Request

Saint John the Apostle, Knocknacarra, Co Galway. 091-590059
One Sunday a month

Fr Thady Doyle, Shillelagh, Co Wicklow 053 9429926
On Request

Home Enthronements
Enthronement of Homes to the Sacred Heart of Jesus and the Immaculate Heart of Mary
North - Ann 028-82246973
South - Christina 021-4667152 / Nessa 026-42185
East - Joan 01-8255438
West - Mary 094-9026358
Midlands - Donal 086 8172129

I would like to thank all those who took the time to supply their testimonies, provided prayers, helped with research, their time and advice. My wife Kathleen for her endless patience and support and last but not least, my daughter Eilish for the countless hours she has put down in front of the computer and time spent in bringing this booklet to completion.

1Taken from the homily of John Paul II, during his visit to the Sanctuary of Saint Michael the Archangel on 24 May 1987.

2Taken from the book The Mist of Mercy, Spiritual Warfare and Purgatory by ‘Anne’, a lay apostle. Permission kindly granted.
3Memory And Reconciliation: The Church And The Faults Of The Past

4Letter “Iuvenescit Ecclesia” To The Bishops Of The Catholic Church Regarding the Relationship Between Hierarchical and Charismatic Gifts in the Life and the Mission of the Church

5Letter To The Bishops Of The Catholic Church On Some Aspects Of Christian Meditation