The Deliverance Ministry

People and priests in the deliverance ministry need to spend a lot of time in prayer. On a number of occasions I was directed by Our Lady to advise different priests to spend more time in adoration to keep their ‘spiritual basket’ full.

I know of one official exorcist who prayed with people but his ‘spiritual basket’ was empty and the deliverance was ineffective. He was very busy, needed a break and wasn’t getting sufficient time to pray. Subsequently, the people who needed deliverance came back to me to say the problem was still occurring. I was confused and after I prayed about it, was told the above.

A priest ideally needs to work with someone with the gift of discernment if they don’t have it themselves, in order to be guided in what they are doing, whether the situation is cleared or if it needs more prayer.

When celebrating a deliverance ceremony, it is so important to specify the ‘exact intention’ that is being prayed for. I know people who have gone to a deliverance ceremony, but the problems continued afterwards, because the priest didn’t mention the reason (the specific problem) why the mass was being celebrated. When they went back again and included the intention for the mass, the problems stopped!

My good friend, Fr John Horan from Scartaglen, Co Kerry passed away in October 2010. He delivered many situations and got great satisfaction when people were helped. He was a living saint and believed in the power of prayer and blessed Eucharist to solve everything. He always carried the blessed Eucharist in a miniature monstrance in his inside pocket. When he was praying with someone, he gave them the blessed Eucharist to hold against their chest. When he started to pray with them, I could sense a spiritual wave flashing through their chest and out their back. This was the power of the Holy Spirit working in this person.

Many priests wouldn’t be familiar with the discernment or the deliverance ministry as it is not taught in the seminaries.
In England, they have a very good system for dealing with deliverance. Sadly, in Ireland there is nothing organised at church level to deal with these situations. In former days, there was at least one priest in each diocese who was appointed and trained to deal with evil situations. It wasn’t publically known but was always there when needed. A priest in this ministry has to go to Rome to be trained, have a great commitment to prayer and have a support group to help. Because of the increase in evil in Ireland this is very serious. It is my understanding that there isn’t even one priest in Ireland who operates in an official capacity at this point in time.

Here are testimonies from two people I work with in the deliverance ministry.

Testimony from Parish Priest based in the UK
Shortly after I arrived in my present parish, a young woman asked me to bless a candle for her as her flatmate had put a curse upon her. I agreed to her request but suggested first that she kneel at the altar rail whilst I prayed for her. As I prayed, the mosaic floor began to dance around before my eyes. It was then that I realised I was confronting an evil force.

While nothing in my theological training had prepared me for this kind of ministry I was fortunate in that in my early years as a priest, I served in a parish where the priest held a healing service each week and took me with him when he went to pray for haunted houses. However, it was after my experiences at Medjugorje in 1996 that I began to develop the healing and deliverance ministry. On my very first visit I found myself in a group with Larry Cummins. It was a great education to be with him and learn from him. Since that time Larry has visited our church on an annual basis and has been very helpful to me in my ministry, if additional discernment is needed.

In our multi-cultural, multi-faith society, many have come from lands where they have been accustomed to cursing their enemies or getting a witchdoctor to do so. One man came to me whose uncle was jealous of him and was using magic to bring a curse upon him. He was aware of the time that this curse was being pronounced each day. With prayer, many potentially dangerous situations for him and his family have been averted. It is important to note that he is an active Christian who worships regularly. Without this consistent Christian lifestyle our prayers can only have, at best, a temporary or partial effect.

Another source of spiritual evil is involvement in New Age practices such as yoga, Reiki and other therapies. Often such snares are disguised by the use of names which sound very respectable and many people are caught up in them unaware of what it is they are dealing with.

One lady who had spent over £10,000 on Feng Shui and I Ching wanted to receive the fullness of the Holy Spirit, but was unable to do so until she had repented and renounced these practices and then put out all the books, tapes and paraphernalia involved. When she did so, she experienced great peace and joy. Shortly after this she received a wonderful experience of the Holy Spirit.

Sometimes hospitals, local authorities and even churches promote these practices, often out of ignorance of their true nature. In my own parish, when I first arrived, we had yoga classes in the church hall. It was difficult to confront them head-on as they were part of a programme set by the local college of further education. After prayer however, they left of their own accord.

Now I find myself dealing with people who have been spiritually damaged by those classes. One lady in my congregation came to have prayer for deliverance from the ill-effects of yoga. The transformation in her after prayer was truly astounding. She became happy and was glowing with the warmth of the Holy Spirit; a testimony in itself to the true nature of such teachings. Only Jesus Christ can liberate men and women from the bondage these practices entail.

A more pro-active kind of ministry is when we go on prayer walks with the object of cancelling out evil over the land and bringing God’s blessing upon it. Occult activity is often present where natural disasters take place. For example, I prayed over an area which had undergone serious flooding. However, when I started to pray, I encountered a witch who was using magic to invoke the forces of nature. I said a silent prayer in the name of Jesus commanding the evil spirit to leave the hill and take the woman with him. To my amazement, she left! The following year floods came to neighbouring regions but did not affect that area. Such experiences demonstrate that reason and logic do not apply when we are up against disincarnate and malevolent forces.
Parish Priest, UK

Testimony from John Gillespie, Belfast
I have been working in the healing and deliverance ministry since 1995. I first met Larry after he came to our area to give a talk. I had heard of him before that and had been referring people to him for direction, where souls in their ancestry needed to be released. I became aware that the people were subsequently help through Larry’s direction. There has never been such a need for deliverance here in Ireland as there is now. In my field, people who come to me with depression, mental illness or psychological problems, often have evil at their root, either something they have got involved in themselves or ancestral (something unsolved that’s coming down through the bloodline).
In 2005, a 2½ year old girl was brought to me as she was diagnosed with a very rare form of arthritis. The arthritis was only in her left knee and two fingers on the left hand, including the ring finger. It didn’t appear anywhere else on her body. Medical experts claimed it was a rare condition especially as it was happening in someone so young and was isolated. They prescribed steroids which killed the pain for a few weeks but then the pain came back. A priest recommended the family come to me. I prayed for the child and asked God to show me the root cause of this problem. I was shown a vision of a war scene which happened four generations previous. There was an explosion and a man had his left knee and two fingers blown off. He was killed on the battlefield and didn’t forgive those who hurt him. The unforgiveness carried down through his bloodline. We prayed to ask forgiveness for the ancestors’ sins and those who caused the explosion. The child was totally healed and six years on is perfectly healthy today.

Two years ago, a man came to me for help as he was hospitalised 38 times over a number of months. He was 6’ 2’’, was down to 9st weight, suicidal and in a lot of stomach pain. Medical tests proved inconclusive. While I prayed for him I was shown a scene from six generations previous. I saw a bullet being shot from a gun and entering the body. The bullet was fiery-hot. I asked him if he had a sharp burning sensation in his intestine. When I pointed to his stomach he said I was the first person to pinpoint the ‘actual’ spot where the pain was. His ancestor didn’t get to forgive the person who shot them before he died (or his family subsequently) and the effect carried on through the generations. This man had masses celebrated, prayed for his ancestry and forgave on their behalf. The pain subsided considerably but wasn’t totally gone. A few more masses were celebrated and the pain left him. He has been perfectly healthy since.

There has been a big increase in the number of people contacting me and it continues to escalate. I get a lot of calls every week. I pray with people and ask God to show me what is not of him. Reiki, New Age practices, and hypnosis - I’ve been shown that they are not of God and that they need to be repented for before God. People have come to me with cancer, heart conditions, lung conditions, headaches and are being affected by evil knowingly or unknowingly. A lady in her mid twenties came to me as she was getting severe headaches for over a year and a half. She had a four-year-old daughter. All medical tests came up negative. I was shown that she had attended a fortune teller. A demon had entered her and was causing the pain. He was tormenting her, she had thoughts that she would die young and she wouldn’t see her child grow up. She had to ask God’s’ forgiveness for crossing over in to Satan’s territory. She has committed spiritual adultery. Once she did that, she became totally healed. It was spiritual problem not a medical one. Where evil has come in through sin, it has to be atoned for.

These sufferings are not caused by God. Some people believe that they have been given a cross that they have to carry or that the suffering is God’s’ will for them. This is a lie of Satan. There are a small percentage of people who have genuinely been chosen by God for redemptive suffering, however in a lot of cases, ‘something’ has caused this suffering and it needs to be broken. In cases like these, evil is hidden underneath but God has all the answers to clear it. This is where the gifts of discernment and knowledge, which myself and Larry have, are so important when helping others. God is like a spiritual website with a wealth of information and answers. Through these gifts we have been given the ability to download the answers to help others. It’s like we’ve been given the password to get in!
John Gillespie, Belfast.