The Reason for this Book

It is Gods ultimate desire that we have a full life and one that is blessed. Very few of us can say that we are able to lead a full life. Many people are suffering from sickness, tragedy, bad luck, oppression and struggles in life. Jesus tells us, “the thief comes to kill and destroy, but I came, so that you could have life, and in abundance”. John 10:10. The question is, how did the thief (satan) enter in to our lives in the first place and take away the full life that was destined for us by God? Evil can enter our lives in different ways; through past deeds of our ancestors; through practices or objects that we encounter in our daily lives that are linked to evil unknown to us or by our own actions and intentions spoken or unspoken.
In the last number years, in my experience, I am seeing a significant increase in the number of people being affected by evil in Ireland and elsewhere. I wish to impart both a message of vigilance in these times and a message of hope, that prayer can overcome the most horrendous situations and that nothing is impossible to God.

I wish to share with you the stories of people who I have met or have contacted me with situations that they have experienced. These are real stories that have happened and they continue to escalate in intensity each year, such is the epidemic. Colleagues of mine in similar prayer ministries are having the same experience.
I am being directed very strongly now to pray for forgiveness and atonement for deeds committed in our past. Ireland has had a troubled history and under the leadership of different authorities, many atrocities have happened in the past, the effects of which still exist today.

Road accidents, deaths, sick animals or people, mysterious situations, unexplained illnesses, infestations, fears, abuse to name a few - all stem from one source.

From the beginning of 2010 I have been increasingly led to help people affected by evil spirits. People are lost and are searching for direction, but in the wrong places. New Age practices, some alternative therapies, tarot cards, Ouija boards, having ornaments of false gods and other practices have increased immensely and are to be avoided. These practices invite evil and suffering into their lives.

In the current economy, Satan is trying to get the upper hand. He is causing much pain, misery, tragedy and hardship. Many of us have forgotten about God’s blessings and protection which can be obtained from prayer, the sacraments and Mass. It’s time for us to stand up and take back control of our lives and this situation - everybody must play their part in God’s plan. God’s love and mercy is so strong and it is His greatest desire and joy to restore us to a full and abundant life. He delights in setting us free from these problems that bind us in life.

Our Lady is the key figure in the fight against the devil’s tricks and is allowing these situations to be revealed, so people can be helped. She is the purest of all creatures and thus always conquers him...’the woman will crush the serpents head’, Genesis 3:15.
Larry Cummins