About Larry

On 4th January 2019 Larry Cummins an ordinary farmer from North Kilkenny died, but for the last 33 years of his time on earth, his life was less than ordinary. In 1986 during a healing Mass in Waterford, Jesus appeared to him and anointed him with an outpouring of the Holy Spirit.

After some further spiritual experiences, his unique spiritual gifts began to develop. He started to hear an inner voice (inner locution) that guided him to a new life of prayer and hunger for daily mass.  Our Lady revealed she was the voice guiding him and he was to use his spiritual gifts of knowledge and discernment to pray for the Holy Souls in Purgatory.  We have forgotten to pray for our dead and we don’t automatically go to heaven when we die. Larry’s unique gift of praying three Hail Mary’s for Our Lady’s intercession would reveal how many masses a soul would need to be brought to peace in heaven. We will never know how many thousands of souls reached their destination through Larry’s intercession to Our Lady.

Over time the Lord allowed him to experience the presence of the Holy Spirit in the Sacraments, at special occasions such as Easter and at every Mass.

As his spiritual gifts continued to increase over the years, Our Lady revealed that his work would extend into new areas.  Jesus said, ‘I came so that you could have life and have it to the full’ but many of us struggle with illness, tragedy, obstacles, relationship problems, experience unexplained situations and bad luck. Our Lady would reveal that many of these problems had a spiritual root cause from other forces in the world that try to prevent us from living life to the full. His new gifts of deliverance broke the chains on; curses, divisions in relationships, revealed the dangers behind new age practices and how events from the past can cause trouble in the current generation, when they haven’t been atoned for on a spiritual level. Later it would be revealed how our thoughts and emotions such as unforgiveness and jealously had a detrimental effect on both ourselves and others. 

As his ministry grew, so did the phone calls and visitors to his house. Larry carried out his ministry with the help of his supportive wife Kathleen who welcomed everyone with great hospitality, answered calls, replied to letters and scheduled talks with prayer groups. Over the course of 33 years he  received thousands of calls and letters from people all over the world who had contacted him because they had seen a ghost; unexplained things happening in their house; road accidents recurring in the same area; unexplained illnesses or recurring tragedies in their family, or simply want to know if a loved one is in heaven, to name a few. These things appeared threatening, but there was no need to be afraid. Larry would relay that these experiences were fully explainable and could be 100% solved simply through the power of prayer. Larry would say ‘Our current modern society, where spirituality and prayer is considered unpopular and antiquated, has become unaware that prayer is the most powerful tool for solving the most horrendous situations. Everybody can be helped, irrespective of their beliefs. The kingdom of Heaven is very powerful and nothing is impossible to God.’

Over 30 years, Larry loved to visit his local shrine Ladywell or our national shrine Knock praying the rosary for the intentions of all who asked for help.  His greatest joy was to visit Medjugorje every year with his wonderful friends Christine and George Dalton and Mary and Ger Cott where his gifts worked at a heightened state and he could pray for everyone in his favorite place at the Blue Cross there.

People would say, ‘isn’t Larry a great man!’. Larry in his humility would say, ‘sure I’ve done nothing, I’m only the telephone line’.  But he was a great listener, kind, gentle, understanding, genuinely interested in everyone’s well-being, very generous with his time and very faithful to what Our Lady asked him to do. It was his greatest joy when people got helped.

The legacy of Larry’s work has been far reaching and because of Larry, today there are; thousands of additional souls in purgatory, people who went on to the priesthood; people set free from family tragedies; less accidents on the roads; children alive because their Mums didn’t abort; people delivered from suicidal thoughts and life’s obstacles, curses and many stronger in their faith because of the forgotten teachings of our faith and spiritual encounters revealed through his experiences.

Many were witness to the power of prayer and how God, through His Holy Spirit and Our Lady still meets the needs of their children today through chosen instruments on earth like Larry and others with similar ministries. In every generation the Lord raises up several people, so he can bring his blessing to those who struggle in the world. Larry was one of those people.  Larry, all your good and hidden deeds have gone before you. Well done good and faithful servant…you fought the good fight and ran the race to the finish.


This website is managed by his daughter Eilish Carter and is dedicated to keeping the legacy of his ministry alive; to continue to bring peace and healing to those struggling in our broken world and help them come to a closer relationship with Jesus by renewing our faith.