November – Month of Holy Souls

Will you pray for those who have died this year?

2020 will be a year that will be remembered for the limitations, challenges and restrictions caused by Covid-19. Worst of all was the pain and suffering experienced by those who became sick and subsequently died suddenly leaving behind grieving families who didn’t get to be with their loved ones in their most vulnerable hours.

Why is November set aside by the church to pray for those who have gone before us? During November many churches will hold beautiful, meaningful and poignant services of remembrance, but in addition we also need to actively ‘pray’ for our loved ones. Why? ‘Because they may not have had their bags packed’, I often heard Dad say.

These are words of my Dad, Larry Cummins, a farmer from North Kilkenny who in 1986, the Lord raised up to a ministry to remind society to ‘actively pray’ for our deceased in purgatory. Over 33 years, the ministry revealed why the majority of souls are failing to go to heaven when they die. Why do those on earth have to pray for them?

‘The reason for this can be the result of something they did wrong in their lifetime, which they didn’t get a chance to make up for before they died. As a result of this, their soul still has to make amends or make up for that wrongdoing. We are forgiven in confession. However it’s one thing to be forgiven, but we then have to correct/compensate for the damage we have caused as a result of our sin. I often tell people, it’s like a little boy kicking football who suddenly kicks it through his neighbour’s window. He goes and tells them he is so sorry for what he has done. He may be forgiven, but the window still has to be repaired! And so it is the same with our souls.’

During this month, people should pray as much as possible for their deceased as it is the month set aside by the church and they receive special graces and help at this time. It cannot be emphasised enough, how important it is to pray for the deceased during this month. They are solely dependent on our help and they can not pray for themselves.

…excerpt from ‘Please! Pray for us…we need your help – The Holy Souls in Purgatory.

People might be concerned that the soul of a loved one might be lost if they felt that their life was less than perfect. Through Dads ministry, it was revealed that God wants all souls to be back with him in heaven, no matter how they lived their lives. It is Gods greatest desire for souls to be reunited with him, which gives us great HOPE.

One prayer that is short but powerful is St. Gertrude’s Prayer, said to release 1,000 souls to heaven each time it’s prayed.

To pray this prayer and others for the Holy Souls this November, order your copy of Stations of the Cross and other prayers for The Holy Souls in Purgatory

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Stations of The Cross and other useful prayers for The Holy Souls in Purgatory

In Jesus & Mary we trust…


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