Evil & Its Effects on People in Everyday Life


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As Larry’s gift of discernment for spirits strengthened over the course of his ministry, the Holy Spirit revealed how many of us are adversely affected  in health or fortune due to unseen evil situations that can affect us. In this book you will;

  • read real life stories from people who have suffered as a result of evil and how prayer brought peace to their lives.
  • Discover how the effects of past atrocities and occult activities can still affect current generations when not atoned for
  • Discover how negative words and actions can cause curses.
  • See how emotions such as jealously or unforgiveness can be destructive both or ourselves and others.
  • Understand how visiting fortune tellers, clairvoyants, witches can open a door to demonic activity in our lives.
  • Come to know how attending some alternative or complimentary therapies can be dangerous.
  • See how non-Christian new age or occult practices can bring evil into our lives.
  • Discover how the Catholic Sacraments can powerfully deliver us from evil situations and restore blessing.
  • Discover how specific prayers can powerfully and easily remove evil influences from our lives to bring healing and protection.

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