PLEASE! Pray for us…We need your help! – The Holy Souls in Purgatory


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Larry’s ministry reveals God’s desire to remind us to pray for the souls in purgatory, so they can be reconciled to Him. In this book you will;

  • Discover Larry’s spiritual encounters with Jesus and Our Lady
  • Read how his spiritual gifts of discernment and prayer gradually evolved through Inner locutions
  • Discover that Jesus and Our Lady wish us to actively pray for the souls in purgatory
  • Understand how souls directly look for help themselves
  • Discover why it’s so important to pray for our dead to give hope that souls are not lost
  • See the hidden power and blessings of the Holy Spirit  behind our sacraments
  • Learn how to avoid going to purgatory
  • Understand how the Holy Spirit reveals the root cause behind life’s misfortunes through unseen evil situations
  • Obtain prayers to help souls move to the peace of heaven

100% of all book sales go to charity

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